Panasonic TX-L42E30B LED TV Review

panasonic tx-l42e30b led tv review
The Panasonic TX-L42E30B is an LED TV with a large 42 inch widescreen display which sets out to prove that if you want big-screen cinematic thrills you do not have to opt for a bulky plasma screen.

It comes close to leading the range of TV products offered by Panasonic this year and although it does not support 3D playback, the lack of this gimmick is hardly likely to put off cinephiles and gaming fans when the rest of the spec sheet is revealed.

41mm panel depth ideal for wall hanging

Like all LED TVs the Panasonic TX-L42E30B is very thin, outdoing even the best of the previous generation LCD displays with its slim profile and sexy design.
Even the bezel surrounding the display is cut down to a minimum to make sure all of your attention is focused on the content when it is turned on.

It is not as obtrusive in terms of style as some of its rivals which means it will also blend in well to a modern living space and its light weight and slim build make it a shoe-in for wall hanging, if you wish to go down this route.

Plenty of multi-media viewing options

A host of playback options are available on the Panasonic TX-L42E30B which means you can do more than just watch TV.
There is an SD card reader and USB port for instant access to various media files, DLNA for streaming content from your PC, mobile or other compatible device and of course web connectivity to access the newly rebranded Viera Connect service.

Included in the web-based functionality is social networking via Facebook and Twitter along with video streaming from YouTube and Daily Motion.

You can even catch up on the last week’s TV via BBC iPlayer or enjoy interactive games using your remote. You will be hard pressed to find a more modern selection of capabilities and the Viera Connect interface is easy to use, even for newcomers, so in terms of intuitive interactivity it is at the top of its game.

Loads of connection options including USB for recording to hard drives

A plethora of HDMI inputs, a PC input and good old RGB Scart connections adorn the rear of the Panasonic TX-L42E30B.
This means you should still be able to get the most out of your various home theatre peripherals, old and new, even if the lure of its web services is more regularly used.

This range of Panasonic models also feature a USB port whereby you can rig up a USB hard drive and record directly from the LED TV and all this is done via the hand remote.

The TX-L42E30B displays a decent enough quality picture

At this point it is probably worth talking about the picture quality of the Panasonic TX-L42E30B, since this is something hardcore film fans will want to know about before they commit to a purchase.

As you might expect the display supports full HD 1080p content, along with all the other incremental HD resolutions.
The edge lit LED backlight does a good job of allowing the contrast to be appreciated without also resulting in inconsistent lighting across the whole of the display area.

Its colour pallet is another area worthy of note, as visuals pop and seem realistic where other models can lag behind.

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic TX-L42E30B is, in short, a very worthy investment. The lack of 3D will save you a bit of cash and is hardly going to be a big concern in a market where glasses-free 3D is still many years away.

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