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LG 42SL9000 LED TV Review

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LG are one of only a handful of commercial HD TV manufacturers to bring out a range of TVs which utilise LED technology to light the display.

The LG 42SL9000 is the smallest screen in their new range of LED televisions but it offers all of the same technical attributes as its slightly larger stable mate the LG 47SL9000.

42″ LED Edgelighting Technology

The LG 42SL9000 is a 42 inch HD TV that like other LG products creates its image using LCD technology.
The difference between the LG 42SL9000 and other LCD screens is that LEDs arranged around the edge of the panel are used to light the image.
This allows the LG 42SL9000 to be under 3cm thick and makes it ideal for wall mounting.

This new technology is not just a stylistic improvement; it adds to the green credentials of the LG 42SL9000. If you turn on the economy mode offered by the LG 42SL9000 then you could be using just 40% of the electricity that similarly sized LCD screens would. Of course the brightness levels will suffer if you want to save the planet, but overall a greener approach to technology cannot be a bad thing.

Minimalist Approach to Design

The LG 42SL9000 is designed to be ‘borderless’, which means the screen is seamlessly integrated into the housing which holds it all together.
This minimalistic design is definitely a new approach to flat screen design and its one that is sure to be copied by the competition.
Overall the LG 42SL9000 is certainly easy on the eye and its slim design is a big bonus.

Midsize LG screen delivers decent Blacks

The LG 42SL9000 has a 42 inch screen and thanks to the XD picture engine it is capable of producing millions of colours and a whopping 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio for descent blacks and whites.
It also features a 100Hz refresh rate as well as 24fps compatibility for the ultimate cinematic experience at the frame rate in which most films are shot.

The 20 watt speakers built into the LG 42SL9000 are adequate, though most people buying this TV should consider purchasing a surround sound system if they do not already have one. There is not much logic in spending money on a cutting edge TV if it is not complimented by top quality audio equipment.

Bluetooth Connectivity plus DivX Playback

As you would expect the LG 42SL9000 has a built in Freeview digital tuner and a decent number of HDMI inputs (4 HDMI plus 2 SCART) for HD Blu Ray disc players and modern games consoles to take advantage of.

The LG 42SL9000’s most pleasant inclusion is the Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to the LG 42SL9000 and upload pictures to view on the big screen.
You can also take advantage of the LG 42SL9000’s Bluetooth headset compatibility which will let you use the TV whilst leaving those around you in peace.

Like many HDTVs within this price bracket the LG 42SL9000 also features a USB port for HD DivX movie playback and also mp3 compatibility.
So if you have collection of DivX movies or mp3 music tracks in your collection just connect a suitable drive via the USB port and watch at your leisure. You can even pair a Bluetooth phone and play tracks direct from the TV.

Final Thoughts

Though the LG 42SL9000 is considerably more expensive than other LCD screens of a similar size, it is representative of a developing market.
Consumers will have to decide for themselves whether paying the extra money for the most cutting edge products is worth it in the long term.

As time goes on prices will inevitably fall and more competition from other manufacturers will produce a more comprehensive range of LED products. Along with the LED TV range from Samsung, this LG screen represents a step towards the future of television.

The 42SL9000 model is supplied to some retailers as the 42SL9500 LED TV.
If you are shopping at Dixons, Currys or PC World the 42SL9500 model in their showrooms or online is the same as the 42SL9000 LED TV in this review. There may be some a slight cosmetic difference in the televisions but they have exactly the same specification.

Compare LG 42SL9000 Prices

LG 42SL9000 42SL9500 specification

Screen Size42 inches
Full HD 1080pYESHD Ready 1080p
24p Real Cinema YES24p 5:5/2:2 Pull down
Screen resolution1920 × 1080
Contrast Ratio 3,000,000:1
LED TypeEdge Backlit
Eye CareYESAnti Dazzling
DTV Signal StrengthYES
Digital TunerYESFreeview
Speakers2 × 10WIntregrated
Surround SoundYES
SRS TrussurondYES
Dolby Digital DecoderYES
SCART21 × Full TV Out
1 × Half MNT/DTV Out
PC InputYESRGB In (D-sub 15pin)
Digital Audio OutOptical/Coaxial
PC Audio InputYES
CI Slot
Sleep TimerYES
Desktop StandIncluded
Quick ViewYES
Energy SaveYES
Panel without Stand W × H × D1009.2mm × 629.7mm × 29.3mm
Panel Weight
Without Stand
20.1 kg


2 Responses to “LG 42SL9000 LED TV Review”
  1. Puscifer says:

    I wonder how this one does with glare. It’s the only downside to my 40B6000, although i don’t mind lowering the shades..
    One thing i’d like LG to tell us (rather than the all-so-subjective constrast) is the power consumption, since mine is currently draining ~95w with auto-dimming turned off (a lot lower than the 140w announced). If anyone buys one of these please post your findings.

    I rather enjoy the borderless design and hope to see one soon so i can get a better look of what i might have missed if waited 6 mo.

    Although can’t help but feel a bit ripped off since this design is essentially the same, minus borders. Same depth (-0.05cm) and alot more weight (~5.5Kg) which might not be a bad thing on it’s own.. Koreans, hei?! ;/

  2. avinash says:

    love worthy to watch this latest invention by lG, but alis it could have been better that it has been suplied with audio/video cable of atleast 3 meters along with tv, which hampers its performance by lose of video gain and clearity as everybody has to purchase the cable from local market which does not match with the tv specification,

    kindly solve this at the earliest,

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