Samsung UE32D4003B Review

samsung ue32d4003b review
The Samsung UE32D4003B is a low cost LED TV from one of the biggest manufacturers in the business.

While it may go easy on your wallet it is not a bargain basement TV when it comes to features or overall quality, making it a great way to upgrade to an LED TV without paying over the odds.

Note: The UE32D4003B reviewed here is available in most of the High Street retailers including John Lewis, Comet and Currys as well s Amazon online.
There is a similar model named the UE32D4000 and it differs by having 2 more HDMI inputs, a square base and a different colour bezel.

This set is HD Ready and not Full HD

The Samsung UE32D4003B uses a 32 inch LCD display panel which has a maximum native resolution of 1366×768.

This means it will support 720p HD video playback, which while it may not be full HD compatible is still more than enough to give you pin sharp imagery on a LED TV which will be big enough to sit comfortably in a normal sized living room.

As you might expect from an LED TV this model is very thin, with its shallow depth being conducive to wall hanging if you should like to get it up and out of the way. It bezel is mostly black, fading to see-through plastic at the rim and it is not hampered by any extra adornments, keeping its style classic and classy.

Freeview included to watch Standard Definition programmes

While the Samsung UE32D4003B may not have a full HD resolution it does benefit from the HyperReal Engine for image processing, which analyses and enhances each and every frame.
This is most notable when you are watching high definition shows and movies, because you will see some of the clearest images and truest colours available at this price point.

You can watch digital TV channels from Freeview just by connecting the Samsung UE32D4003B to your
aerial socket and so it is well stocked when it comes to functionality.

A couple of HDMI ports plus USB connectivity for good measure

Connectivity is a strong point of this telly.

While other budget LED TVs might have one HDMI inputs, this has a two. This will save you switching cables every time you want to stop watching a Blu Ray movie and begin viewing your HD TV tuner or playing on a high-def video games console.

In addition to the 2 HDMI inputs the UE32D4003B has a port for accepting USB memory sticks.

You probably have a couple of these lying around at home and you can make great use of them if you load videos, pictures and music onto them from your PC and then insert the stick into your Samsung UE32D4003B.

The TV can actually let you view and enjoy many different media file types, so while it may not be a smart TV in the strictest sense, it still sports hybrid playback of digital files.

Other areas of the Samsung UE32D4003, such as sound, are just as solid as the other positive aspects.

Final Thoughts

Obviously you cannot expect radical features at this price point, but the combination of style and efficiency afforded thanks to LED backlighting will make the Samsung UE32D4003B feel like a very modern addition to your living room.

UE32D4003B Best Price

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Samsung UE32D5520 Review / UE32D5520R

samsung ue32d5520 review ue32d5520r
When upgrading your current TV you should seriously consider whether you are taking a small step forward or a real leap into the future.

With the Samsung UE32D5520 you can be sure of the latter, because this comes with access to the Smart TV service which has been highly praised by various media outlets.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model UE32D5520 reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE32D5520 – Dixons, 1staudiovisual, Currys, John Lewis
UE32D5520R – Amazon, Comet, Debenhams
UE32D5520RKXXU – Argos, Directtvs, Sainsburys

Before examining Smart TV in detail it is sensible to cover why the Samsung UE32D5520 LED TV is a worthy set in its own right.

Edge-lit LED panel offers crisp, clear pictures in a very thin form factor

Firstly it has a full HD 1080p resolution combined with edge-lit LED backlighting, which work together to provide crisp, clear pictures and impressively natural colours which do not suffer from the same oversaturation issues which can make other LCD TVs look cartoony.

The LED backlighting is less power hungry than older alternatives and also takes up much less space, so the Samsung UE32D5520 is just under three centimetres thick, making it a perfect partner for a wall mount.

Connect and Share

Four HDMI ports will allow the UE32D5520 to accept connections from all your set top boxes, consoles and peripherals with no swapping required, while inputs for USB memory sticks will help you play back media files stored on portable storage as and when available.

If you own other Samsung products then they will more than likely be compatible with the Samsung UE32D5520, allowing for easy sharing of media and inter-device control from a single remote.

The UE32D5520 comes equipped with Smart TV

Endowing the Samsung UE32D5520 with Smart TV access has been a successful move.

Smart TV is Samsung’s own online service which allows access to the Samsung App store which is packed to the rafters with great little programs.

Most of the apps are free to download and the most popular and useful include one for BBC iPlayer, one for YouTube and even a couple for Facebook and Twitter.

Since people are turning to on demand services on their computers it makes sense to return families to the living room when they want to catch up on shows they have missed in the week or stream films at a time that suits them.

The Smart TV features of the Samsung UE32D5520R allow you to do just that and with future developments the functions of the TV can only be augmented further.

Integrated Freeview HD

The Samsung UE32D5520 has a final string to its bow in the form of integrated Freeview HD.

High def channels from mainstream broadcasters are gradually being added to this nationwide service and it means you do not have to sign up with a subscription digital provider if you want to view HD programming. Sports, movies and live events are all found on Freeview HD, so this TV is truly versatile.

UE32D5520 Key features

  • 32 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • HyperReal Engine & Wide Colour Enhancer for improved graphics
  • 100 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • HD Freeview Tuner
  • SRS TheatreSound HD to help with the poor sound associated with slim panels
  • 10w × 2 speakers
  • Smart TV
  • Samsung Apps
  • Smart Hub
  • BBC iPlayer – YES
  • 3D – NO
  • Skype – NO
  • Headphone Jack – YES
  • Wireless LAN Support – YES
  • USB – 2 Ports with media support
  • HDMI – 4 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1
  • Ultra Slim Wall Mount Support

Final thoughts

While the Samsung UE32D5520 will serve you well as a basic 32 inch LED TV it can really outshine similarly priced rivals thanks to all the goodies which it can access via an internet connection.

At the time of writing this review the specification sheet for this TV was not available so we have linked to the the 46 inch version UE46D5520 Specs for you to have a look at.

UE32D5520 Best Price

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Samsung UE32D6510 Review

samsung ue32d6510 led tv best price

The age of 3D television is well and truly upon us, with 3D broadcasts going out across the nation and 3D movies made available on Blu Ray with increasing regularity.
The Samsung UE32D6510 proves that a 3D TV does not need to be a one trick pony or a plasma leviathan as it integrates all the technology you want and some you did not even know you needed into a well priced 32 inch LED TV.

Note: The model reviewed is available at some stores including Comet and Amazon as model UE32D6510WKXXU.

Stylish white surround is a bit different

The outward styling of the Samsung UE32D6510 is modern without being too flashy or bland.
A white bezel and stand work well to enhance the super slim build which is facilitated by its LED backlighting. You might want to pop it on a wall, in which case its light weight and thin design will be even more appealing.

Built-in High Definition Freeview Tuner + 4 HDMI Ports

The Samsung UE32D6510 is a full HD 32 inch TV, so you can enjoy Blu Ray movies in unrivalled detail and get the most out of the latest game titles using an HD console.

With four HDMI inputs there should be more than enough ways to get HD content onto the screen.
Of course with a Freeview HD tuner built into the set you can watch a selection of HD channels and all your favourite SD services without having to hook up a separate set top box or pay through the nose for a subscription service which ups the cost of HD viewing.

Fast refresh rate combined with Clear Motion for blur free action

There is lots going on under the skin to make sure that each and every frame produced by the Samsung UE32D6510 is looking its best.

First the Ultra Clear panel and Mega Contrast ratio work to bring life to movies and TV shows.
The 400Hz Clear Motion Rate technology means that the Samsung UE32D6510 can iron out any fast moving scenes so that hectic action and fast movements of the camera do not leave you feeling dizzy as a result of blurring.

This is particularly important when considering 3D playback because inferior 3D displays can suffer from poor refresh rates, stifling your ability to enjoy the movies and broadcasts which you have paid top dollar to watch.

Smart TV on the UE32D6510 allows web browsing, Skype and Social Networking

One of the biggest advantages of picking the Samsung UE32D6510 over cheaper rivals is that it is part of the manufacturer’s new Smart LED TV range.

By connecting it to the internet using built-in Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable you can download Samsung Apps which cover everything from social networking to online shopping and video on demand services.

Although there are other TVs which have similar web capabilities, few can claim to offer users the ability to surf the internet using a dedicated browser, complete with Flash compatibility.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE32D6510 is a very worthy choice at this price point, giving you much more bang for your buck than its less intelligent rivals.

At 32 inches it may not be suitable for people operating with larger living spaces but if you want 3D and LED technology in your home for a compact viewing area then this is the model to choose.

>>>> UE32D6510 Specifications

UE32D6510 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE32D6510 LED TV.

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Samsung UE32D6530 Review

samsung ue32d6530 ledtv best price
Taking a look at the Samsung UE32D6530 will quickly reveal that the 2011 range of 3D LED TVs from this South Korean manufacturer are going to be difficult to beat.

As well as being able to deliver the latest stereoscopic effects to your living room, you get added perks like a built in Freeview HD tuner for free to air high-def channel viewing, along with web-based features which will keep you entertained even when there is nothing on the standard channels.

Note: Model numbers.
The model reviewed can be found at the Comet store with the model number Samsung UE32D6530WKXXU.

Thin 1.2cm bezel for a near invisible border

The thing which will strike you about the UE32D6530 is not just its slimness, made possible by the LED backlighting, but also the near invisible nature of the border around the edge of the display area.

While some cheap HDTVs can come with incredibly chunky frames which make the screen look like it is hunkered into a big block of plastic, there is just a tiny 1.2 centimetre border around the extremities, letting you give your full concentration to the 32 inch display.

In short, the Samsung UE32D6530 is one of the best looking and most discrete LED TVs on the market.

The UE32D6530 connects to your home broadband for extra services

Samsung has rejuvenated its Internet@TV services this year to bring you Smart TV.

By connecting the Samsung UE32D6530 to your internet connection you can get on demand access to great apps and web services.
For example, you can scan the world using Google Maps, see the latest clips of funny cats on YouTube and even update your Facebook status without having to leave your living room.

Subscribers to LoveFilm will be able to stream movies over the Smart TV platform while the BBC iPlayer catch up service is free to use for everyone and programs look great on the Samsung UE32D6530.

Active 3D Technology

LED 3D TVs are not quite in the mainstream yet but the Samsung UE32D6530 shows that they are becoming much more affordable.

Last year you would have had to spend thousands of pounds on a 40 inch plus plasma TV to enjoy high quality active 3D.
Now the UE32D6530 is here to bring you the latest movies and sports games with a whole new layer of depth at a price point that is easier on the wallet.

The TV delivers crisp, blur-free 3D thanks to its 400Hz Clear Motion Rate technology.
This means when you are playing 3D games or checking out an action film the image will not become distorted or messy every time fast paced images are displayed.

With the 2D to 3D converter you can even add impressive depth to images which are not encoded in 3D. The effects are best seen on 2D Blu rays and it means you will not have to replace your whole collection.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of USB ports for more media playback, Freeview HD for added high-def viewing and energy efficient LED backlighting help to make the Samsung UE32D6530 a very modern TV with its finger on the pulse of style and technology.
If you want a great TV which delivers cutting edge playback in a smaller form factor than most, give this a look.

UE32D6530 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE32D6530 LED TV.

Samsung UE32D5000PWXXU / UE32D5000 Review

samsung ue32d5000 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE32D5000 is an affordable 32 inch LED TV which manages to combine a pleasing design, solid feature set and attractive price point to let you invest in the next generation of entertainment technology.

While it may not have quite as many added extra features as the more costly ranges from Samsung it still has enough going for it to make it worth giving a once over.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE32D5000 – Dixons, 1staudiovisual, Currys, John Lewis
UE32D5000PWXXU – Comet, Laskys, Amazon, Woolworths

Slimline panel with a thin bezel

The Samsung UE32D5000 keeps up with the contemporary design ethos which the manufacturer has applied across many of its ranges.

A thin bezel around the screen keeps your attention focused on the content and the supreme thinness of its profile which is afforded by the LED backlighting will certainly impress those who have not seen this kind of tech before.

100Hz refresh rate reduces jittering

The 32 inch display supports 1080p HD playback and uses an Ultra Clear Panel, which is found on all the best Samsung LED TVs.
100Hz Clear Motion Rate technology helps to stitch together frames and eliminate any ghosting or jittering which can be present in fast paced sequences if you opt for a cheaper model.

Vibrant colour reproduction

The colour pallet is right on the money, using the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus to give you lifelike hues and vibrant scenes which will be a pleasure to view.
Meanwhile the HyperReal image processing engine combines with all of these other features to make sure that whatever you are watching looks as polished as possible.

It is typical to see four HDMI ports on modern TVs and the Samsung UE32D5000 is no different.
You may be gradually amassing more gadgets with HDMI outputs, so there should be enough inputs for you to hook up everything from your Blu Ray player to smartphone without having to swap cables every five minutes.

USB port on the UE32D5000 allows media playback

There is also a USB port on the Samsung UE32D5000PWXXU which will let you access any media files you have stored on a memory stick or hard drive and play them back on the big screen.

Instead of clustering around a pokey computer monitor to look at your holiday pics you can load them onto your thumb drive, whack it into the Samsung UE32D5000PWXXU and see every pixel in detail in your living room.
Video playback is also possible from a USB device, allowing you to expand what you can watch on your TV.

Ob-board Freeview Tuner

Onboard the Samsung UE32D5000 there is a Freeview tuner which will eliminate the need for a separate set top box or subscription service if you want to watch digital channels and listen to digital radio stations.

You can share media between other compatible Samsung devices using the ConnectShare service and if you want to use a PC or laptop in conjunction with the Samsung UE32D5000 then there is an input available on the rear.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE32D5000 has a lot going for it, from its sexy, slim LED looks to its ample amount of contemporary functions.
Perhaps best of all is its relative value, which should win it many admirers who are looking to upgrade.

UE32D5000PWXXU Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE32D5000 LED TV.

Samsung UE32C6510 LED TV Review

samsung ue32c6510 ledtv best price
At just under 30mm thick and weighing just 10 kg, the Samsung UE32C6510 LED TV is one of the thinnest full HD televisions currently on the market.
With a 1920 x 1000 resolution and a white bezel, this set looks good on or off.

Stunning image clarity

With full HD 1080p and Edge LED backlighting, Samsung have worked hard to bring visual clarity to the screen. Technology such as HyperReal Engine, Mega Dynamic Contrast and 100Hz Motion Plus (twice the number of image per second than regular televisions) all contribute to the optimum viewing experience.

The television has an Ultra Clear Panel meaning that only one sheet of glass is between the customer and the images, enabling optimum usage of the light in the room whilst decreasing reflection.
In addition, the LED backlighting combined with this technology also works to increase contrast where the system recognises it is necessary.

The Eco Sensor is a welcome touch, allowing the Samsung UE32C6510 to automatically assess the quality of light in the viewing room and calibrate the level of brightness being emitted accordingly.
This not only provides a greater degree of comfort on the eyes but also reduces unnecessary energy expenditure, helping both the environment and your bank balance.

Other automatic adjustments include a digital noise filter which improves the picture in poor transmission areas and Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, a pixel-busting feature which bring colours to life.

Built in HD Freeview

Despite not having 3D capability, the Samsung UE32C6510 has many other features to rival the top end models currently on the market.

Built in Freeview reduces the number of cables required and allows the customer to view programmes in true HD (where coverage is available in the country) with no contract and no hidden costs.

Samsung proprietary internet@TV included plus streaming media

As a hybrid between TV and PC, this model enables connection to the internet via Samsung’s Internet@TV, allowing the user to browse many of the free and online services on the net. To connect either an Ethernet cable or a Dongle is required (available separately).

In other areas of multi-media, streaming of files such as video, music and photos is available together with direct downloads via the HDMI connection. Music files and photos can also be plugged directly into the set via a USB port. The television has 4 HDMI slots and 2 USB ports.

Wall mount option

Samsung have recognised that viewing is now often from a variety of positions and so the screen is viewable from 45 degree angles. A white plastic stand matching the LED TV comes with the pack and the TV is suitable for either mounting (compatible with VESA 200 holdings) or for regular viewing, a TV stand is supplied at point of sale.

Also provided at the outset is the remote control. The technology incorporated into this handset means that all gadgets with corresponding Samsung capabilities can be controlled by this, negating the need for many different controllers.

Speakers on the television set are hidden and may not be immediately apparent. However, with surround sound technology, the speaker system is surprisingly good.

Final Thoughts

The model reviewed has the same specification as Samsungs C6530/C6540 range of LED TVs, the only difference being the colour of the outer bezel (frame of the panel).
So if you are looking for a quality set but aesthetic design requirements require a white surround to your telly then the UE32C6510 would fit the bill.

UE32C6510 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE32C6510 LED TV.

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Samsung UE32C5800 LED TV Review

samsung ue32c5800 ledtv best price

Beyond plasma and LCD technology, LED TV’s offer a better picture with higher quality visuals and a longer life expectancy than their predecessors. And unlike TV’s which claim to be HD ready, the Samsung UE32C5800 embraces colour and light with true HD 1080p resolution. This gives it twice the detail of other HD ready TV’s and with the extra technology built in the picture quality will quite literally blow you away.

Even when the unit is switched off the Samsung UE32C5800 is a beautiful thing to behold. Its super slim profile is further complemented by the Crystal TV design which gives the bezel a sleek, changeable appearance to complement any modern home.

Ultra Clear Panel

Of the many high tech features encased in the Samsung UE32C5800, the ultra clear panel has to be one of the most welcome.
If you’ve ever tried watching TV on a sunny day, or sitting beside a table lamp, chances are you’ve become fairly irritated at the reflections of the light source on the screen. This is a problem no longer with the Samsung UE32C5800’s ultra clear panel which works by creating a low haze and automatically controlling contrast to eliminate the reflections caused by external light sources.

Built in High Definition Freeview

This TV comes with built in HD freeview capability, but if like many households you are yet to receive this signal and have to settle for a less than optimum terrestrial signal, the Samsung UE32C5800 will help to improve the picture quality on your behalf.
The built in digital noise filter reduces fuzz and grainy picture quality and optimises the signal you are receiving to bring you the best image possible.

Superior Picture Quality with the UE32C5800

Further enhancing the picture quality is the wide colour enhancing technology built into the Samsung UE32C5800.
This nifty gadget analyses each individual pixel and then stretches them to the limits of their capabilities. The end result is a clearer picture with the most vivid colours and true to life experience you will ever have seen.

Adding to the viewing experience, the HyperReal engine brings the picture as close to life as looking out of your window. You will find yourself immersed in games, DVDs and television like never before!

4 HDMI sockets ready for your Consoles + USB for Multimedia Files

Gaming is simple on the Samsung UE32C5800. Consoles just plug and play via the HDMI connections and with the speedy refresh rate of this LED TV, users will be amazed at the quality of the image on modern consoles.

The USB 2.0 connections allow multimedia devices to be connected directly to the TV. This will allow you to view photos, home videos or even to watch downloaded content or listen to music on MP4 players or laptops.

ECO Friendly Credentials

If all that wasn’t enough, the Samsung UE32C5800 is out to save the planet too. The LCD LED technology coupled with the Eco Sensor which adjusts the brightness according to the light available in the room make this one of the most energy friendly TVs on the market.

Final Thoughts

For a super slim, true HD TV with the best picture possible they don’t come better than the Samsung UE32C5800. Offering a flexible television that can do more than the average TV and still at great value, Samsung have really come up with the most elegant solution so far.

UE32C5800 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE32C5800 LED TV.

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Samsung UE32C6530U / UE32C6540 LED TV Review

samsung ue32c6530u ue32c6540 ledtv best price

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites. There may be a slight difference in the colour of the panel border, so please check with the respective retailer for the full specification.

UE32C6530U – John Lewis, Selfridges, Electrical Experience
UE32C6530 – Amazon, 1staudiovisual, Pixmania, Beyond Television
UE32C6540 – Comet

32 inch LED TV Perfectly Styled

The Samsung UE32C6530 is an HDTV with a perfectly poised mainstream screen size of 32 inches and the latest LED backlight technology which allows its full HD display to shine whilst measuring just a few centimetres thick.
The typical Samsung style is present throughout, with its waif-like build accompanied by a black/grey bezel that is finished with a clear border around the edge as well as a versatile stand, with the option for wall mounting.

1080p Full HD producing crystal clear images

As well as supporting 1080p full HD content, the Samsung UE32C6530 has a special ultra clear panel which boasts various image enhancing capabilities.
Avoiding all of the technical mumbo-jumbo, it all works together to provide a crystal clear, bright image that can reduce the impact of reflections caused by ambient light sources.
This is helped by an excellent dynamic contrast ratio that keeps the light and dark parts of the onscreen image looking top notch without compromising on either.

Smooth motion thanks to 100Hz refresh rate

As with most of its contemporaries the Samsung UE32C6530 has a 100Hz refresh rate, which basically means that it can keep up with fast moving images and fill in any gaps so that you do not have your viewing of live sport spoiled by blurriness.
This will also have an effect when you are watching blockbuster movies, as when the special effects fill the screen there will be no ghosting or nasty pixelation. Overall it makes every show or movie you watch seem smooth and natural.

A total of 4 HDMI sockets

There are a total of four HDMI inputs available on the Samsung UE32C6530, which means you can hook up your Blu Ray player and three other high definition devices at the same time.
Samsung has made sure that Blu Ray movies are recreated in the best possible way with its BD Wise technology, which automatically adjusts picture settings and chooses the correct resolution for whatever type of disc you play.

Watch BBC iPlayer on the UE32C6530

The Samsung UE32C6530 is ready to bring the best of the internet to you whilst you relax on your sofa thanks to its Internet@TV connectivity.
It has an Ethernet port which can provide access to the likes of YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Twitter and it also has the option for wireless connectivity via a Wi-Fi adaptor, which is sold separately. If you are sick of catching up with shows you have missed on your PC or laptop then this forward-thinking television will be the perfect antidote.

Energy Saving Green Credentials

As well as looking drop dead gorgeous thanks to its thin LED backlighting technology, the Samsung UE32C6530 is more energy efficient than most of its peers and it provides you with the tools to lessen your electricity usage.
There is a sensor which can automatically adjust the intensity of the backlight depending on the current lighting situation, so if you are sitting in a darkened room you will not have your retinas burned out by an overzealous brightness setting, whilst in daylight you will still be able to see the onscreen image clearly.
LED TV technology is fundamentally more efficient than most alternatives, so how ever you adjust the settings you can rest easy with the knowledge that you are making a difference, if only in a small way.

Final Thoughts on the Samsung UE32C6530

The Samsung UE32C6530 is a generously appointed HDTV that comes in to a popular segment of the market. Its 32 inch display is perfect for the average living room and its LED technology makes it look as a contemporary device, which should be an excellent balance.

UE32C6530 / UE32C6540 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE32C6530 / UE32C6540 LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Samsung UE32C5100 LED TV Review

samsung ue32c5100 ledtv best price

In recent times many manufacturers have chosen to soften the designs of their HDTVs, giving them curves and rounded corners, but the Samsung UE32C5100 is dominated by the clear cut rectangle of its screen and dark, glossy bezel.
The straight edges make it appear as an ominous picture frame when powered down and if you choose to mount it on a wall it will take on this role to an even greater degree.

Wall Mount or Stand

Wall mounting is an attractive option with LED TVs such as the Samsung UE32C5100, because it is slimmer and lighter than those televisions which rely on fluorescent backlighting and as an added bonus is also sips at electricity rather than gulping it, even if you have the backlight set to its maximum brightness.

Eco Mode for max power savings

Any messing about with the settings will allow you to customise your viewing experience, but Samsung has integrated a light sensor into this television. When you activate Eco Mode, this sensor will intelligently assess the state of the lighting in the room and then go on to alter the backlighting and brightness to use as little energy as is required to make the viewing experience a pleasant one.

Full HD 1080p for superior viewing experience

The overall image quality of the Samsung UE32C5100 is excellent, as it has many of the high end processing abilities of its costlier peers, including the wide colour enhancer that gives it an extensive, lifelike pallet.
The 1080p full HD resolution support is also a must have in the modern market where many people own Blu Ray players and want to get every last pixel of detail out of the films that they have bought. The refresh rate of the Samsung UE32C5100 is 50Hz, which some may think odd since many modern TVs have much higher standard refresh rates of 100Hz or more. In reality it is still perfectly acceptable to have a TV with a lower refresh rate, because the panel technology has progressed to the point when ghosting and blurring are barely an issue.

4 HDMI plus USB

There are a plethora of inputs on the Samsung UE32C5100, including four HDMI ports and a PC input. You also get a USB port, which can be used in conjunction with portable storage drives to view photos and videos snapped with your digital camera or pulled from your PC on the big screen of your television.
Digital camera snaps will look particularly good because you will rarely get to experience their full resolution on your PC monitor, as it will typically be smaller. So when you are not watching TV using the integrated Freeview tuner, checking out HD movies from your Blu Ray collection or enjoying your games in high definition by hooking up your console or PC, you can view your home pictures and movies without gathering everyone around a tiny laptop screen.


Samsung’s UE32C5100 is here to bring full high definition and LED TV technology to the masses and it sits in the most popular screen size category of 32 inches and as such should receive many an admiring glance from consumers.
It does not have the frills of more expensive TVs, but the view experience is all the more pure for it. That is not to say that it is not home to its fair share of extra features, it is just that the Samsung UE32C5100 has been put together with value and quality in mind.

UE32C5100 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE32C5100 LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.
Note:The model reviewed here is also known as the UE32C5100Q at some outlets.

Samsung UE32C4000 LED TV Review

samsung ue32c4000 led tv best price
The Samsung UE32C4000 is an HD ready TV that brings the popular LED display technology to the mass market thanks to its low price point and adequate array of mid range features.
As the 32 inch HDTV is one of the most popular screen sizes, it is definitely worth looking at this TV if you are looking for great performance in a competitive market.

Note: You may have seen the UE32C4000P TV in a John Lewis showroom. The review here is for exactly the same telly.

High Definition Ready with Built-in Freeview

The Samsung UE32C4000 does not have a full HD native resolution, but it does support 720p and 1080i, which is perfectly adequate for a screen of this size. That means you will get excellent results whether you are watching a Blu Ray movie or checking out high definition TV channels and it is worth noting that at the moment no broadcast makes use of 1080p resolutions, so you will not be missing out too severely.
You will not need a separate set top box if you do not want to pay for a digital TV subscription service, as the Samsung UE32C4000 has an integrated Freeview tuner.
Of course its four HDMI ports give you plenty of flexibility if you are going to hook it up to HD sources from day one and this feature also leaves you with room for expansion as you acquire more HD ready devices.

Slimline Frame with Slimline Looks

The Samsung UE32C4000 has a simple, black frame that sits on a rotating base, bordered with clear plastic to give it a little touch of class.
Because it uses LED backlighting technology it is lightweight and slimmer than most non-LED HDTVs, taking full advantage of the reduced space and energy savings provided by high end LEDs. This means it is also greener than many rivals and you get a modern design coupled with modern components and efficient operation, making the package an attractive prospect.
Samsung has built in something called the Eco Sensor to further bolster the green credentials of this LED TV. If you activate this feature, it will automatically adjust the brightness and backlight settings based on the level of light that exists within the viewing environment, which basically means that it will make things visible in the hours of daylight and then pull its settings back a bit once the light has faded.

Easily link up your Home Cinema Components

If you have other Samsung devices in your living room, such as a Blu Ray player, you can easily control and synchronise the Samsung UE32C4000 and its familiars using the HDMI connections and Samsung’s Anynet+ controls. This will reduce the amount of remote swapping you have to perform on a daily basis and it will ultimately allow the devices to work together in greater unison for better all round performance.

Pop in a USB Stick to view your pics

In addition to the HDMI ports and standard video inputs of the component and composite varieties, the Samsung UE32C4000 also has a USB port. This is intended to be used in conjunction with a USB memory stick or USB card reader, allowing you to view your home photos and movies snapped with your digital camera or camcorder on the big screen.
Playback is controlled using the remote and it is a great way to enjoy high quality imaging of your treasured memories.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE32C4000 has all of the essential features of a modern HDTV, with the most obvious benefit being its LED technology, without any of the extraneous, costly extras. As such it is a great choice for the average family.

UE32C4000 Best Price