LG 42LX6900 3D LED TV Review

lg 42lx6900 3d led tv review
The LG 42LX6900 is an LED TV that is able to display 3D content using active shutter glasses technology for the most cutting edge home cinema experience on the planet.

If you are going to invest in a 3D TV in the early days of their availability, the LG 42LX6900 is definitely one of the better options on the market, providing 42 inches of screen.
The price is affordable considering the competition and there is an ample abundance of extras that will make it much more than just a 3D movie machine.

200Hz refresh rate perfect for sport and action movies

Before we get onto the 3D aspect of this LED TV, let us consider the other features of the LG 42LX6900.

Firstly, it can display full HD 1080p content with a 200Hz refresh rate, which equates to 50fps when in full 3D mode.
It also has a built-in Freeview HD tuner, which means by simply attaching it to your existing aerial, you will be able to watch high def channels without finding the extra cash for a subscription to a satellite or cable service that also offers HD.

4 HDMI ports plus internet connection

The LG 42LX6900 has various inputs on the rear, including four HDMI sockets and an Ethernet port.
This means you can connect all your home entertainment devices and even go online using LG’s special Netcast platform, which gives you access to top draw online streaming via You Tube, picture sharing from Picasa and weather from the top site, AccuWeather.com.

With two USB ports it is also possible to stream videos and music straight from a memory stick whilst also using a separate wireless dongle to connect to your Wi-Fi router, without a network cable getting in the way.

The LG 42LX6900 comes with only one pair of Active Shutter glasses

The LG 42LX6900 requires that every viewer wear active shutter glasses in order to view the 3D effect contained within 3D Blu Rays and 3D Games.
These operate by sequentially obscuring the left and then right eye many times a second to give the illusion of depth and are synchronised via an infrared unit on the TV.
The glasses, which are compatible with the LG 42LX6900, are actually considered to be one of the most comfortable on the market, which is good news for people who want to enjoy a long lasting viewing experience. It is just unfortunate that LG only supply 1 pair of glasses when you buy the telly so the extra cost of glasses for the rest of the family must be factored in.

It is worth noting that, as with any 3D TV, it is necessary to avoid sitting at obtuse angles when enjoying 3D content, as this will deteriorate the effectiveness of the technology.

Edge-lit LED makes for a slimline panel

As well as being ready for 3D the LG 42LX6900 is an LED TV that features an edge-litl LED array covering the outer edges of the LCD panel. This means that you will be able to enjoy bright, vibrant images and deep, dark blacks.


If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy big screen 3D in your home, then the LG 42LX6900 is more than capable of providing it.

LG 42LX6900 Best Price

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