LG 22LE3300 LED TV Review

lg 22le3300 led tv review
The LG 22LE3300 is an LED TV with HD capabilities, a 22-inch display and plenty of extra features including a built-in Freeview tuner so that you can enjoy free-to-air digital channels with no extra subscriptions to pay.
It comes from one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers so you should be safe in assuming that it will do its job well.
However, let us quickly examine its various features and see whether or not it is the right LED TV for you.

HD Ready resolution perfect for the smaller set

This 22-inch display has a native resolution, which can support up to 720p HD content.
This means it is perfect for enjoying Blu Ray movies, playing console games and watching HD channels.
To access HD content you will need a compatible device capable of outputting an HD signal via an HDMI cable. If, like many people, you already possess such a gadget, you will be able to enjoy the best of the LG 22LE3300 straight away.

35 mm thin frame and energy efficient

This is an edge-lit LED TV, so it has several benefits over traditionally backlit LCD screens.

For one thing, it is up to 40 per cent more energy efficient and will make your TV watching experience greener and less costly.
It is also much thinner than its non-LED rivals, which means it is easier to mount on a wall whilst also looking futuristic and attractive.

LG believes that with the energy savings you could spend up to £100 less to power the TV every 12 months, which means it could pay for itself after extended use.

2 HDMI ports plus USB connectivity for music and film downloads

There are a variety of inputs available on the LG 22LE3300 including two HDMI ports for high-def content, an aerial socket for accessing Freeview and even a USB port.

The latter input can be used to hook up a USB memory stick and the TV is able to access the content on your storage device.
You can put music, pictures and even DivX format videos on to the stick from your PC and then simply plug it into the LG 22LE3300 to instantly play back the content of your choice.

This makes viewing your digital pictures much more fun and inclusive and also means that you can download movies in HD and stream them straight from the USB drive.

Intelligent Sensor auto adjusts picture settings

Some TVs can require a good deal of tweaking to make sure that the picture is optimally adjusted.
With the LG 22LE3300 there is no need to fiddle around in menus for hours on end as it features an Intelligent Sensor.
This can automatically monitor the ambient light levels in the room and make changes to the brightness, colour and many other settings based on the changing conditions as the day progresses.

This means when daylight is streaming in, the TV will be able to compensate and still remain visible.

Equally, when the lights go down and the evening wears on, it will lower the brightness so that the LG 22LE3300 does not blind you as you try to get in the right mood after a hard day in the office.


If you are looking for a small telly that’s big on picture and sound then the 22LE3300 is a great value set. Easy to set up and very stylish makes this a very good purchase.

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