LG 47LX6900 3D LED TV Review

lg 47lx6900 3d led tv review
The LG 47LX6900 is eye-catching even when it is not in action because its black frame with dark blue accenting and large 47-inch display size means that it is impossible to ignore.

Once it is fired up you will be able to enjoy 3D content from satellite broadcasts and compatible 3D Blu Rays or games thanks to its active 3D technology.
Like all current generation 3D TVs, you will need to wear glasses to unscramble the otherwise blurred onscreen images and it will also behave like a perfectly normal HDTV when not in 3D mode.
You can still enjoy HD and SD content as you would with any other high-end model.

Full HD edge-lit panel will look great on any wall

The LG 47LX6900 supports 1080p playback, which makes it a full HD display.
It also uses edge-lit LED backlighting which has the common effect of allowing it to be very thin and much better for wall hanging than most of its precursors.

LED backlighting is also greener than alternatives, so you can enjoy the latest 3D effects with a clear conscience.

The LG 47LX6900 supports 200Hz refresh rate for enhanced picture quality

It has a 200Hz refresh rate to keep pace with any frenetic onscreen action in films and sports and the LED technology will adapt the brightness of certain areas to compensate for when the image darkens in that particular portion.
If you do not like this feature it can be turned off and this is just one of the many adjustable options with which you are provided to tailor the viewing experience to your exacting standards.

3D Active Shutter specs sold separately

Because 3D is the major selling point of the LG 47LX6900, it is sensible to cover this in depth.
You will need to don a pair of active shutter specs, sold separately, to watch 3D content.

You will also need to invest in a subscription to a 3D satellite service or stick on a 3D Blu Ray in a compatible 3D Blu Ray player.
The PlayStation 3 games console now supports 3D gaming and the LG 47LX6900 can handle this too, although as with all 3D TVs, you will need to supply each viewer with an additional pair of glasses if you want the whole family to enjoy the experience.

Plenty of connection ports plus get online with Netcast

When not in 3D mode the LG 47LX6900 is a very competent HD LED TV by any standards.
You can watch HD content from various sources due to the four HDMI inputs and you can even stream HD movies from a USB memory stick or your PC because of its DNLA certification and built-in Ethernet port.

If you have broadband, LG’s Netcast portal will be available, bringing services like You Tube straight to your TV without requiring any other device to get in the way of the experience.


The LG 47LX6900 is commendable for various aspects of the image quality. Contrast and colour are both first class, whilst brightness is another real positive, allowing it to stand out from its peers. Those who are willing to pay out a premium price for 3D compatibility will find the LG 47LX6900 a willing partner.

LG 47LX6900 Best Price

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