Samsung UE37D5520R – UE37D5520 Review

samsung ue37d5520 review best priceFor a 37 inch LED TV with next generation functionality there is no better value-oriented option than the Samsung UE37D5520.

It has little competition in its price bracket when it comes to features thanks to its inclusion in Samsung’s Smart TV product range.
Of course if you are just looking for solid picture quality then this is also present and correct, although the Samsung UE37D5520 LED TV reviewed here is a much more complex beast.

Despite this sets complexity it is actually a simple affair judged by looks alone.

A black rectangular design is classic in a good way and it makes good use of the LED backlighting to slim down to under three centimetres thick.
This hides the extensive roll call of features which will ensure the Samsung UE37D5520 is a permanent fixture in your living room.

Note: Model Numbers Explained

The model UE37D5520 that features in this review is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE37D5520 – Dixons, 1staudiovisual, Currys, John Lewis, Best Buy
UE37D5520R – Amazon, Comet, Debenhams. Laskys
UE37D5520RKXXU – Argos, Directtvs,

Get ready to enhance your TV viewing experience with Smart TV

2011 has been the year in which the Samsung UE37D5520 and its siblings have got access to the brand new Smart TV platform.
Previous models had offered some online access but Smart TV is Samsung’s first true attempt to make the most out of the broadband connections which many more consumers now have at home.

With Smart TV you can use the Samsung UE37D5520 to download apps, surf the web, stream video and chat to friends, all using the remote and without the requirement of an intervening computer to get the job done.

You can sit back and stay in touch using Twitter, Facebook or instant messaging, before flicking over to the YouTube app to see what videos are trending.

You can then start up the BBC iPlayer app and watch that episode of The Apprentice that you missed and finally open the standalone web browser to search for a product on eBay.

Please note that the UE37D5520 does not feature the fully interactive web browser that is available on its high end models.

You will no longer need to sit with a laptop getting hotter and hotter on your thighs if you want to go online and watch TV in your living room.
The Samsung UE37D5520 and its Smart TV features will win over any sceptics, provided you have the means to get an Ethernet cable from your broadband router to the back of the TV or do not mind investing in a Wi-Fi dongle which is sold separately.

Plenty of ports on the UE37D5520 plus High Def Freeview and 100Hz refresh rate

All the harping on about the Samsung UE37D5520 and its Smart TV functions should not be at the expense of analysing its other attributes.

You get Freeview HD integrated as standard and a bounty of inputs including HDMI, component, composite, USB and many more will let you hook up various devices and home entertainment gadgets with ease.

The full HD support looks great thanks to the advanced image processing engine and the 100Hz refresh rate means that tearing, blurring and ghosting will not impinge upon your viewing experience.

UE40D5520 Key features

  • 46 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • HyperReal Engine & Wide Colour Enhancer for improved graphics
  • 100 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • High Def Freeview Tuner
  • SRS TheatreSound HD to help with the poor sound associated with slim panels
  • 10w × 2 speakers
  • Smart TV
  • Samsung Apps
  • Smart Hub
  • BBC iPlayer – YES
  • 3D – NO
  • Skype – NO
  • Wireless LAN Support – YES
  • USB – 2 Ports with media support
  • HDMI – 4 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1

>>>> Full UE37D5520 Specs

UE37D5520 Dimensions

ue37d5520 dimensions ue37d5520r

Final Thoughts

If you have not used a web-enabled TV before then the Samsung UE37D5520 will be a great place to start, because few of its rivals can boast such comprehensive features that are built for tomorrow.

Few TVs can claim to have the same level of upgrade potential and value for money as the Samsung UE37D5520.

With the cost of LED telly’s coming down in price this year, this 37 inch beauty is perfect for a mid size living space or bedroom.
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Samsung UE37D5000 / UE37D5000PWXXU Review

samsung ue37d5000 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE37D5000 is an LED TV with a full HD 1080p LCD panel and a 37 inch screen size that is a good choice if you want a decent set for movies and gaming without buying a monster 40 inch+ model.

It is an entry level TV so the emphasis is providing value for money, with picture quality and energy efficiency at the top of the agenda while advanced connectivity and 3D playback are off the table altogether.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE37D5000 – Dixons, 1staudiovisual, Currys, John Lewis
UE37D5000PWXXU – Comet, Laskys, Amazon, Woolworths

37 inch becoming the telly size of choice

Many people are beginning to see 37 inches as the best size for an everyday family TV, because anything smaller might seem a little underwhelming and anything bigger can look a bit ostentatious unless you have a palatial living room.

The Samsung UE37D5000 holds its own thanks to some understated styling and top notch picture quality.
Its LED backlighting means that it measures less than three centimetres deep, a real boon for those looking to hang it on a wall.

In addition the LED technology will use much less electricity than the backlighting solutions found in older LCD TVs, so you can be kind to the planet without reducing your home entertainment system’s impact.

The UE37D5000 is the perfect set for watching High Def Blu Ray as well as standard definition via Freeveiw

The Samsung UE37D5000 LED TV is at its best when you connect it to a Blu Ray player and watch a film in full HD 1080p.
This will allow the 100Hz refresh rate, excellent contrast ratio and Wide Colour Enhancer to work in unison, squeezing all the colour and quality from the high definition image.

With Freeview onboard you will probably be watching standard definition broadcasts quite regularly and the Samsung UE37D5000 does an admirable job of up scaling this less detailed content to make it fit on the 37 inch screen without showing up too much digital noise.

Four HDMI, USB plus Anynet+ for easy connection and playability

There are plenty of HDMI inputs on the Samsung UE37D5000, four in total, which in tandem with the Anynet+ technology makes it easy to watch HD ready devices without much fiddling around.

If you have other HDMI compatible Samsung gadgets then Anynet+ will allow you to easily control them all with a single remote once they are connected to one and other.

There are a pair of USB inputs on the Samsung UE37D5000 and these allow you to stream and share video, music and photographic content from a number of Samsung devices and from your computer.

You will definitely benefit from being able to blow up your digital photographs on the 37 inch TV because this will let you see lots of detail that just is not visible on lower resolution computer monitors.

Final Thoughts

It is difficult to find issue with the quality of the picture or the exterior design of the Samsung UE37D5000, if only because at this price point you could do a lot worse.

Some may complain about the lack of web connectivity, but again the entry level nature of this screen negates such functions, so for those on a budget this is a 37 inch television which you should be more than happy to give the time of day.

>>>> UE37D5000 Specifications

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Samsung UE37C5800 LED TV Review

samsung ue37c5800 ledtv best price
If you are yet to trade up to a flat panel TV, or are looking to upgrade from your current plasma or LCD to a higher definition TV, then the Samsung UE37C5800 LED TV is definitely one to consider.

Featuring backlit LED technology, the Samsung UE37C5800 has incredible picture quality and colour definition. The ultra clear panel optimises the light phase and helps to reduce reflection of light from windows and indoor lighting, making the screen even more attractive.

Added to this the TV is full 1080p meaning it is true HD, unlike some lower pixel models which are HD ready but will not give the same picture quality. The 1080p gives around two times the resolution depth of standard HDTV’s and the detail really is astounding.

High Definition Freeview Tuner

To make the most of the HD capabilities of this TV, the Samsung UE37C5800 has built in Freeview HDTV reception.
This enables the user to watch Freeview HDTV channels with no contract or subscription to pay. Some areas may not receive these channels straight away but the programme is being rolled out to the whole of the UK and will soon be available everywhere.

For areas unable to receive the Freeview HDTV straight away, the Samsung UE37C5800 ensures you enjoy the best picture quality possible. If the reception is slightly fuzzy, the built in digital noise filter will reduce the interference and bring you sharp, clear images even with an analogue signal.

Quality Picture Reproduction

Owners of this TV will comment that the colours seem to jump off the screen at them. This is a result of the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology in the Samsung UE37C5800.
This nifty piece of gadgetry analyses every individual pixel of colour and then stretches them to the limit of their 3 dimensional capabilities. This results in the most true to life colours you will ever have seen on any LED TV screen before.

This colour enhancing technology is further complemented with the Samsung HyperReal engine. This groundbreaking technology makes the refresh rates faster and the already fantastic picture quality even more realistic.
The result is truly breathtaking and in terms of HDTV is unrivalled by any other screen on the market.

4 HDMI slots to connect consoles, DVD and Blu-ray Players

The Samsung UE37C5800 makes televisions a multiple use piece of home entertainment.
As well as being suitable for gaming and blu-ray players via the HDMI slot, which itself eliminates the compression experienced with SCART, the TV also sports USB connections allowing users to play music, videos and display photographs from MP3 players, camcorders or PCs.

Save Energy with the UE37C5800

As an added bonus the Samsung UE37C5800 is planet friendly. Its built in Eco Sensor registers the amount of light in the room and adjusts the brightness of the images automatically. This saves energy and means the TV costs much less to run than those which stay needlessly bright all the time.

Final Thoughts

This TV itself is a beautiful thing to own. Ultra slim design coupled with the Crystal TV design of the bezel, which despite looking black is actually made up of multiple colours, give this product a futuristic appearance and make it a pleasure to have it mounted on a living room wall or on it’s supplied stand.

UE37C5800 Best Price

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Samsung UE37C6530U / UE37C6540 LED TV Review

samsung ue37c6530u ue37c6540 ledtv best price
Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites. There may be a slight difference in the colour of the panel border, so please check with the respective retailer for the full specification.

UE37C6530U – John Lewis, Selfridges, Electrical Experience
UE37C6530 – Amazon, 1staudiovisual, Pixmania, Beyond Television
UE37C6540 – Comet

37 inch Perfect Fit for the Average Room Size

The Samsung UE37C6530 is an LED TV with a 37 inch screen and a cornucopia of features which give it the edge over the competition.

37 inch HDTVs are becoming one of the most popular size brackets because they offer a good display area without looking a little silly when squeezed into smaller spaces. As such they will suit the average consumer well and the Samsung UE37C6530 is definitely close to the top of its class.

Built in High Definition Freeview Player

The Samsung UE37C6530 can display full HD content in its native 1080p resolution and so it will be a great partner to a Blu Ray player or a games console.
If you have neither of the above and are in need of some instant high definition thrills then the built in Freeview HD tuner will be a real asset.

It has the ability to display the HD channels that have only recently become available to Freeview customers without any subscription to pay and it makes separate set top boxes completely obsolete, which will certainly be a useful feature if you want to save space and cash on your HD viewing equipment.

100Hz Motion Plus Refresh Rate and Superb Colour Clarity

The Samsung UE37C6530 attempts to provide next generation image quality with a number of advanced features which work in unison to craft every single pixel to the highest degree of perfection, no matter what you are watching.
Colours are enhanced and vivid in their variety, while the 100Hz Motion Plus technology stops frenetic motion onscreen from causing blurry playback.
The LED backlighting provides bright, adaptive levels of luminosity to the screen and as well as enabling the slim, sexy design of this TV, it also is kinder to the environment than its lamp-lit predecessors and even the outgoing generation of Samsung LED TV’s.

Internet TV at the touch of button

There are two ways to view alternative multimedia content on the Samsung UE37C6530. The first is via the Internet@TV service, which is available to all broadband customers who can snake an Ethernet cable over to the back of their TV or buy the separate Wi-Fi adaptor which plugs into this TV’s USB port.
With Internet@TV you can use a variety of widgets, or small applications, which let you access everything from BBC iPlayer to Facebook.
There are even interactive games, news reports and video streaming services which let you rent movies on offer and it is a great alternative to standard programming.

The second option for alternative content is provided by the All Share feature. This is a wireless platform that lets you view home videos, photos and music on your TV provided you have compatible devices which use the same standard. This means you do not need wires to distribute content around your home.

Use the UE37C6530 Remote for all your Samsung Devices

If you already have some Samsung devices in your living room and you are thinking about adding the Samsung UE37C6530 to the mix, then the Anynet+ inter-device connectivity will definitely be a boon. You can use a single remote to control multiple devices which are compatible with Anynet+ so you no longer need a bundle of different remotes, making the home entertainment experience more streamlined.


The Samsung UE37C6530 is a great HDTV that benefits from LED backlighting technology and online options. The star of the show might arguably be the integrated Freeview HD tuner, as in the long term this will become even more useful, despite the fact that universal UK coverage has yet to arrive.

UE37C6530 / UE37C6540 Best Price

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Samsung UE37C5100 LED TV Review

samsung ue37c5100 led tv best price
The Samsung UE37C5100 is an LED TV, although it is important to remember that this refers to the backlighting technology and not to that which provides the individual pixels, as this is still using the LCD technology which HDTVs have harnessed for many years. LED backlighting is less wasteful than alternatives as it converts much more electricity into light, wasting less in heat and consequently has a higher efficiency rating.

37 inch Full HD plus 4 HDMI

The 37 inch screen size is arguably the best choice on the market for the average consumer, as it really offers a far more cinematic experience than the smaller 32 inch screens, whilst not quite dominating a room in the same way as screens of 42 inches and upwards.
The Samsung UE37C5100 has the newly tweaked HyperReal image processing engine and Samsung keeps getting better at making video from any source look alluring, even when you are stuck with standard definition broadcasts or older input devices.
Of course the best results are achieved when you view full HD 1080p content connected via one of the four HDMI ports. Component and composite inputs are available for different devices and you can hook up a media centre PC via the D-Sub input that has its own audio input to boot.

Personal settings galore or just use the pre-sets

You can alter the settings of the Samsung UE37C5100 if you want to make personal adjustments, although there are a number of pre-sets which might suit your needs.
For example, there is a game mode setting that heightens the response rate of the screen and optimises it for high speed, frenetic console titles in high definition. This is obviously not appropriate for every situation and changing between image modes is always a few button presses away.

Digital Optical connection for Surround Sound

There is an optical audio output for providing digital quality audio to any surround sound or hi-fi system that you may own.
Alternatively you can stick with the twin stereo speakers that are hidden within the Samsung UE37C5100 and provide good quality audio for daily use.

USB plus Wireless Connectivity

Samsung is really publicising the connectivity features of its latest LED TV range and the Samsung UE37C5100 is no different in this respect.
You will be able to stick plenty of media files onto a USB memory stick or portable hard drive and then hook said drive up to one of the two USB ports, ready for playback using your remote control.
You can also go wireless if you pick up the separate peripheral from Samsung, allowing you to stream digital content across your home from computers to TV in an appropriately futuristic manner. This is good for those who do not want to keep a PC plugged in next to the Samsung UE37C5100 and will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE37C5100 will for some represent the perfect position in the HDTV market in terms of price and performance, with a 37 inch screen that sports all of Samsung’s latest technical wizardry and a design that will appeal to gadget fans without alienating those who are more interested in kicking back and watching a film without being dazzled by chrome bezels and garish ambient lighting effects.

The added bonus for the design conscious consumer is that the whole TV is just 2.65 centimetres thick, making it look as if it is a very expensive wafer alongside its bulkier stable mates. In short the Samsung UE37C5100 is green, lean and finished to a high sheen.

UE37C5100 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE37C5100 LED TV.

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Note:The model reviewed here is also known as the UE37C5100Q at some online outlets.