LG 47LX9900 3D LED TV Review

lg 47lx9900 3d led tv review
With the latest wave of TVs now erupting onto the market, the LG 47LX9900 is one of the latest models to be released and with built in Freeview and 3D ready, this entertainment system incorporates the latest features available.

LG, a supplier historically regarded in the industry as being more competitive in the budget end of the market, whilst retaining the economical price tag are now offering models with high-end features.

Full LED and still only 32mm thick

When purchasing a new TV, picture quality is one of the most important features and one which can be compromised somewhat by market demand for ever-slimmer models.

To be able to offer the ultimate in slim-line technology, many manufacturers use Edge LED backlighting. This allows a very thin TV as the backlights are located at the edge of the screen only. In direct contrast, full array LED backlighting sees the LED lights organised in small groups which can be dimmed or lit separately.
This is much more similar to plasma technology and allows separate parts of the screen to be dark or bright, in line with how the picture is intended to be seen.

With edge backlighting, the whole screen is backlit simultaneously meaning quality of picture is compromised as the sharpness in contrast is lacking. Why would anyone opt for a model with edge backlighting given the clear disadvantage you may ask? Until recently the downside of full array backlighting has been that the frame is bulkier due to the space needed.
However, with the LG 47LX9900, the designers have managed to combine cutting edge full array LED backlighting with a framework slim enough to match even the sleekest edge LED TV models.

The LG 47LX9900 includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses

With 3D the latest feature to have the industry buzzing, there is yet to be established an agreed standard for 3D playback. However, the LG 47LX9900 works well with those broadcasters currently using 3D technology.
Included in the price are 2 sets of active shutter 3D glasses which are rechargeable via USB. Reviewers have rated these glasses positively, describing a substantial feel without being heavy to wear.
However, the only drawback is there does not appear to be much space for spectacle-wearers to sport both pairs.
The angle of viewing is also crucial with viewing needed to be from an upright position (rather than lying on the sofa) in order for the technology to work properly.

Two remotes for easy access to your LED TV

Another innovative feature LG have conceived is the Magic Motion remote control.

The television comes with two remote controls, one being the usual type of remote with all controls accessible by buttons.
The second control is much smaller and on an initial glance, appears to only be able to work the channels, volume and power. However, on closer inspection, the controller also incorporates an ‘OK’ button which triggers an on-screen cursor.
This allows the user to access the remaining menus and also play games by movements of the hand. Reviewers have commented that the controls appear sensitive and accurate, which is always one of the concerns with this type of technology.


Overall, the LG 47LX9900 scores well on all fronts with superior picture quality in 2D and comparable quality in 3D. With various accessories included and attractively priced, this model is expected to become very popular.

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