Samsung UE40D6100 Review

samsung ue40d6100 review ue40d6100skxxu
The Samsung UE40D6100 is a surprisingly affordable 40 inch LED TV which pulls out all the stops to deliver active 3D playback for film buffs and sports fans to appreciate in their own homes.

This is definitely at the bottom of the 3D market in terms of price, but despite this it still manages to bring a whole range of modern features to the table which will make the viewing experience a blast.

Note: Model Numbers Explained

The model UE40D6100 that features in this review is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE40D6100 – Dixons, Currys,John Lewis, Best Buy, Tesco
UE40D6100SKXXU – Amazon, Comet, Argos, Laskys

Stylish 3D telly

The Samsung UE40D6100 is fittingly stylish and proves that Samsung is continually delivering some of the best looks on the market across its product range.

A slim black bezel surrounds the display, fading out to a clear plastic around the edge. This is mirrored by the stand, which has a clear stem and a sturdy rectangular black base.

While some LED TVs can be a little flashy and distracting, the Samsung UE40D6100 keeps things relatively simple, with its side-on thinness and unobtrusive front end angles working well in typical living spaces.

200Hz engine produces clear smooth images

The 40 inch display of the Samsung UE40D6100 can pump out full HD 1080p video and has an effective 200Hz refresh rate, bringing smooth images to your eyes even when there is lots of movement and action onscreen.

The edge lit LED backlighting helps to enhance the impact of the colours and the same goes for the contrast ratio, which brings bright images to life while adding the appropriate levels of murkiness to darker scenes.

Reasonable 3D experience at this price point

The Samsung UE40D6100 is an active 3D TV which means each viewer will need to wear battery-powered glasses to enjoy the fully synchronised 3D experience. It may come with one or two pairs, but you will have to buy additional specs so that the whole family can get involved.

3D playback is good for this price, with the refresh rate just about able to iron out any image crosstalk and blurring.

At this price point you might be looking at alternative LED TVs which use passive 3D technology and while these may have cheaper glasses, the actual image resolution will be much lower than that shown on the Samsung UE40D6100 during 3D playback.

Freeview HD is available direct on the Samsung UE40D6100 so for 2D high def viewing you need only hook up your current aerial.

The UE40D6100 has impressive Smart TV apps plus connect USB memory devices

This set also benefits from access to Samsung’s Smart TV service, which means you can go on Facebook and Twitter, stream movies and shows from YouTube and iPlayer, or add even more little programs to your television via your internet connection.

If you have a portable hard drive you can plug it into one of the TV’s USB ports and set up various recordings for when you are away and do not want to miss your favourite shows, which is a nice touch.

UE40D6100 Key features

  • 40 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • HyperReal Engine & Wide Colour Enhancer for improved graphics
  • 200 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • High Def Freeview Tuner
  • SRS TheatreSound HD to help with the poor sound associated with slim panels
  • 10w × 2 speakers
  • Smart TV
  • Samsung Apps
  • Smart Hub
  • BBC iPlayer – YES
  • 3D – YES
  • Skype – NO
  • Wireless LAN Support – YES
  • USB – 1
  • HDMI – 4 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1

>>>> Full UE40D6100 Specs

Final Thoughts

If you are on a limited budget but still want big screen 3D thrills then the Samsung UE40D6100 will probably be right up your street.

It has all the bells and whistles you would expect from an LED TV at the top end of the market, including the class-leading Smart TV net service, but it bundles all this into a package which is conscious of keeping your bank manager happy.
3D performance is not as good as some higher spec tellys and is thus reflected in the price.

UE40D6100 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40D6100 LED TV.

Check out todays best online UK price by clicking on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website.

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Samsung UE40D5520 / UE40D5520R Review

samsung ue40d5520 review price
The Samsung UE40D5520 is part of the growing Smart TV range from this popular South Korean manufacturer.

Its 40 inch LED backlit display offers decent performance for the price, but most people who consider this as an option will be more interested to hear about the types of extra services which it makes available via your broadband connection.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE40D5520 – Dixons, 1staudiovisual, Currys, John Lewis
UE40D5520R – Amazon, Comet, Debenhams
UE40D5520RKXXU – Argos, Directtvs

No nonsense design that is easy on the eye

Samsung likes to keep each new range of televisions looking consistent and the Samsung UE40D5520 is no different.

While in the past the firm has opted to add hints of colour to its TVs, here there is no such frippery as it sticks with a plain black, rectangular design that only has a clear-edged bezel to make it stand out.

Its 40 inch LCD screen with edge-lit LED backlighting puts in into a popular category, giving your movies and TV shows lots of room to breathe and making full HD 1080p playback look as cinematic as possible.

Samsung Smart TV connects to the Internet for extra content

With access to the Smart TV platform this telly can become your go-to hub for home entertainment.

While you might normally choose to watch BBC iPlayer programs and YouTube videos on your laptop or PC, the Samsung UE40D5520 actually has apps which support these two services and many more.

By using an Ethernet cable or an additional Wi-Fi dongle you can get online using this LED TV, at which point you can download little programs that come from an ever-increasing catalogue of useful titbits.

On top of all this smart functionality the Samsung UE40D5520 comes with a built in Freeview HD digital tuner.

Future proof built-in High Definition Freeview on the UE40D5520

Freeview HD is the terrestrial high definition service which has a small but growing number of HD channels being broadcast across the country.

Roll-out is still occurring in some areas but, like the Smart TV platform, it makes sense to buy a LED TV right now which is ready for advances over the coming years.

Plenty of options to connect to your home media equipment

While the focus so far has been on streaming and TV, the Samsung UE40D5520 is still equipped to handle gadgets you may already have in your home.
There are plenty of HDMI ports for your Blu-Ray player, HD camcorder and games system.

SCART, Composite and Component video inputs will let you keep that old DVD or VHS player on hand and a pair of USB ports will help you view digital pictures and videos stored on compatible storage devices.

UE40D5520 Key features

  • 40 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • 100 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • High Def Freeview Tuner
  • 10w × 2 speakers
  • Smart TV
  • Samsung Apps
  • Smart Hub
  • BBC iPlayer – YES
  • 3D – NO
  • Skype – NO
  • Wireless LAN Support – YES
  • USB – 2 Ports with media support
  • HDMI – 4 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1

Final Thoughts

This set is basically the UE40D5000 reviewed here but with a few added features that allow you to connect the TV to the internet.
If your budget can stretch that extra mile and you want a 40 inch LED TV then the Samsung UE40D5520 will make a lot of sense.

Smart TVs will continue to become more prevalent and adopting one early is actually an inexpensive manoeuvre.

>>>> UE40D5520 Specifications

UE40D5520 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40D5520 LED TV.

Check out todays best online UK price by clicking on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website.


Samsung UE40D6510 Review

samsung ue40d6510 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE40D6510 is a clever, modern HDTV which uses a combination of LED backlighting and 3D readiness to blow the competition out of the water.

Its 40 inch display is more than big enough to bring the experience of the cinema into your living room and the fact that it is compatible with 3D content means that even if you do not have a compatible 3D playback device at the moment, you have the option to upgrade in the future.

Since this is an LED TV it will definitely be eye catching thanks to its sheer slimness.
The LED backlighting has localised dimming which allows for an enhanced contrast without resulting in any light bleed or haloing.
If you have not experienced an LED TV in the past then this basically means that the dark bits of the onscreen image will look as they should while the lighter areas are given the brightness they deserve, all in real time.

Note: The model reviewed is available at some stores including Comet as model UE40D6510WKXXU.

Smart TV opens a host of viewing opportunities

The Samsung UE40D6510 is part of the Smart TV range from Samsung, although the best way to unlock its full potential is to connect it you your broadband service via an Ethernet cable.

Once you are able to take the TV online you will open up a whole new level of entertainment.
The Samsung UE40D6510 has a built in web browser, so you can surf all of your favourite sites and access Flash content, just like you would on your PC or laptop.

Skype functionality will let you make HD video calls if you invest in the separately available webcam and there is even social networking available straight out of the box, with support for microblogging site Twitter and everyone’s favourite, Facebook.

Impressive 3D plus 2D conversion

The 3D capabilities are impressive; with its high 400Hz refresh rate and image processing allowing you to enjoy 3D movies and broadcasts without any of the crosstalk and blurring which can hamper the experience on less capable 3D LED TVs.

The Samsung UE40D6510 can even take flat 2D images and give them depth thanks to intelligent conversion. This means you can reinvigorate your ageing DVD collection with new life on this new TV.

Plenty of options on the UE40D6510

Even if you cannot get your Samsung UE40D6510 connected to broadband or a 3D Blu Ray player then there are still more ways to enjoy high definition content on its 40 inch display.

Firstly it has Freeview HD built in so that you can get your eyes around high def channels without having to foot a monthly bill for a subscription service.

Secondly there are USB ports available which will let you playback content stored on a memory stick or portable hard drive. Finally with Samsung’s AllShare service enabled it will be easier than ever to share content between compatible devices, like mobile phones and camcorders.


The Samsung UE40D6510 has all you could want from a modern TV; LED backlighting, 3D compatibility, advanced web services and a plethora of extras which all come bundled under a price that is definitely at the appealing end of the market.
If you are in the market and looking for something a little different, then the crystal white design of this set may well suit your requirements.

>>>> UE40D6510 Specifications

UE40D6510 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40D6510 LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Samsung UE40D8000 Review

The Samsung UE40D8000 is close to the top of the range of 3D LED TVs currently offered by this South Korean electronics giant.
It has all the high end functionality you can imagine and some you will not have even thought of. It also has a super sleek, sexy deign which will leave many tech fans drooling.

So let us dive in and see what treats the Samsung UE40D8000 has in store.

Note: The model reviewed is available at Comet and Laskys as model UE40D8000YUXXU.

Micro Dimming plus 800Hz refresh rate produces stunning results

Firstly its 40 inch screen is big without being domineering and will make a good companion for a capable home cinema setup.
It features Samsung’s Ultra Clear Panel technology along with Ultra Contrast while the LED backlighting is modulated with Micro Dimming which will enhance the whites while keeping the blacks suitably dark in even the most busy onscreen image.

Its 800Hz refresh rate is a step above many other Samsung TVs and it ensures that there is virtually no chance of blurring or distortion affecting the onscreen image, which is particularly important when you are watching things in 3D.

So far the Samsung UE40D8000 has been suitably lauded, but the surface of its functionality has barely been scratched.

Connect to your home network for full web browsing

Next up there are the things it does to earn its stamp as a Smart TV.
It has an Ethernet port on the rear but unlike many alternatives it also has Wi-Fi connectivity built in.

This means you can get it hooked up to your broadband router by whatever means is the most convenient for you.

With the internet enabled the Samsung UE40D8000 comes alive, giving you access to Samsung Apps which support everything from social networking to video chatting, with on demand video support thrown in free of charge.

You can also surf full websites using the built-in browser, which means you will not have to go running for your laptop every time you want to check something online.

The UE40D8000 stands out as a pure thing of beauty

The looks and style of the Samsung UE40D8000 are hard to match.
The LED backlighting allows for more efficient operation and also means that it is several centimetres slimmer than previous generations of HDTVs. The four-pronged stand included in the package is sturdy and has a premium finish while the slim border around the edge of the display is barely noticeable.

One set of glasses supplied if you want to watch in 3D

As part of the retail package you will get a set of active shutter glasses bundled with the Samsung UE40D8000.
If you want more people to enjoy its 3D capabilities then you will need to buy extra sets of glasses.
These synchronise to create the stereoscopic effects using Bluetooth connectivity, which means you will get pristine 3D images every step of the way.


The Samsung UE40D8000 is an understandably attractive package, coming into the market at a price point which definitely justifies all of the impressive features.
It may not be for everyone and its 3D playback may put off all but the earliest of adopters, but for most the Samsung UE40D8000 will represent a good choice for the future and not just a set which will help you get by today.

UE40D8000 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40D8000 LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Samung UE40D7000 3D TV Review

samsung ue40d7000 ledtv best price

It is probably sensible to touch on the overall design and build quality of the Samsung UE40D7000 since this is what will first strike new owners.

From the side its slimness will be particularly stunning, although this is something claimed by most other LED TVs.

The tiny margin around the edge of the display is another impressive feature. While lower end TVs can have quite chunky surrounds, the UE40D7000 does not suffer from this kind of unsightly design.
The four pronged stand features a gentle metallic finish and the whole thing is effortlessly stylish.

Note: The model reviewed is available at Comet as model UE40D7000LUXXU.

The UE40D7000 connects instantly to your home broadband without the need for extra components

The Samsung UE40D7000 is part of Samsung’s gradually expanding Smart TV range and if you are thinking about upgrading you really need to invest in this kind of technology to make your home entertainment system bang up to date.

While you can connect the Samsung UE40D7000 to your broadband service via a network cable, the fact that it includes Wi-Fi built in will negate the need for this, as long as you have a decent wireless router at home.
Cheaper models will be Wi-Fi compatible, but you will have to fork out for the separate dongle, upping the price, but that is not necessary here.

Once you are online you will be able to browse the web, download apps, post updates to social networking services and stream video from popular services like 4OD and the iPlayer from the BBC.

Of course you do not need to go online to access great content in HD on your Samsung UE40D7000.
You can also enjoy both Freeview HD and Freesat HD without the need for separate set top boxes and tuners.
This means your standard aerial or satellite dish will be able to receive many high quality HD channels without the expense of a subscription service.

3D ready but you will have to purchase extra 3D specs

The Samsung UE40D7000 is a 3D LED TV so if you have a 3D Blu Ray player, 3D subscription package or a PlayStation 3 then you will be able to delve into a world of stereoscopic depth in your own home.

The UE40D7000 comes with a set of active 3D specs but you will need to pick up extra pairs for anyone else who wants to watch.
The 800Hz Clear Motion Rate means that there will never be any blurring or ghosting to spoil your 3D viewing experience and the already impressive image quality supplied by the Samsung UE40D7000 will be enhanced further.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE40D7000 is a well equipped HDTV which features support for 3D playback, full HD 1080p content and even Freeview HD broadcasts.
All of this functionality is squeezed into a very thin package, which is a feat made possible thanks to the LED backlighting which brings improved contrast and brightness to the Ultra Clear LCD Panel.

If you want a no expense spared home theatre experience then the Samsung UE40D7000 is the TV for you. Its 40 inch display is big enough to give films and games the space they deserve and its plethora of added functions are the icing on a satisfying electronic cake.

UE40D7000 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40D7000 LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Samsung UE40D6530 Review

samsung ue40d6530 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE40D6530 will definitely get tech fans drooling thanks to its long list of high end specifications.

Note: Model numbers.
The model reviewed can be found at the Comet store with the model number Samsung UE40D6530WKXXU.

It is not only a super slim LED TV with great looks to match but it is also ready to let you watch the latest 3D movies and TV broadcasts in full HD 1080p, letting you enjoy superior colour, brightness and clarity greater than even cinemagoers are able to access.

40 inches of widescreen should also help to make this package look all the more interesting and we have not even touched upon the Smart TV platform which is integrated into the Samsung UE40D6530, so let us dive in and see what other delights lurk within.

Improved 3D experience

Since this is a 3D TV it makes sense to talk about how this stereoscopic effect is delivered and whether it is better than the first generation of 3D TVs which arrived last year.

In short the Samsung UE40D6530 is easily able to give you a smoother 3D experience than its predecessors, largely thanks to the 400Hz Clear Motion Rate technology which means it never misses a beat, no matter how fast paced and frantic the onscreen action becomes when watching 2D or 3D content.

Each viewer will need a set of active 3D specs, but this is the case with most modern 3D TVs and is well worth it to see what all the fuss is about.

Of course if you have sunk a hefty chunk of cash into the Samsung UE40D6530 and you want to get more out of its 3D capabilities then you can switch on the 2D to 3D conversion capability which will instantly give several degrees of tangible depth to your 2D movies and shows.
This ramps up the value of the TV and will effectively give a fresh lick of paint to any content you choose.

Access to online content is a breeze

The Smart TV platform which Samsung is rolling out for many of its high end sets is accessible from the UE40D6530.

With three USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity allows the user to plug it into your broadband router via network cable if you want to download Samsung Apps, access the internet using a full web browser and install bespoke, living room-friendly services such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

Those social butterflies who cannot stand to be out of touch with friends will love the inclusion of Facebook and Twitter in the list of Samsung Apps.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE40D6530 is not just suitable for people who have a decent broadband connection and the know how to get it online. With its USB ports, four HDMI inputs and even a pair of SCART connections there should be lots of ways for other users to squeeze the most out of the TV.

If you want a good looking, well priced LED TV with full 3D capabilities and a 40 inch screen then the Samsung UE40D6530 is hard to beat, particularly if you want to bring your entertainment system right up to date in terms of technical spec.

UE40D6530 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40D6530 LED TV.

Samsung UE40D5000PWXXU / UE40D5000 Review

samsung ue40d5000pwxxu ledtv best price
The Samsung UE40D5000 is at the affordable end of the firm’s latest range of LED TVs, giving you a good deal of value for money while still being relatively kind on your bank balance.

You can benefit from a high refresh rate, 1080p full HD resolution and stylish design if you choose the Samsung UE40D5000. Its 40 inch display size is also a good fit for anyone who wants to get the big screen thrills of the cinema transposed into their homes largely intact.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE40D5000 – Dixons, 1staudiovisual, Currys, John Lewis
UE40D5000PWXXU – Comet, Laskys, Amazon, Woolworths

Strikingly thin – ready for wall mounting

The most striking thing about the Samsung UE40D5000 is that it is very slim, easily outdoing the standard LCD TVs which do not use LED backlighting.
It is also not too flash, despite its size, thanks to a finish which displays quality without being over the top. A thin bezel around the screen means it will not be a distraction when it is turned on and the stand goes along with this simple, stylish aesthetic.

In short, the Samsung UE40D5000 will be a welcome addition to any modern living space and can even be mounted on a wall to make it even less obtrusive.

40 inch Ultra Clear Panel

The Samsung UE40D5000PWXXU features a 40 inch Ultra Clear Panel which essentially allows all of the colours and the vibrant brightness of the image to be passed on to the viewer.

While some TVs can provide dull, lifeless hues, the Samsung UE40D5000 is quite the opposite and with its 100Hz Clear Motion Rate technology onboard it is also more than a match of busy images and fast moving camera pans that are typically found in live sports and the latest blockbusters.

It will be able to give you slick, seamless video without any of the juddering or blurring which can degrade the appeal of competing sets.

Get Freeview chanels

You will want to make full use of the 40 inch display’s 1080p HD resolution, so the presence of four HDMI inputs on the side will be a welcome sight.

Freeview is built into the Samsung UE40D5000 so you can plug in your existing aerial and get instant access to plenty of digital TV channels at no extra charge.

The UE40D5000PWXXU plays most file formats

Of course you do not just have to rely on devices with HDMI connections, like Blu Ray players and games consoles, to enjoy HD content on this model.
With a PC input and a USB connection you will be well equipped to get high def digital video and high resolution pictures onto the screen to view in your living room.

No more will you have to bring the family into the study to see your snaps and home movies on a dinky PC monitor, as the Samsung UE40D5000PWXXU is compatible with a large number of common file formats and playback is simple thanks to the intuitive menus.

Final Thoughts

Many people study the feature set of an LED TV carefully without considering whether it will actually be any good in the real world. Thankfully the Samsung UE40D5000 performs well on paper as well as in the living room, letting you buy with confidence.

UE40D5000PWXXU Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40D5000 LED TV.

Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV Review

samsung ue40c5800 ledtv best price
The country is witnessing the dawn of a new era. Region by region, we are converting from analogue to digital television signals. And the Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV is the kind of new technology that makes this national upgrade all the more exciting.

Let’s begin with the design, which is elegant and slim. Indeed the depth is less than 30 mm.

The 40-inch screen is framed in a simple Rose Black border. Despite the impressive size Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV blends into any home.

True Colour, Contrast and Clarity

Of course, it’s what’s on the inside that puts this model ahead. Samsung’s cutting edge science is there to make the most of your viewing experience.
Firstly there’s that crisp picture, scoring top grades in all 3 ‘Cs’, that’s colour, contrast and clarity.

Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer does what it says on the tin and gives a richness of hue as close to the real world as any of today’s televisions can achieve.
The LED’s excellent backlighting has a mega contrast ratio, meaning the whites are whiter and the blacks are blacker. The screen is a full 1920 by 1080 pixels in size.
This means twice the resolution of ordinary HD televisions currently on the market.

150 Clear Motion Rate

This TV is smart too, it can correct errors.
Its 150 clear motion capability avoids the kind of pixilation you sometimes see on lesser makes. This is particularly helpful for sports fans or lovers of action movies, where fast movement seems to cause parts of the picture to slow down.

So, the picture is sharp as crystal and a mega 40 inches across.
That may sound enough but the Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV has a lot more going for it than that. The model has all the latest features, turning television from a passive pursuit to an exciting activity.

The UE40C5800 connects to your Digital Devices

The technology enables the owner to connect to all kinds of other digital devices.
Photos, music and films can all be easily transferred from your home computer, laptop or even your mobile. It can also connect to several computers at the same time.
While this uploading used to be something of a chore, involving various cables, the Samsung UE40C5800 can do these jobs easily and wirelessly, opening up opportunities for fun with family and friends.

Freeview HD plus Dolby Digital Sound

The Samsung UE40C5800 arrives in its box not only Wi-Fi ready but also with HD Freeview built in. Any channel with high definition signals is accessible, including all the big names in broadcasting.

The sound system has stereo with Dolby Digital Plus. There are two speakers and the surround mode is built in. The list of features goes on to include AllShare, a HyperReal Engine, ConnectShare Movie and PlanetFirst.

Connections Galore

For those who like to check the back of the set before the front, this TV has 4 HDMI ports (compared to the industry standard of 2), 2 USB ports, 1 video input, 1 composite video/audio input, a 21-pin scart, 1 digital audio output, a set of headphones for when you need to keep the noise down, 1 VGA input and 1 audio line-in.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a quality panel and are not too bothered at having the bells and whistles internet connectivity that features on the more expensive Samsung LED tellys then the UE40C5800 will definitely fit the bill.
Combine the stunning aesthetic design with one of the best pictures on the market in this price range and you are looking at a worthy addition to your home entertainment hub.

UE40C5800 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Samsung UE40C8000 LED 3DTV Review

samsung ue40c8000 led tv best price
The Samsung UE40C8000 LED TV is one of a new range that is designed to astound your senses, thanks to its 3D display capabilities and well proportioned 40 inch screen size.
You will struggle to find a more capable television in this price range and if you bear in mind that you will pay more because of its high end capabilities, then it will definitely strike a chord with you.

Superior 3D Picture

Before we get into the design or picture quality, it is worth talking about the 3D capabilities of the Samsung UE40C8000.
You may have seen a 3D film at the cinema, but this is one of the first TVs to let you take that eye-popping experience and bring it into the comfort of your own home. You will need to buy some 3D glasses in order to view the 3D effects, just like you do at the cinema and as such each member of your family will probably be clamouring for this accessory.
There is plenty of 3D content out there, with an ever-growing library of 3D films coming to Blu Ray in full HD and 3D games arriving on the PlayStation 3, to make the experience even more interactive and immersive.
You will soon be able to get pay TV in 3D with live sport and films, this is an effect that you can enjoy right now or at a later date when you have the necessary equipment.

The UE40c8000 offers the latest in 3D Technology in a truly slimline panel

The Samsung UE40C8000 is an LED TV, which means that rather than using bulky old backlighting technology, it has eco-friendly LEDs mounted behind the display. This gives you greater energy efficiency and a build that is slimmer than anything offered by the previous generation.
All of this is afforded without any reduction in picture quality or contrast and you can also enjoy the benefits of a much more aesthetically pleasing device, which looks classy and powerful wherever it is placed.
Extra augmentations like the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and the HyperReal Engine, creating a broad, comprehensive feature set which give stunning results whatever you choose to watch.

Fully Featured Home Media Centre

After you have exhausted your Blu Ray collection and sieved the TV guide for any shred of entertainment, you can always turn to the Internet@TV service, which is integrated into the Samsung UE40C8000. This lets you take your TV online and then access a whole host of top media all using your remote control.
You can watch your favourite soaps and dramas on the BBC iPlayer, stream clips from YouTube and keep up with the latest happenings on Twitter.
If you wish, you can even view your Facebook profile on the big screen and check out the weather and news from reputable outlets. This online service can either be delivered via an Ethernet cable hooked up to the TV’s dedicated port, or you can slip in the separate USB Wi-Fi adaptor, which is sold as an accessory to completely remove wires from the equation.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE40C800 is a top of the line device that beats most of the non-3D TVs of an equivalent screen size.
This panel is truly stunning and will appeal to consumers who require the media and internet features that allowing connection to not only a range of online services such as Skype but will also seamlessly let you share music and photos on your home network.

There are other 3D TVs out there, but this provides a balance between price and performance and packs in more versatile capabilities than most of its direct rivals.

UE40C8000 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40C8000 3D LED TV.
Note: The panel reviewed here is the same model that is available in John Lewis department stores but may be labeled as the UE40C8000X.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Samsung UE40C6530U / UE40C6540 LED TV Review

samsung ue40c6530u ue40c6540 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE40C6530 LED TV combines elegance and operational excellence, to become one of the best 40 inch HDTVs on the market. Of course not every TV is right for every person and there are some features which might make this set right for some and not for others, but in general it is a sterling addition to the current Samsung line-up.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites. There may be a slight difference in the colour of the panel border, so please check with the respective retailer for the full specification.

UE40C6530U – John Lewis, Selfridges, Electrical Experience
UE40C6530 – Amazon, 1staudiovisual, Pixmania, Beyond Television
UE40C6540 – Comet

LED Technology allows for a slimmer TV

If you have not encountered an LED TV in the past, it is worth outlining what makes this technological advance special. Previously most manufacturers relied on some form of lamp to illuminate their TVs to give the viewer something to look at, but now a growing selection of new TVs are arriving with LED backlighting technology, which relies upon hundreds of tiny light emitting diodes (LEDs).
These take up much less space than the lamps and they also waste less energy as heat, so you get a slimmer, cooler, greener TV as a result.
The Samsung UE40C6530 is one such high tech device and it does not make any concessions when it comes to image quality, so it is perfect for casual viewers as well as cinematic aficionados.

High Definition Freeview Player Included

The Samsung UE40C6530 supports full HD 1080p resolutions, so you can watch Blu-Ray films in the manner intended by their producers. However, if you have yet to invest in a Blu-Ray player there is another option for accessing high definition content straight from day one and that comes in the form of an integrated Freeview HD tuner.
This lets you watch high definition channels from a number of broadcasters without having to pay for the privilege.
Not only will you get subscription free HD access, but you will also be able to ditch the separate set top box, which can cost an arm and a leg if you are itching to get terrestrial HD programming in your home.

Superb Picture Clarity

Picture fidelity is given a great deal of attention by the Samsung UE40C6530, as it combines several processes to each frame in a tiny fraction of a second to ensure that each pixel looks as good as possible.
A five million to one dynamic contrast ratio will give you inky blacks and shining whites and the Wide Colour Enhancer adds another dimension to the colour pallet. Furthermore the panel has been produced with extra clarity to negate the impact of glare and give you perfect results every time.

Get online services via your Home Broadband

You can connect various HD-ready devices to the Samsung UE40C6530 via one of the four HDMI inputs, or alternatively take your TV online using the Internet@TV service provided to Samsung customers.
This is an impressive interactive feature that does not rely on traditional broadcasters but takes all of its content from the internet via your broadband connection.
You are able to watch films, TV shows, video clips and much more from the likes of the BBC and YouTube and stay informed via news and weather applications, or look at the pictures uploaded by your mates on Facebook.

Conclusions on the Samsung UE40C6530

The Samsung UE40C6530 is a great choice in the 40 inch screen size bracket, as it has a truckload of features and a display that will not look inappropriate in smaller rooms.
When you consider the internet connectivity and on demand video services that you can access without any extra set top boxes, in addition to the Freeview HD tuner, there are several good reasons to get out your wallet.

UE40C6530 / UE40C6540 Best Price

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