ASA claim Samsung misled Consumers

Back in August the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK governing body for everything to do with advertising on television and  print claimed that Samsung had misled consumers in their latest adverts for LED TVs.

It seems that a handful of people had made a complaint to the ASA on the way that Samsung had used the term LED TV in their recent TV and magazine ads. The main crux of the issue was the headline:
“Samsung LED TV Next Generation TV”

As detailed in our Guide to What is LED TV it should be stated that LED TV is in fact LED-backlit or LED-edgelit LCD TV. Now this may be confusing to some consumers, but it is hardly misleading. In the big world of commerce, finding an edge is what keeps most corporations alive.

Television technology is constantly evolving and you have to only walk into any Currys or John Lewis store and you will see the latest lineup of LCD TV’s being touted as LED TVs.
The damage has already been done and consumers are aware that the latest in-phrase when researching televisions will be LED TV regardless if it is an LCD panel or whatever. This was Samsungs main argument in response to the ASA decision to have them remove the LED TV tag in their campaigns.

Samsung have stated that they will continue to use LED TV in their adverts but will add info clarifying the technology used in the actual LCD TV’s.

In my book the LED TV as a moniker is here to stay.