Sony KDL32EX524 / KDL32EX523 Review

sony kdl32ex523 review
32 inch LED TVs represent the real sweet spot for home entertainment and the Sony KDL32EX523 is the latest in a contemporary line-up of displays from this venerable manufacturer.

It lets you watch high-def TV channels without a subscription thanks to Freeview HD and it also has a ton of web-based functionality to tinker with if you have a broadband connection.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The KDL32EX523 and the KDL32EX524 models reviewed here are virtually identical sets.

The biggest difference between the 2 TV’s is that the EX524 models can record to an external drive via the USB port on the telly.

In this review we shall cover the features present in the EX523 model but at the end of the review where we compare online prices both models will be included.
You find that the stores featured in the price comparison will stock either the EX524 or the EX523 but not both.

KDL32EX523 – John Lewis
KDL32EX523BU – Amazon, Best Buy, CO-OP Electrical
KDL32EX524 – Currys, Dixons
KDL32EX524BU – Comet, Laskys

No nonsense styling

LED TVs can be difficult to distinguish from one another because they are invariably super slim and unavoidably stylish.

The Sony KDL32EX523 makes a decent stab at being different with its light grey lower bezel and thin screen surround.
There is no unnecessary branding or labelling, with just the Sony logo and the sought-after Bravia insignia adorning the front of the TV.

It should be a good choice for wall mounting, although its 32 inch display size will lend itself more for standalone use in typical living rooms.

Full HD delivers impressive colour reproduction

Full HD 1080p support is provided by the Sony KDL32EX523 and in the modern market this is arguably essential.

On a screen like this the pixel density will present almost flawless images when you view 1080p movies from Blu Ray discs and even lower resolution 720p and 1080i content is spectacular when viewed on this TV.

The LED backlighting, arranged around the edge, is very sensitive to the conditions of each individual frame which the LCD panel displays, so the contrast is very impressive, delivering true, inky blacks and searing whites as and when appropriate without ever suffering from overt haloing issues.

Plenty of connections to gain access to all your audio/visual equipment, plus online content

While the Sony KDL32EX523 covers all the bases when it comes to HDMI inputs and other audiovisual sockets on the rear, there are two in particular which are becoming more important.

The USB and Ethernet inputs allow you to take the TV online, accessing catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer and even VoIP calling via Skype.

This means the Sony KDL32EX523 is capable of providing an interactive, connected experience that removes the need for having a media centre PC in your living room or for trekking to your home office whenever you want to watch an internet video.

Built-in HD Freeview eliminates set top boxes

The inclusion of Freeview HD makes total sense given that the digital switchover has allowed the service to roll out in more areas of the UK than ever before.

Freeview HD channels can be accessed via separate set top boxes or subscription services, but the Sony KDL32EX523 helps to eliminate such added expenses because the tuner is housed within its slim frame.

Various channels from the BBC and other broadcasters can be viewed in HD and even if the service is not currently being shown in your region it will be available at some point in the future, so it makes sense to upgrade to a TV which is compatible.

Final Thoughts

The Sony KDL32EX523 makes a lot of headway in various arenas, with picture quality being top notch and web-based activities serving to extend its usability beyond what you might have expected.

32 inches is still a good size for small to medium living rooms and thus it should prove to be a popular model.

>>>> Sony KDL32EX523 Specifications

KDL32EX523 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL32EX523 / KDL32EX524 LED TV.

Check out todays best online UK price by clicking on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website.

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Sony KDL40EX523 / KDL40EX524 Review

sony kdl40ex523 review
The Sony KDL40EX523 is a 40 inch HDTV with LED backlighting and plenty of smart features to keep you entertained.

As well as Freeview HD it has web access for video streaming and the typical levels of picture quality associated with Sony televisions.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The KDL40EX523 and the KDL40EX524 models reviewed here are virtually identical sets.

The main difference between the 2 TV’s is that the EX524 models have the ability to record to an external Hard Drive via the integrated USB port.

For the purposes of this review we shall cover the EX523 model but will include both models in the price comparison section because the major retailing outlets seem to be stocking one of the models and not both.

KDL40EX523 – John Lewis
KDL40EX523BU – Amazon, Best Buy, CO-OP Electrical
KDL40EX524 – Currys, Dixons
KDL40EX524BU – Comet, Laskys

Just over an inch thick lends this set to be hung on a wall

Despite its 40 inch expanse the Sony KDL40EX523 is very slim, thanks to the edge lit LED technology which brings a vibrant, diverse image to the LCD panel.

The bezel surrounding the screen is also slender and the footprint of the included stand is significant enough to ensure it is stable during use.

Of course since it is an LED TV it really lends itself to wall hanging, which should give users enough flexibility to position it almost anywhere.

On-board High Def Tuner

As you would expect the Sony KDL40EX523 is compatible with full HD 1080p films and games, with ample HDMI inputs to help you make the most of its high resolution.

For displays of this size you really need to find some HD content and even if you do not yet have a Blu Ray player or compatible games console you can use the Sony KDL40EX523 to watch high def TV broadcasts straight out of the box.

This is thanks to the onboard Freeview HD tuner which gives you access to an ever increasing number of high def channels without the added cost of having to pay for a subscription service or invest in another separate set top box to further clutter your living room with remotes and wires.

Browse the web and make Skype calls

Modern TVs need to be well connected and the Sony KDL40EX523 definitely fits the bill.

It has a built-in Ethernet port and is compatible with separately available Wi-Fi adapters to let you take your TV online and enter a world of video streaming and on demand content that was unavailable with previous generations of television technology.

As well as services like YouTube and iPlayer, the Sony KDL40EX523 comes with Skype compatibility.

This means with a camera and microphone connected you can make video calls to other Skype users from across the world, all from the comfort of your settee.

Good picture quality

Picture quality should be a paramount consideration when looking at new televisions and the Sony KDL40EX523 has impeccable specs in this department.

Sony’s Bravia range is synonymous with image fidelity and with the X-Reality engine onboard the processing of colours and hues will occur quickly and seamlessly, no matter what you are watching.

The result is that HD images pop with life and light while even content from older analogue inputs will be given an added sheen of modernity.

As well as using the USB port to connect a Wi-Fi adapter you can insert a USB memory stick and playback media files transferred from your PC, so the web need not be your only source for digital entertainment.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubting the Sony KDL40EX523 ticks all the boxes at this price point, making it an LED TV worthy of your attention and something that will sit happily in your home for years to come.

>>>> Sony KDL40EX523 Specifications

KDL40EX523 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL40EX523 / KDL40EX524 LED TV.

Check out todays best online UK price by clicking on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website.

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Sony KDL46NX713U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl46nx713u led tv review
The Sony KDL46NX713U is part of the Network range of LED edge lit televisions.

It has a 46 inch LCD screen, when measured diagonally and boasts several features expected of the Sony brand, including Bravia engine technology and full 1080p high definition screen resolution.

Connect to the internet for catch-up services plus YouTube

The new generation of flat screen LED TVs are now fully equipped to deal with today’s multimedia lifestyle and the Sony KDL46NX713U is no exception.

The Sony Internet TV feature means that, alongside regular television, the viewer can access networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr and keep up to date with the latest viral on YouTube.

There is also the possibility of viewing the very latest on demand or catch up service such as the BBC’s iPlayer.

KDL46NX713U connects to your compatible components for an easy life

The multimedia doesn’t stop there.
The Sony KDL46NX713U also features a new concept called the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) home network.

This means that you can view your various compatible gadgets, including your phone, laptop or music player on your television screen. This is made possible by the wireless technology found within the Sony KDL46NX713U.

Wireless connection is available via a Dongle purchased separately. Another useful concept is the USB playback.
This allows the user to view media from cameras, camcorders or other device with USB connectivity.

3D Ready but needs extra kit

The Sony KDL46NX713U is 3D ready.
To view 3D, you need a 3D sensor and ‘Active shutter’ glasses.
This is different to conventional 3D television, viewed through green and red cardboard glasses.
The new shutter technology alternates the view from eye to eye at the same frequency as the frames per second on the television.

This 3D technology is in its infancy and the possibilities of 3D screens are endless. The Sony KDL46NX713U is compatible with various other 3D devices such as 3D blu-ray and 3D playstation games.
3D TV has also recently been launched and various sports and television programmes are now being made in full 3D.

Please note that the 3D sensor and glasses needed to view 3D content are extras and have to be bought separately, but some stores are selling a full package to get you up and running.

Superior viewing experience

This technology is made possible because of various factors.
LED lit screens aid the clarity of the picture, by providing incredibly sharp contrast of colours and hues.

The frequency that the television frames can be viewed at are incredibly high. Standard televisions are usually around 50 frames per second.
The new style 3D televisions have a higher 100Hz (100 frames per second) for standard viewing. The Sony KDL46NX713U can view films at an increased 240Hz, which means that they are a true representation of the movie, as the director intended.

Plenty of connector ports for all your equipment

The Sony KDL46NX713U has various connection points to support the various media.
These include 4 x HDMI points which enable the use of external high definition devices, such as a blu-ray player.
There is also a scart socket, USB port, component video connection and optical connection for audio devices such as a home theatre system.

This set looks good in any environment

All Sony televisions including the Sony KDL46NX713U feature the ‘Monolithic’ design, which boasts clean lines and quality materials used in the manufacturing.
This design has its own ‘Monolith’ stand which can be purchased separately.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sony KDL46NX713U is a good all rounder. It provides the latest in connectivity and internet capabilities but is also ready for the emerging 3D technology that will be available more and more in the coming months.

KDL46NX713U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-46NX713U LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Sony KDL40NX713U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl40nx713u led tv review
The Sony KDL40NX713U is part of the range of the HD televisions created by Sony to be 3D ready.
Its 40″ LCD screen is edge lit by LED and has a 1920 x 1080p screen resolution.
It comes ready with HD Freeview and is compatible with Blu-ray DVD players and various games consoles.

Sleek uncompromising appearance

The screen features Sony’s new Monolithic design, which is incredibly clean and simple in its appearance.
The screen is positioned at a 178 degree angle which Sony say is the optimal viewing angle.
The Sony KDL40NX713U is wall mountable but can also be placed on a stand.

Plenty of connections to keep everybody happy

The Sony KDL40NX713U can be connected to various devices via various methods.
All Sony televisions in the Network range are part of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) home network. This means that you can use your TV to wirelessly view compatible gadgets, such as your phone, laptop or music player on a big screen.

It is also possible to connect to the internet using the wireless capabilities on the Sony KDL40NX713.
This means that you can keep up to date with your friends, family and news via sites such as Facebook and Flickr and even view YouTube.
It is also possible to use the catch up and on-demand services from this television.

You can connect HD devices to the Sony KDL40NX713U via 4 HDMI ports.
This includes HD TV, Blu-ray and PlayStation.
There is also a component video connection, an optical connection (for use with surround sound or home theatre packages) and a USB port. This USB port means that you can view pictures directly from your camera, camcorder or even USB memory stick on the Sony KDL40NX713U.

Great picture with 100Hz MotionFlow

The Sony KDL40NX713U is designed to show television programmes and films as well as Blu-ray and PlayStation in high definition.
This is made possible with various technologies.

All HD televisions must have a 1080p screen resolution. This is further enhanced with the LED edge lit LCD screen.
It is the LED light that helps to add a greater intensity of light and contrast to the picture.
LED lights also have a greater intensity of colour.

The Sony KDL40NX713U shows images at a higher rate of frames per second . Normal television screens show images at around 50Hz (50 images per second) but this panel is capable of running at 100Hz.

3D Ready KDL40NX713U

The 3D capabilities of the Sony KDL40NX713U are the real selling point of this LED TV.

Although the programming and films available are limited at the moment, the technology is ready for them.
The 3D picture can only be viewed with active shutter glasses and 3D sensor, which do have to be purchased separately.

Once your 3D TV is up and running though, there is a facility on the Sony KDL40NX713U which allows you to convert 2D TV and photos into faux 3D. Although not as good as true 3D, it is quite fun to see the possibilities whilst 3D is developed further.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sony KDL40NX713U is, for its size a good all rounder.

It is useful as a central point for all of your multimedia requirements. The design will fit in with any décor, because it is plain and simple, but retains a certain style.

Although 3D television is in its infancy, it is good to know that as and when it is available to a wider audience, your TV has the technology to view it.

KDL40NX713U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-40NX713U LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Sony KDL46EX713U LED TV Review

sony kdl46ex713u led tv review
Sony has created 4 new ranges of LCD flat screen television for the high definition market.
The KDL46EX713U is part of the Essentials range, which have all that Sony have to offer without the price tag that comes with 3D ready televisions.

It has full high definition credentials, including full 1080p resolution and the standard flat screen.
It is lit using LED edge backlighting, which make the screen a mere 7.5cm thick and also gives it green credentials because of the low energy consumption.

Power Saving Features

The environmentally friendly features don’t stop there.
The Sony KDL46EX713U is quite clever.
It uses sensors on the screen to detect the presence of a viewer; switching off if no one is there.
The sensors also change the light levels dependant in the ambient light within the room.
The television also has an energy saving switch that reduces the power usage to around 0W when the LED TV is not in use.

Stand or wall mount – The choice is yours

The design is very sleek and understated. The screen has a stand or can be wall mounted.
If the television is wall mounted, you can use the ‘picture frame mode’ which enables the screen to be used as a large digital photo display.

The KDL46EX713U connects to your Wireless Broadband and media gadgets

The Sony KDL46EX713U can be wirelessly connected to various devices around the home using the DLNA home network.

It connects to various gadgets such as your laptop, phone or other compatible device so that you can view them on the bigger screen.

You can also connect via the USB port and show the latest home movie or holiday snaps from your camcorder or camera.

Watch ‘On-demand’ TV

There are various internet facilities on the Sony KDL46EX713U, these include Bravia internet video; this means that you can watch ‘on demand’ TV channels such as BBC iPlayer or watch video streaming from sites such as YouTube.

Sync all your compatible devices

Not only is the Sony KDL46EX713U compatible with various devices, it also has the facility to control all of these devices through one remote control.
The Bravia Sync facility means that when you connect a device such as your Handycam camcorder or Blu-ray disc player via the HDMI connectors you can control them from one Bravia remote controller.

Exceptional Viewing plus integrated HD Freeview Tuner

In order to get the most out of your films and movies, the Sony KDL46EX713U has several features that enhance the experience.

There is an inbuilt speaker system in the frame of the screen, which, using enhancements in technology gives a home theatre experience at a fraction of the size.
It also has the facility to produce images at 240 frames per second, which decreases motion blurring for incredible clarity of image.

The Sony KDL46EX713U LED TV comes with and inbuilt Freeview and Freeview HD receiver as well as all of the analogue channels. This means that you can enjoy the HD technology without any extra costs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Sony KDL46EX713U has some very impressive features.
Not only is it sleek in its design, but it also offers a wide range of extras including internet connectivity and eco credentials.

Although it is not 3D ready, it offers all that any top of the range HD television has to offer and is perfect for those consumers wanting a high end product without the 3D price tag.

KDL46EX713U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-46EX713U LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Sony KDL40EX713U LED TV Review

sony kdl40ex713u led tv review
The Sony KDL40EX713U is a 40 inch HDTV which takes advantage of LED backlighting technology to produce excellent onscreen images whilst possessing a frame which is considerably slimmer than its predecessors in this price bracket.

The Sony brand name is as good an assurance of quality as any review, but if you want a little more information about this impressive television then read on for an in-depth look.

Super Slim panel that will grace any living space

The Sony KDL40EX713U is not only very thin but it is also blessed with an unobtrusive bezel surrounding the screen, making it look modern from all angles.

With a slim build it can be mounted on the wall in a position that is almost flush to the surface, making it unobtrusive, although it will also cut a handsome figure when it is freestanding, so you have the option for either.

100 Hz MotionFlow plus Bravia Engine for unparalleled picture performance

The Sony KDL40EX713U display supports a native resolution of 1920×1080 across its 40 inch widescreen expanse, which as many will know means that it can play back full HD content from Blu Ray discs as well as allowing HD video games consoles to make games look their best.
Coupled with this high resolution and large screen size is Sony’s 100Hz Motionflow system which is designed to reduce the amount of blurriness or ghosting which can have an impact on action-packed scenes from films or intense sections of play during sports.

On top of this you have version 3 of the Bravia image processing engine working to produce natural colours and deep contrast levels regardless of what you are watching.

Hidden speakers on the KDL40EX713U

The Sony KDL40EX713U features a pair of speakers from Sony’s S-Force range which are disguised within the television and allow for virtual surround sound to be developed in your living room.

No shortage of inputs for HDMI and USB devices

It has plenty of inputs to accept various HDMI devices from camcorders to Blu Ray players and it also has USB inputs which you can use either to view home video and still images from a USB thumb drive or to plug in a separate Wi-Fi adapter so that you can take the TV online for wireless streaming and advanced functionality.

Eco Efficient panel lowers carbon footprint

Because this is an LED TV the Sony KDL40EX713U will use much less energy than its flatscreen forebears.
This is because LEDs are able to convert electricity into light more efficiently without wasting it as heat.

Sony provides you with other tools to cut down on the carbon footprint of your home entertainment system thanks to the inclusion of the presence sensor.
This is able to detect whether or not anyone is actually watching the television and if you leave the room for an extended period it will disable the picture and eventually power down the whole TV to save energy and ultimately give you a healthier electricity bill at the end of the quarter.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Sony KDL40EX713U is a very competitive LED TV in a growing market.
You cannot beat LED TVs when it comes to slimness of build and you do not have to compromise on image quality or contrast levels either, so it makes sense to invest in a brighter, greener future.

KDL40EX713U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-40EX713U LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Sony KDL32EX713U LED TV Review

sony kdl32ex713u led tv review
The Sony KDL32EX713U is an LED TV which supports full HD 1080p resolutions and gives you plenty of ways to enjoy its high definition capabilities thanks to the integrated Freeview HD tuner.

With a 32 inch widescreen display this is perhaps in the sweet spot when it comes to size and price, particularly since this is ideal for most living room spaces in which you do not want the television to have an overbearing presence.

Modern Sleek Design

The Sony KDL32EX713U looks modern and sleek, with the LED backlighting technology allowing for a very slim profile that is just a few centimetres thick.
The LEDs are arrayed along the edge of the display rather than across the entirety of its span, which is a significant contributor to its thin design.

Impressive Line-up of Features on the KDL32EX713U

Of course the aesthetic appeal of the TV amounts to nothing if its performance is compromised, but thankfully the Sony KDL32EX713U delivers in this respect.
It has a 100Hz refresh rate which uses Sony’s Motionflow system to eliminate the effects of blurring which can mar the appearance of fast paced video on lesser TVs.

This LED TV is part of the Bravia range and you get top quality image processing onboard, with each and every frame analysed and adapted to make sure that it looks natural and crisp with rich colours and contrast.

Cleverly hidden speakers feature the S-Force Front Surround system, allowing for impressive audio quality without requiring a separate home speaker setup.

Integrated HD TV Tuner

With Freeview HD built into the Sony KDL32EX713U you will not need to invest in a separate set top box to access several channels in high definition.
As the name suggests this is a subscription free terrestrial service that is gradually being rolled out across different areas of the country and along with the selection of HD broadcasts you can also tune in to the various standard definition channels.

More Freeview HD channels are set to arrive in the future as the platform progresses, so it makes sense to buy a TV like this which is ready for the coming months and years.

Plenty of High Def Inputs + Wi-Fi Ready

There are many different input types available on the Sony KDL32EX713U, with HDMI ports sitting alongside older SCART sockets and even a USB port.
The latter can be used to hook up a USB memory stick or a Wi-Fi adapter which will let you stream video from the internet and access a number of other web-based services which will expand the functionality of this TV.

Sharing media between your mobile phone, MP3 player or compatible digital camera and this TV is also possible thanks to its compatibility with the DLNA standards for synchronisation.

It is always sensible to stick with the same manufacturer when you are buying a host of different products as this is likely to result in better interaction between different devices, particularly when it comes to DLNA and wireless sharing.

Final Thoughts

The Sony KDL32EX713U is a very adept TV with plenty of modern features and a design which deserves to be admired. While you may be wondering about the 3D TV revolution, this should give you enough reason to wait until prices have fallen and technology improved.

KDL32EX713U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-32EX713U LED TV.

To visit a retailer please click on the Shop Now >> button where you will be directed to the shops website where you can view extra info and latest pricing.

Sony KDL46HX803U 3D LED TV Review

sony kdl46hx803u led 3dtv review
With the eruption of 3D-ready TVs onto the market, it is perhaps not surprising that one of the industry’s long-standing and leading manufacturers, Sony, have been quick to release their own line of TVs.

The Sony KDL46HX803U is one of their larger models and part of the high quality Bravia range, with a 46 inch screen and suitable for home viewing; an ideal size to allow the superior picture quality to be fully appreciated.

Note: The model reviewed here is also known as the KDL46HX803 in some stores.

Edge-lit LED plus 200Hz refresh rate results in superior viewing

With Dynamic Edge backlighting system, the LEDs are lit from around the edges of the screen, thus retaining the appealing super-slim design, but also with local muting of LED to allow the screen to show multi-faceted colours, even on previously matt screen areas such as black.
This innovative lighting system brings depth of colour to all the images with sharp lines and no lag.

Also incorporating 200Hz Motionflow Pro, even the fastest action scene or sports action can be viewed without any lag or double-effect being visible. Most standard televisions only have 50Hz, so with four times as such, it is no wonder the Sony KDL46HX803U is proving popular with consumers.

Top rated onboard sound with digital output to connect to sound system

With such a superior picture, it is imperative that the sound quality matches the high standards.
The Sony KDL46HX803U has a digital amplifier built in with the intelligent S-Force Front Surround, incorporating Steady Sound, which corrects the volume balance between programmes and adverts.

However, as with most large screen televisions, the best sound is obtained via a surround sound system, to truly do it justice. This model handily includes easy to access ‘speaker off’ controls and a digital optical output.

Built-in High Def Freeview Tuner

With such advanced visual enhancements, it would be a shame to not to maximise the effect and view programmes in HD.
This set includes a Freeview tuner built in, thus getting rid of any need for further unsightly boxes or trailing wires. No contract is needed to view many channels broadcast in HD – the only factor is geographical coverage.

The KDL46HX803U connects to your broadband router for internet features

The latest wave of TVs offer a bit more than just the ability to view television and films and the Sony KDL46HX803U is no exception.
With 4 HDMI ports and USB capability, music, films and photos can all be viewed.
In addition, the set includes DNLA which allows streaming of media from the home network. If these features aren’t enough to keep you busy, Sony have developed Bravia Internet Video which is a facility to access the best of the online internet services and sites and also catch-up TV, either via the Ethernet connection or an optional dongle

Final Thoughts

Sony have marketed this as a 3D ready LED TV and whilst this is correct, some further equipment is required to take advantage of any 3D broadcasts, namely a 3D transmitter and also the glasses.
This set might therefore be more appropriate for a consumer wishing to guard against a TV that will quickly become defunct, even if the full set of facilities is not yet required.

Once the additional technology is purchased, this set broadcasts beautifully in HD 3D and is compatible with all the channels and media currently available in 3D.

KDL46HX803U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-46HX803U LED 3DTV.

Don’t forget this Telly qualifies for the Sony VAT Back Promotion – Buy before 24th December and claim back the VAT.

Sony KDL40HX803U LED 3D TV Review

sony kdl40hx803u led 3dtv review
As one of the leaders in the technology industry Sony has now released a series of 3D-ready LED HDTVs. The Sony KDL40HX803U (in some stores known as the Sony KDL40HX803) has an RRP of £1400 and is one of the heavily-advertised Bravia range.

Stunning looking set with anti-glare screen

Sony have stated their main focus is excellence of picture quality and the KDL40HX803U uses Edge LED technology, complemented by local dimming to comprise the system known as ‘Intelligent Dynamic Edge LED’.
The use of Edge LED allows the model to be attractively slim and ideal for wall-mounting.
The edge LEDs can be muted locally increasing the backlight contrast, especially effective for blacks and whites. The Sony KDL40HX803U has also been created specifically to minimise any glare in brightly lit rooms.

Up to 4 times faster refresh than standard 50Hz TVs

Sony’s 200Hz Motionflow and Image Blur Reduction technology has been incorporated into the KDL40HX803U which reduces the lag on any high-speed action scenes and optimises smooth viewing.
This expertise uses 4 times the number of images utilised on a 50Hz TV and features a flickering backlight to add cinematic effect.

Another nice feature is the Automatic Ambience Selector which automatically analyses the light and ambient colour in the room and adjusts the settings, thus reducing any strain on the eye.

Full 3D Capabilities with minimal limitations

The 3D capability is compatible with the major broadcasters currently in the market and the images are good despite some crosstalk (double images) being visible.
However, this problem affects every 3D set currently on the market to a greater or lesser degree and the effect is fairly minimal on this model.
A point to note regarding 3D function is that the HDMI option can interfere with receiving some 3D channels so may need to be switched off beforehand.

Unfortunately, the LED TV does not come with all the accessories necessary for 3D viewing with both glasses (however many sets are needed) and a 3D sync transmitter needing to be bought separately. Sony have explained the reason being that these televisions are for customers wanting to ‘future-proof’ their purchase and potentially add 3D at a later stage.

The KDL40HX803U easily connects to the internet with plenty of options

Sony have put a lot of work into their network portal, Bravia Internet Video Users are able to access the internet via their Sony KDL40HX803 either using an (optional) Dongle or by using the Ethernet connection.
Once connected, users can view both free and pay-TV sites, access web-based services and also stream directly to the TV.
Wi-Fi ready, the Sony KDL40HX803U can be connected to an existing network, via the optional Dongle. As well as streaming videos, the set can also receive photos and music and plays back via S-Force Front Surround, an innovative surround sound system.

Final Thoughts

On a practical front, the set includes 4 HDMI ports, helpful for customers wanting to plug in games consoles and Blu Ray players, plus a USB connection and Ethernet capability.
For customers looking for a bit extra from their television, the Sony KDL40HX803U offers an eco-friendly option. The menu allows the user to select preferences which reduce power consumption, not only kinder to the environment but also lowering household bills.

So if you are in the market for a set that will deliver top notch High Definition 2D pictures but will easily future proof itself for the inclusion of 3D media then this TV would be a worthy investment.

KDL40HX803U Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Sony KDL-40HX803U LED 3DTV.

Sony KDL60EX703U LED TV Review

sony kdl60ex703u led tv review
The Sony KDL60EX703U LED TV is one of the latest additions to the firms’ range of Bravia televisions and it is advertised on the basis that it has most of the modern functions you would expect from an LED TV of this calibre, without costing as much as a new car.

It is certainly an impressive beast, with a 60 inch widescreen display and plenty of useful features that you will not get on cheaper options and if you are looking for a cinematic experience, it is difficult to find its superior in the same price category.

Slender Profile plus Good Looks

The Sony KDL60EX703U shares the good looks of the other LED televisions in this range, with a slender profile and a brushed metal finish adding to the style afforded by its simple black design.
The backlighting is provided by LEDs, which cluster around the edge, allowing it to be extremely thin For this reason, it will definitely work well if you are planning on mounting it on a wall, as its slimness lets it remain unobtrusive.

Native 1080p 100Hz Resolution perfect for sports and films

The native resolution of the Sony KDL60EX703U is 1920×1080, which means that it supports full high definition 1080p content.
It is also compatible with input from a 24p source, which relates to 24 frames per second playback and is designed to display films in the same frame rate at which they are typically shot, giving movie fans a realistic, involving experience.
When you are watching live sport, which can present you with a busy, action-packed image and cause blurring in lesser televisions, the Motionflow 100Hz technology of this TV will keep up by adding in frames to minimise ghosting.

Built-in HD Freeview Tuner does away with set top boxes

Many people are willing to pay subscription TV firms for the right to access HD channels, but the Sony KDL60EX703U has integrated Freeview HD, which means you do not need a separate set top box or monthly contract to get HD programming from the UK’s best broadcasters.
You can still get all of the standard definition Freeview channels, but when you are investing in a 60 inch HD ready television, it makes sense to have HD content accessible straight out of the box.

Clever sensors know when you leave the room

There is a lot of hype surrounding the energy efficiency of LED TVs and since the Sony KDL60EX703U uses LED technology, it can bask in the eco-friendly glow.
However, Sony has gone further than many of its rivals with inventive sensor systems which help to cut down on energy consumption even further. The Presence Sensor will recognise when you are no longer watching the TV and can automatically disable the picture when you pop out of the room.
Then there is the Ambient Sensor which adjusts and calibrates various picture and backlight settings, based on the level of light in the room. This means you do not need to lift a finger if you want the best viewing experience and the most efficient mode of operation.

The KDL60EX703U is WiFi Ready

The Bravia Internet Video services is available via the Sony KDL60EX703U and you can either plug in your TV to your broadband connection via a network cable, or take advantage of the TV’s Wi-Fi compatibility when you buy a separate Wi-Fi dongle.
Various on-demand video services are accessible via the Bravia Internet Video service, including popular streaming site YouTube and Dailymotion.


For high definition image quality, LED energy saving and slimness, stylish good looks and Freeview HD support, the Sony KDL60EX703U is a worthy choice.

KDL60EX703U Best Price

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