Panasonic TX-L32DT30B Review

panasonic txl32dt30b review
The Panasonic TX-L32DT30B lets you unleash the latest 3D movies and games on your living room without splashing out on a TV that is much larger and more expensive.

Its 32 inch screen size may sound small for a 3D TV but it actually makes sense for Panasonic to cover all the bases and let those with smaller viewing spaces get in on the action.

It still uses cutting edge active 3D to give you crystal clear, blur-free effects in high definition and its IPS Alpha panel outpaces many of its rivals when it comes to viewing angles, so do not be afraid to spread people around the room.

Impressive design

The Panasonic TX-L32DT30B is handsome in an understated way.

Its black finish and softened corners give it an unobtrusive look which is instantly classy.
The use of LED backlighting means that from the side its profile is very slim, but this is nothing new with this type of television.

What is perhaps most impressive about the design is that it feels like a very high quality unit, so you know your money has been put to good use both inside and out.

Connect to the web with a variety of Apps

You will not be short on options when it comes to connecting devices to the Panasonic TX-L32DT30B.

It has four HDMI inputs arranged for convenient access, so Blu Ray players and HD set top boxes will slot in nicely alongside a games console and HD camcorder.

If you can run an Ethernet cable from your broadband router to the Panasonic TX-L32DT30B then the Viera Connect apps and web-based services will come to life.

There are currently around 40 apps to download and use free of charge, although Panasonic is promising that this catalogue will be expanded over the coming months.

Viera Connect supports several mainstream services, including the must-have BBC iPlayer for catch up TV on demand that does not have to leave you tethered to your PC or laptop as you watch.

Social networking giants Facebook and Twitter are also signed on to the Viera Connect service, letting you check your profile and send tweets from the comfort of an arm chair so you are always bang up to date with the latest events.

You get three USB ports on the Panasonic TX-L32DT30B, giving you the option to insert a portable hard drive or memory stick and play any media it contains without using a laptop as a middle man.

One of the USB ports can be incorporated with a Wi-Fi dongle to let you stream and surf without having to trail wires across the floor.

Panasonic TXL37DT30B Key features

  • 32 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution (HDMI)
  • Brilliant Contrast
  • 400 Hz Refresh Rate
  • High Def Freeview Tuner
  • V-Audio ProSurround
  • 2 x 10 watt 1-Way Bottom Speakers
  • VIERA Link – YES
  • VIERA Tools – YES
  • Game Mode
  • BBC iPlayer – YES
  • 3D – YES
  • Skype – NO
  • LAN Support – YES
  • USB – YES
  • HDMI – 4 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1

>>>> Full TX-L32DT30B Specifications

Final Thoughts

The 3D credentials of the Panasonic TX-L32DT30B are up there with the best of them and the manufacturer actually held off from producing a 3D LCD TV until it felt that it had done all it could to eliminate imaging issues and speed up response times.

The result is that the Panasonic TX-L32DT30B is a high quality 3D ready LCD TV with LED backlighting and web connectivity to make other models envious.

TX-L32DT30B Best Price

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Panasonic TX-L32E3B Review

panasonic tx-l32e3b review

The Panasonic TX-L32E3B has a 32 inch screen and while there are features like Colour Booster to bring movies to life with vibrant hues it is not a TV that aims to complicate things with heavily customisable settings.

This will be a good thing for most because you can simply turn it on and expect decent picture quality from day one.

It does have a built in ambient light sensor which can automatically change things like brightness and contrast on the fly without your input as the day progresses and lighting conditions in the living room change, so it is not completely basic in its picture features.

Note: Model Numbers Explained

The model TX-L32E3B that features in this review is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers their store floor rooms or on their websites.

TX-L32E3B – Comet, Laskys, Amazon, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Currys
TX-L32E3 – John Lewis

Onboard High Def tuner delivers subscription free telly

To start watching high def TV straight away without linking the Panasonic TX-L32E3B to a separate gadget you can simply tune in the set to Freeview HD thanks to the onboard decoder.

Freeview HD does exactly what it says on the tin, delivering subscription-free high definition channels including BBC One HD and Channel 4 HD and because the tuner is hidden within the TV itself you will not have to find yet another plug socket and place for another device at home.

The Panasonic TX-L32E3B has a memory card slot which accepts SD cards from your computer, camcorder or digital snapper.

SD slot for easy viewing of your camcorder movies but lacks USB connection

Playback of videos in HD is possible from an SD card so you can watch movies and home videos on the big screen without having to use a Blu Ray player.

There is no USB input as you might get on costlier displays and while there is an Ethernet port this is not going to give you any real network access, so if you are looking for media streaming capabilities you will need to seek them elsewhere.

More than adequate viewing experience at this price point

What is perhaps the strongest asset of the Panasonic TX-L32E3B is that it does not look like a budget LED TV.
Thanks to the edge-lit nature of the display it is very slim when viewed in profile and so it will fit almost flush to flat surfaces if you opt to take the wall mounting route.

The Panasonic TX-L32E3 uses IPS Alpha panel technology, which in layman’s terms not only provides top notch picture quality at this price point but also allows for much more generous viewing angles than might normally be expected from an LCD display.

Build quality is easily better than most other budget TVs out there and the added bonus of LED technology means it will stand out in any space, giving visitors something to admire whether it is on or off.

TX-L32E3 Key features

  • 32 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution (HDMI)
  • High Contrast
  • 50 Hz Refresh Rate
  • High Def Freeview Tuner
  • V-Audio Surround
  • 2 x 10 watt 1-Way Bottom Speakers
  • VIERA Link – YES
  • VIERA Tools – YES
  • Game Mode
  • BBC iPlayer – NO
  • 3D – NO
  • Skype – NO
  • LAN Support – YES
  • USB – NO
  • HDMI – 3 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1

>>>> Full TX-L32E3B Specifications

Final Thoughts

The intention behind the Panasonic TX-L32E3B is to bring LED TV technology into every living room in the land, cutting the cost of ownership so that anyone can enjoy this latest type of display when they upgrade their current sets.

Of course you will not find high end features such as integrated video streaming or 3D playback, but if you are buying your first HD TV or looking to take advantage of the energy efficiency of LED backlighting, this could be a viable selection.

TX-L32E3B Best Price

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Panasonic TX-L32E30B Review

panasonic txl32e30b review
The Panasonic TX-L32E30B is designed to bring the respected picture quality from the firm’s more expensive sets to an affordable price bracket, taking away some of the high end functionality in the process but ultimately leaving you with a TV that should be more than satisfying.

Free up space by recording direct to USB hard drive

The 32 inch screen size is something which most consumers will consider when buying a new TV and so the Panasonic TX-L32E30B is pitched to appeal to a broad market.

While it may no support 3D it is still a full HD TV which wants to make the most of the multimedia world in which we live by providing compatibility with a wide range of digital formats.
You can watch movies you have downloaded or pictures you have taken by transferring them onto an SD memory card or USB thumb drive and then connecting the device to the TV via the appropriate port.

You can not only read data from these storage devices but you can also record television broadcasts to a portable hard drive using the Panasonic TXL32E30B LED TV, which is a nice touch and a great way to save spending money and taking up space with a separate PVR.

Connect the Panasonic TXL32E30B to the internet via USB Dongle

Web access and the fully featured Viera Connect content portal will be available to those who can hook up the Panasonic TXL32E30B to their home internet connection.

The separately available Wi-Fi USB dongle may be the most convenient way to achieve this connection, although if your router is close to your TV you can use an Ethernet cable to achieve the same effect.

Viera Connect has a selection of built in apps for video streaming services like iPlayer and social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

You can add extra applications as and when you wish, with most being free to download and use.

Great picture quality, especially Bluray content

The LED backlighting means that the Panasonic TX-L32E30B can produce good contrast levels, with whites in particular being well represented in this area.

Blacks are solid if not completely awe-inspiring and to get the most out of the screen you will need to watch high definition content from Blu Ray as this is where all of the image processing starts to flex its muscles in obvious ways.

Of course you may spend a lot of time watching standard definition television broadcasts if the built in Freeview HD is not available in your area quite yet. Thankfully the TXL32E30B can upscale these images well to fill its full HD display without giving you an artefact-ridden, noise-hampered picture.

OK sound for an LED set

The integrated speakers of the Panasonic TX-L32E30B serve it well, as you might find with many LED rivals that the slim design means corners have been cut to stuff in speakers and save space.

Bass is solid while treble is not overwhelming, though purists will probably want to connect it to a separate speaker system in any case.

>>>> Full TX-L32E30B Specifications

Final Thoughts

Overall the TX-L32E30B is an attractive, well built 32 inch LED TV with smart functionality and picture quality which is better than that seen elsewhere in the same price niche.

TX-L32E30B Best Price

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Panasonic TX-L32D25B LED TV Review

panasonic txl32d25b led tv

45mm Deep for a Slimline Look

When viewed face on, the Panasonic TXL32D25B appears an unassuming HDTV with a simple black finish and clean lines giving it a classic if unremarkable style. However, as soon as you see it from the side you will realise what all the fuss is about, because it is far slimmer than a majority of previous generation televisions thanks to the LED backlighting technology that powers it, allowing for brighter images, lower energy consumption and a slimmer overall build.

The display still relies on the LCD technology found in most HDTVs, but it is the inclusion of LED backlighting that marks it out as a modern device.

Note: The model reviewed here is also displayed as the Panasonic TX-L32D26B in Comet.

2 High Def Tuners On-Board

The Panasonic TXL32D25B has two built in digital TV tuners, with one dedicated to decoding Freesat transmissions, whilst the other is intended for Freeview broadcasts.
Both of these tuners can handle the high definition content (HD) that is supplied via these services and so as Freeview HD is rolled out across the UK there will be lots more HD programming available, with some areas already eligible to receive this subscription-free HD service.

The panel’s maximum resolution of 1920×1080 means that it is ready to support full HD 1080p signals from Blu Ray discs and games consoles, as well as other HD resolutions offered by set top boxes and portable devices.

100 Hz Frame Rate for enhanced picture quality

The Panasonic TX-L32D25B has a high native refresh rate which means action sequences and sports matches will look top notch. However, many older inputs and content will run in 50Hz, which means that the television has to work in order to fill in the blanks between frames to provide a smooth experience.
Thankfully Panasonic has given its whole Viera LED TV range advanced image processing technology that can take images from virtually any source and make them look their best onscreen.

You will also be able to take advantage of a dynamic contrast ratio of two million to one, which means the darker areas of the picture will look luscious and deep whilst the brighter areas are not overly dimmed or washed out.
This is all achieved while the LED backlighting technology consumes up to 40 per cent less energy than traditionally backlit HDTVs, so you can watch the Panasonic TXL32D25B safe in the knowledge that you are doing minimal environmental damage.

Built in Skype and Twitter

The Panasonic TXL32D25B has VIERA CAST capabilities integrated and to take advantage of these features you will need to plug in the TV to your broadband via a network cable or a USB Wi-Fi stick, both of which are sold separately.
Once you have the Panasonic TXL32D25B online you will be able to access a growing library of applications and services, including the VoIP calling capabilities of Skype and the famous micro blogging phenomenon Twitter. This means you will not need to fire up your PC or laptop if you want to keep in touch or check out the latest goings on online.

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic TXL32D25B forms part of a new range of VIERA TVs launched by one of the most respected manufacturers working in the market today.
It comes with a host of forward thinking, appealing features and sits in the popular 32 inch screen size bracket which a majority of consumers choose for their own homes as a perfect balance between display size and price.
If you are thinking about upgrading your existing HDTV, then going the Panasonic route will be well worth the investment.

TXL32D25B Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Panasonic TX-L32D25B LED TV.
We have also included the Panasonic TX-L32D26B model from Comet which is the same telly in our review.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.