LG 55LX9900 3D LED TV Review

lg 55lx9900 3d  led tv review

For a TV that has the latest innovative features together with a slim-line modern appearance it is worth taking a look at the LG 55LX9900 3D LED TV.

Reduced Motion Blur with 400Hz TrueMotion Refresh Rate

Part of the Infinia range, the LG 55LX9900 is only 31mm deep, meaning that, slimmer than many picture frames, it is ideally suited for wall mounting. Incorporating full LED technology, rather than the less effective Edge LED backlighting, the images are clear with full-bodied colour and deeper blacks.

With such a large viewing area, good quality images are essential as any imperfections will be magnified. Fortunately, as a high end television, as well as excellent image depth and colour, this model also sports 400Hz Trumotion which enables action scenes and fast-moving sports to be viewed with virtually no impairment.

HD Freeview tuner built-in to the LG 55LX9900

Following the switchover to digital TV, it is imperative to have some kind of digital receiver, even to receive the basic 5 terrestrial channels.

To help minimise a knot of wires and save on space, the LG 55LX9900 has a built in receiver, enabling many channels to be viewed in HD (subject to coverage in the area) with no tie in to a contract or monthly subscription.

True 3D experience without separate transmitters

Although HD has only relatively recently spread into the mainstream, a new innovation has now taken its column inches. 3D Ready TV has just erupted onto the market with many manufacturers having a model with this feature. However, the packages vary significantly and in some cases, further accessories need to be purchased in order for the 3D facility to be utilised.
These models are designed for the consumer who wants to ‘future-proof’ their LED TV but does not necessarily want to use the features now.

However the LG 55LX9900 is truly 3D, straight from the box. With no separate transmitter to purchase and 2 pairs of 3D glasses included in the package, there are no hidden costs to make the most of this facility.
There are already dedicated 3D satellite channels and with many film studios committed to producing 3D films on a regular basis, this looks like an industry development which will only expand.

Twin Remotes

As well as including 3D glasses in the package, LG have also included two remote controls.
Two remote controls you may well ask? The first is the usual, rather cumbersome, controller with multiple buttons and a vast array of functions.
The second is a very sleek, minimalist remote, with very few buttons. However, wave the controller at the TV (think Wii-style) and a host of options and menus will appear. LG have dubbed this the ‘Magic Motion’ remote and with its simplicity of use, is predicted to become the way forward for controllers.

NetCast Internet TV

However, the LG 55LX9900 is much more than just a television, it would be better described as an all in one entertainment system.
LG have incorporated Netcast into their model.
This is a facility which enables the consumer to access selected sites on the internet (via the home network using the Ethernet connection or using the USB port and an optional dongle).
As well as browsing popular sites such as YouTube or checking the weather forecast, users can also share photos online using the Picasa application.

All the usual inputs are here to connect your equipment

On a practical note, the LG55LX9900 has four HDMI sockets including one very handily located on the side of the TV (with the remainder on the rear), a USB port plus the usual component and optical inputs.

LG 55LX9900 Best Price

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