Sharp Aquos LE600E Series LED TV

Sharp have gone a step further than their rivals Samsung in the current race to produce the perfect picture on an LED lit LCD television. Whereas Samsung have opted for edge- lit LED panels Sharps latest Aquos LE600E range feature Full Back-lit technology.

Sharp LE600E Series
Sharp LE600E Series

Full Backlit LED panels differ from Egde-lit in that the whole of the panel is filled with rows of light emitting diodes or LEDs that illuminate the panel from the rear resulting in better quality bright or dark portions of a scene. Continue reading Sharp Aquos LE600E Series LED TV

Samsung Series 7020/7000 LED TV

Samsung mid range LED televisions come in the form of the 7000 and 7020 series.

These are the same sets and differ only in the colour of the bezel that surrounds the panel screen.

Samsung Series 7000 7020
Samsung Series 7000 7020

The 7020 series is supplied with a Platinum Black bezel whilst the 7000 comes with a Rose Black finish.
Other than the external aesthetics, internally they are the same LED TV.

Key features of the 7000/7020 series LED TV include:

  • 1080p Full HD
  • 100Hz Motion Plus
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Pro
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Media@2.0
  • 4 HDMI Ports
  • Low Carbon Footprint

Using the same LED edge-lighting technology found in the 6000 series LED TVs the 7000/7020 series offer unrivaled picture quality with the added benefit of being able to connect directly to the Internet.

Screen Sizes

The Samsung 7020/7000 LED TVs are now available in four screen sizes 32, 40, 46 and 55 inches.

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Media@2.0 Overview

Media@2.0 which is included in the Samsung 7020 and 7000 range of LED TVs allows the consumer to connect to the internet via Ethernet cable or wireless from your home router.
This will allow you to watch streamed or downloaded content directly from the 7020/7000 television.

If you have movies on your PC then these can be watched via the Ethernet connection or wireless home router.

The 7020/7000 series LED televisions also boasts USB connectivity where you can access you music, photo and film collections directly from a pen/thumb drive or suitable external harddrive.
File formats supported include mp3 and jpeg for your music tracks and photos as well as Divx and Xvid codecs to play your movies.

The Media@2.0 feature also connects the 7020/7000 TV to YouTube so that you can watch your favourite clips plus widgets installed on the tv let you connect to Yahoo to check stock prices, news, weather and Flickr.

Samsung Series 6000 LED TV

Introduced to the market in 2009 the Samsung Series 6000 LED TVs offer sharper and brighter images. This has been achieved by a recently new technology called LED edgelighting.

Samsung Series 6000
Samsung Series 6000

The Series 6 range of Samsung HDTV panels are in effect LCD televisions that have LED’s set in the internal edge of the panel that enhances the brightness of the overall picture.

At the moment the Series 6000 comes in 32 inch, 40 inch and 46 inch models. All feature an Ultra Slim design that can be hung from a wall with ease. The use of LED edgelit technology has allowed Samsung to produce a set that is only 1.2 inches in depth and thus when hung from a wall gives a picture frame effect that is absolutely stunning.

The new LED TV technology employed in the Samsung 6000 LCD LED Backlit televisions also offer a reduction in power consumption of 40% over comparable LCD sets of the same size. This is the future of TVs as we all become more power conscience.

Onboard the Series 6 feature 100Hz Motion Plus technology, Mega Contrast Ratio and a Wide Colour Enhancer that produces vibrant colours and a blur free picture in fast action scenes.

4 HDMI connections are allowed on the Samsung Series 6000 LED tv’s to plug in your peripherals such as dvd-player and sky/virgin boxes. A great plus for these sets is the addition of a USB2.0 port where you can connect your camcorder and watch your vids. But it doesn’t stop there because you are now able to connect a thumb or external hard drive via the USB interface and watch videos direct from the drives, which is a great feature if you have a lot of stored media files. Specs report that the most common files are accepted including Divx. So no more DVD burning every time you need to watch a movie stored on your computer.

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