LG 37LV355T Review

lg 37lv355t review

With the LG 37LV355T you are not investing in the best looking television in the world, but the premium quality of the finish is hard to deny.

Its angular design and super slim profile makes sure that it will fit into any modern living space, while its 37 inch display size is perfect for watching movies and playing games without overpowering smaller rooms.

37 inch screens are quickly becoming the de facto standard for home entertainment and this is a worthy choice in a growing category.

Full HD 1080p content can be viewed in all its glory on the LG 37LV355T.

It has LG’s XD Engine onboard to process images and make sure that content from any source looks as good as possible on the display.

Colour reproduction is particularly impressive, with images never looking over saturated or underwhelming and of course you can get into the menus to change the settings to your heart’s content if you are a fan of fiddling to achieve perfection.

3 HDMI plus Div X playback via USB stick

A trio of HDMI inputs on the back and sides will let you connect your Blu Ray player, HD receiver and games console without constant cable swapping involved.

It also has a USB port on the side panel which allows you to insert a compatible memory stick and view videos and pictures as well as play music on the LG 37LV355T.

If you have a home movie collection on your PC which you want to expose in HD in the comfort of your living room then this is the perfect way to go about it.

DivX video compatibility is a nice feature to make sure web downloads work well.

Edge Lit display

The LG 37LV355T features LED backlighting arranged around the edge of the display panel, allowing the LCD screen to sport contrast ratios of three million to one.
In addition the 100Hz refresh rate means that sports and action sequences will be presented crisply and consistently, with no signs of lag or blurring that might otherwise be present on less capable TVs.

For cinema buffs the 24p Real Cinema mode will present your favourite movies in the 24 frames a second at which they were shot, delivering cinema-replicating experiences straight to your sofa.

Freeview HD – No monthly fees

The inclusion of a Freeview HD is a real asset of the LG 37LV355T. It means you can plug in your existing aerial and, provided there is coverage in your area, watch a selection of free to air high definition channels without any other equipment required. BBC, ITV and Channel 4 all have channels on Freeview HD, so there is no need to pay for a subscription service to make full use of the LG 37LV355T and all its capabilities.

Final Thoughts

The LG 37LV355T is a full HD LED TV which combines a film-friendly 37 inch display with an affordable price point and plenty of added extras. With a Freeview HD tuner onboard it is ready to open up the world of high definition almost instantly and its LED backlighting means that it is slim and power efficient.

LG 37LV355T Best Price

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