Panasonic TX-L37D25B LED TV Review

panasonic txl37d25b led tv
The Panasonic TXL37D25B is an HDTV that has recently become part of the firm’s line up, bringing with it a number of capabilities that it hopes will hit the sweet spot for enthusiastic entertainment fans.

Since it seems that the 3D TV market is at least half a decade away from maturity and affordability, TVs such as the Panasonic TXL37D25B represent a great upgrade option, or indeed a sensible selection for the first time buyer.
Here are just a few reasons why this is the case.

Excellent choice for the average living space

The Panasonic TXL37D25B measures 37 inches across the visible diagonal, which places it in the market somewhere between the common 32 inch and the higher end 42 inch displays.
In smaller living rooms a 37 inch TV can look ostentatious, but for most this will be a good compromise, providing a cinematic impact without leaving you with a big dent in your finances.

Energy Efficient Flat Screen Panel

As with most new televisions to hit the market, the Panasonic TXL37D25B makes use of LED backlighting technology as opposed to traditional fluorescent alternatives.
This means that it is slimmer than HDTVs released over the last few years and it also consumes much less energy in daily use. This is because LEDs are more efficient, producing greater amounts of light without emitting nearly as much energy as heat.
Over the lifetime of the LED TV you will be saving yourself money on electricity bills and also doing your bit to lessen its environmental impact.

Save space by having 2 built-in High Def Tuners

Despite all this talk of greener operation, the Panasonic TX L37D25B is still able to pump out beautiful images from virtually any source, whether it is a standard definition TV broadcast or a full 1080p HD Blu Ray movie.
It has a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, which translates into images with rich colours and diverse, distinct lighting effects that never seem wishy-washy or substandard.
You can watch subscription free high definition broadcasts using either Freeview HD or Freesat HD, as the Panasonic TXL37D25B supports both with separate integrated tuners.
This means you will not only save space beneath your TV as there is no need to pay for a separate set top box, but you will also save the money that you might otherwise have spent on such a device and so in many cases you will be able to turn on the Panasonic TXL37D25B and start enjoying live HD channels in a few minutes.

Plenty of Options to connect DVD, Blu-Ray, Memory Stick and PC

You can plug in four separate HDMI cables, with three ports located on the rear and one on the side.
You can also playback media stored on USB memory sticks, or hook up your PC or laptop using the D-Sub input, complete with its own audio input to let you watch anything you have stored on your computer.

Connect to the Internet for Skype and other services

However, since the Panasonic TXL37D25B is internet ready, you may not need to bring your computer into the living room ever again.
If you can hook the TV up to your broadband connection using an Ethernet cable, you will be able to stream video, visit social networking sites and even chat with friends over Skype without relying on a PC to act as an intermediary.
You will be able to get all of this done from your settee using your remote and most of the services can be viewed in tandem with live TV broadcasts, so there is no need to look away from the action while you check up on the VIERA CAST online features.


Panasonic have been producing award winning tellys for a long time and we expect that the D25B range of LED sets will continue to grab the headlines. The TXL37D25B reviewed here offers a mid size solution that would happily grace any living environment.
Coupled with its internet capabilities and a plethora of inputs to connect your external media players makes this model a contender and a definite 2010 Best Buy.

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