Sharp LC32LE700E LED TV Review

sharp lc32le700e led tv
The new Sharp LC32LE700E LED TV is one of the first TVs to incorporate an LED powered backlight and 100Hz technology.

Although not as thin as some of the Edge-lit LED TVs currently on the market this Sharp panel none the less is a super looking piece of kit that delivers one of the best pictures in its price range.

Full Backlighting LED Television

The Full LED TV has an array of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that cover the entire screen and greatly improve the contrast and colour realism in comparison to LCD TVs. The difference is that the LEDs do not output the unnecessary colours that the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) does in a traditional LCD TV.

Therefore, on an LED TV, blacks don’t appear washed out and grey as they do on an LCD TV and the colours are much more vivid and vibrant.

LED TV Green Credentials

As well as improved picture quality the other main benefit of an LED display are its green credentials.
It is these that will perhaps encourage many people to buy the Sharp LC32LE700E LED TV, because not only will the lower power consumption save you money in the long term, but you will of course be reducing your carbon footprint and helping to save the environment.

The LC32LE700E has seven ecological features.
The Full LED screen and the X-Gen panel are the first two, which together use less power than a conventional LCD display.
It should also be pointed out that a Full LED panel also uses less power than an Edge LED panel as the LEDs are closer to the screen using Full LED, so they can run at a lower power for the same brightness.

The third energy-saving feature is a main power switch on the TV, which is nearly equivalent to turning the set off at the wall and will save a lot of energy in comparison to leaving the TV on standby.

The fourth and fifth energy-saving features are Eco Picture Control (EPC) and Optical Picture Control (OPC).
These technologies adjust the brightness of the backlight according to the picture signal (EPC) and the ambient light conditions in the room (OPC).
This decreases the power consumption as the brightness doesn’t have to be on full all the time. It is also easier on the eyes.

The sixth energy-saving feature is the No-Signal Off feature that simply turns the TV into standby mode if there is no signal for 15 minutes, or no operation for a pre-set period of time.
This ensures the TV is not left on unnecessarily and wasting energy.

The final green aspect is the fact that the Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV is made without mercury, meaning this harmful substance is not released into the environment.

All these eco-features mean the Sharp LC32LE700E LED TV has been awarded the European Union Eco Flower, which is only given to products certified to meet the strict environmental standards of the EU.

100Hz Technology for Flicker Free Motion

In addition to the LED panel the LC32LE700E also includes 100Hz technology, which means that frames are drawn on the screen at 100Hz rather than the usual 50Hz.
This gives a smoother picture with reduced flicker, which is especially useful for watching high-speed sports and action movies, as well as playing high speed video games.

Final Thoughts

The Sharp LC32LE700E LED TV delivers Full HD 1080p resolution, 24p cinema mode and has 4 HDMI inputs for HD connectivity, as well as all the other functions you’d expect from a quality TV.

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Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV Review

The days of the cathode ray tube TV are long gone. Now plasma and in particular LCD TVs are the norm.

These sets are slimmer and lighter than the old CRTs, whilst having larger viewing areas.

However, there are also problems associated with LCD TV technology, such as poor contrast caused by the backlight illumination, which leaves blacks looking washed out and grey.

Now there is a new technology that doesn’t use a backlight like that in an LCD TV, but instead uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) that do not suffer from the same problems, resulting in a striking improvement in the contrast and more vivid colours and a dramatic decrease in the power consumption of the TV.

The Sharp Aquos LC32LE600E LED TV is one of the first TVs to utilise this new LED TV technology.

Full Screen Backlit LED

The Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV uses hundreds of LED in rows that cover every inch of the screen.
This is referred to as Full Screen LED and it differs from some other makes of LED TV, which use LED illumination around the edges (Edge LED).

The use of LED TV technology has three main advantages: better contrast, more vibrant colours and a lower power consumption than a traditional LCD display.

As well as the new Full Screen LED technology the Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV also has some other new technologies.

Sharp X-Gen and Crystal Clear Panel

The X-Gen panel is Sharp’s new TV panel that has a greater aperture ratio, allowing more light to pass through.
This enables the TV to display brighter images with lower power consumption.
Also in the screen is Crystal-Clear Technology, which deflects light from the panel at near equal intensity directly away from the screen. This alleviates the problem of light diffusing from the surface on a conventional panel, which causes reduced picture intensity, meaning the Aquos LC32LE600E can achieve deeper levels of black.

LC32LE600E – Full HD Ready 1080P – 3 HDMI

As well as the new picture and power-saving technologies, the Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV also has most of the functions you would expect from a quality, modern TV.
The 32-inch screen is Full HD with 1080p resolution, so you will be able to watch superb HD TV signals and fully appreciate the quality of films on Blu-Ray discs.
It also has a 24p cinema mode, so you can watch films at 24 frames per second, just how the director intended them.

For connectivity, it has 3 HDMI ports for HD devices such as a Blu-Ray player or a next generation video games console, as well as component, composite and scart inputs for other devices.

ECO Friendly LED TV

As well as the lower power consumption through the use of Full LED and the X-Gen panel, the LC32LE600E has some additional environmentally friendly features.
These include a power switch on the TV, which uses a lot less energy than standby mode and automatic switching off after a period of time of no signal or operation.

Also, it is made without using mercury so its environmental impact is lessened. All of these features have combined to enable it to achieve an EU Eco Flower, which certifies that it meets the strict environmental standards of the European Union.


Although not as slim as the Samsung Edge-lit models this latest offering from Sharp does have a lot of features if you are in the market for an entry level backlit LED TV.
I say entry level due to the fact the picture refresh rate is 50 Hz. This should not present a problem for normal viewing but if you are into fast paced sports such as football you may be better spending your money on the 100 Hz LC32LE700E panel.

Having said that the Sharp LC32LE600E LED TV is a signal of the future of TV, both in terms of picture technology and environmental standards.

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