Sony KDL60EX703U LED TV Review

sony kdl60ex703u led tv review
The Sony KDL60EX703U LED TV is one of the latest additions to the firms’ range of Bravia televisions and it is advertised on the basis that it has most of the modern functions you would expect from an LED TV of this calibre, without costing as much as a new car.

It is certainly an impressive beast, with a 60 inch widescreen display and plenty of useful features that you will not get on cheaper options and if you are looking for a cinematic experience, it is difficult to find its superior in the same price category.

Slender Profile plus Good Looks

The Sony KDL60EX703U shares the good looks of the other LED televisions in this range, with a slender profile and a brushed metal finish adding to the style afforded by its simple black design.
The backlighting is provided by LEDs, which cluster around the edge, allowing it to be extremely thin For this reason, it will definitely work well if you are planning on mounting it on a wall, as its slimness lets it remain unobtrusive.

Native 1080p 100Hz Resolution perfect for sports and films

The native resolution of the Sony KDL60EX703U is 1920×1080, which means that it supports full high definition 1080p content.
It is also compatible with input from a 24p source, which relates to 24 frames per second playback and is designed to display films in the same frame rate at which they are typically shot, giving movie fans a realistic, involving experience.
When you are watching live sport, which can present you with a busy, action-packed image and cause blurring in lesser televisions, the Motionflow 100Hz technology of this TV will keep up by adding in frames to minimise ghosting.

Built-in HD Freeview Tuner does away with set top boxes

Many people are willing to pay subscription TV firms for the right to access HD channels, but the Sony KDL60EX703U has integrated Freeview HD, which means you do not need a separate set top box or monthly contract to get HD programming from the UK’s best broadcasters.
You can still get all of the standard definition Freeview channels, but when you are investing in a 60 inch HD ready television, it makes sense to have HD content accessible straight out of the box.

Clever sensors know when you leave the room

There is a lot of hype surrounding the energy efficiency of LED TVs and since the Sony KDL60EX703U uses LED technology, it can bask in the eco-friendly glow.
However, Sony has gone further than many of its rivals with inventive sensor systems which help to cut down on energy consumption even further. The Presence Sensor will recognise when you are no longer watching the TV and can automatically disable the picture when you pop out of the room.
Then there is the Ambient Sensor which adjusts and calibrates various picture and backlight settings, based on the level of light in the room. This means you do not need to lift a finger if you want the best viewing experience and the most efficient mode of operation.

The KDL60EX703U is WiFi Ready

The Bravia Internet Video services is available via the Sony KDL60EX703U and you can either plug in your TV to your broadband connection via a network cable, or take advantage of the TV’s Wi-Fi compatibility when you buy a separate Wi-Fi dongle.
Various on-demand video services are accessible via the Bravia Internet Video service, including popular streaming site YouTube and Dailymotion.


For high definition image quality, LED energy saving and slimness, stylish good looks and Freeview HD support, the Sony KDL60EX703U is a worthy choice.

KDL60EX703U Best Price

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