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LG 42LE5900 LED TV Review

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lg 42le5900 led tv review
LG is a firm intent on leading the way in the LED TV market.
The LG 42LE5900 pays testament to that fact, featuring all of the modern perks and privileges you would expect from a large 42-inch LCD display.
This is coupled with the added bonus of having LED backlighting, which makes it slimmer and more efficient than those that have gone before.

Stunning looks

Before you have even turned the LG 42LE5900 on, you know you are in for something special.
Its expansive screen is big enough to make movies look immersive and with support for 1080p full HD playback, there will be more than enough detail to help you get lost in the world of your favourite films and games.

The screen is very thin, as is typical of LED TVs and LG has made its predominantly black finish a little more interesting by accenting it with a dark, almost imperceptible purple around the edge.
This is tastefully done and marks this out as one of the best looking HDTVs on the market.

4 HDMI ports plus 2 USB sockets

To enjoy anything in HD you will need to plug it into one of the four HDMI inputs available on the rear of the TV.
There are also two USB inputs on offer to make sure that you can enjoy videos, pictures and music transferred over from your PC.

However, there is much more opportunity for streaming, as we will discuss later on.

Built-in HD Freeview

The LG 42LE5900 has an integrated Freeview HD tuner, which means you can get HD channels using your existing aerial equipment without using a separate set top box.

Therefore, there is no need to shell out for any more equipment or pay a premium TV provider for a monthly HD subscription service because the LG 42LE5900 will be ready to give you high quality HD channels straight out of the box.
Not every area is covered by Freeview HD quite yet, so check to see when it is coming to you.

Never run out of things to watch with streaming media service

The LG 42LE5900 has an Ethernet port on the rear and this can be used to connect it to your broadband service.
Once this is active you can access various web widgets or small programs, which will let you view content from You Tube, Picasa and AcuWeather.

This means it is easy to enjoy on-demand video directly from your favourite sites and if you have a networked hard drive or active PC, you can stream HD content directly to the LG 42LE5900 over the Ethernet connection, so there should always be something available to keep you happy.

The LG 42LE5900 lacks slightly in the audio department

LG has cleverly disguised the placement of the speakers within the LED TV to make sure that they do not intrude upon the impressively slim design.
This does mean audiophiles might be slightly disappointed with the lack of bass produced by the speakers, but this type of consumer will usually have a separate surround sound set up anyway and won’t be interested in the integrated options.


42 inches of TV panel seems to be the perfect size of telly for the average sized living space and the 42LE5900 quite happily ticks the boxes in this department.
As per usual with LED TV’s at the moment the audio from the small speakers leaves a lot to be desired but if you hook this set up to dedicated AV unit the results are stunning.

This stylish, capable television is one of LG’s best yet and well worth the time of day for anyone looking into LED TVs.

42LE5900 Best Price

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4 Responses to “LG 42LE5900 LED TV Review”
  1. Shan says:

    You had mentioned audio quality wont be good, will the samsung LED models will have good audio quality compare to LG.

    I have trying to finalize between LG 42LE5900 or Samsung UE40D5000, any help/suggestion on this would be much appreciated…??

    I had other options LG 42LE4500, Samsung UE40C5800, Samsung UE40C5100 but believe the above mentioned two models are superior to these.

    Do you suggest any surrond system at a resaonable price for LG42LE5900 model.. Please??

    Thanks in advance…

  2. Tom says:


    The audio on LED panels will never match the audio on standard LCD and plasma sets because of the limitation in the size of speakers that are used. LED TV panels have a really thin form factor so therefore there are limits on the size of speakers that can be employed.

    I suggest heading off to your local Richer Sounds store where you will be able to listen to various tellies including LG and Samsung sets. They should also have some surround sound systems rigged up for you to play around with.

    Note: Once you hear any TV connected to a AV receiver and speakers you will never be truly happy with stand alone tv audio.

  3. John says:


    I need to choose between Samsung UE46D5000 or LG 42LE5900 LED TV’s, Please suggest which one have good review in terms quality, Maintenance and technolgy.

    I am planning to buy at amazon in couple of days and taking the TV to india.

    Thanks in advance…


  4. Tom says:

    Hi John
    both sets are pretty good with regards to your criteria.

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