Samsung UE46C8000 LED 3DTV Review

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The Samsung UE46C8000 LED TV is one of the few HD sets that can offer 3D playback for a deep, immersive viewing experience that heralds the dawn of a new generation in the home entertainment market.

With a 46 inch screen it is large enough to satisfy movie buffs and sports fans alike and if you want to future-proof your living room with the latest technology, then this is one of the 3D TVs that should be on your wish list.

Slimline Panel with Green Credentials

The Samsung UE46C8000 uses LED technology for its backlighting so there is no bulk to take up room and make it look chunky, you get a slim, stylish looking TV that is a joy to behold whether you mount it on the wall or stand it on its own.
The display is complimented by a bezel that is fashioned from metal to give it a metallic sheen that is not distracting or over the top.This means that whether it is on or off, the Samsung UE46C800 will look its best.

On top of looking great, this TV is also 50 per cent more energy efficient than the equivalent model from the previous year – Samsung is always working to cut down on emissions to give you the most responsible product possible.

3D Ready plus 2D upscaling

The killer function of the Samsung UE46C8000  is of course its 3D capabilities and it does not disappoint.

You can view 3D content from the latest 3D Blu Rays if you have a compatible player and even more impressive is the fact that Samsung claim that its 3D engine can turn plain old 2D content into a 3D spectacle. In general practise this produces a 3D type visual effect but it doesn’t compete with proper 3D content.
But it does mean you do not have to replace your DVD or Blu Ray collection all over again to enjoy this cutting edge feature.

It is worth bearing in mind that you will need to buy your own active shutter 3D glasses in order to unlock the 3D content and each viewer will need their own pair.
However, if you consider the Samsung UE46C800 as 3D-ready, then you can always upgrade your accessories and equipment at a later date, making this a sensible long term investment.

UE46C8000 connects to the internet for that added multi-media experience

If you are watching 2D content on the Samsung UE46C800, you can enjoy it in full HD 1080p and the excellent colour reproduction and contrast levels are a stamp of Samsung’s reputation in this market.

There are four HDMI inputs and a host of other options which give you flexibility in how you connect your various multimedia devices to your TV.
There is also onboard internet connectivity to let you watch online video, rent films, check the news and even access your Facebook and Twitter accounts, thanks to Samsung’s Internet@TV service.

This is one of the top of the line TVs that offer Skype compatibility, which means you can buy the camera accessory and chat to friends and family anywhere in the world in full colour video using your broadband connection.

Final Thoughts

If you want a 3D ready LED TV that has movie star good looks and a host of features to tide you over until you can afford that 3D Blu Ray player, then the Samsung UE46C8000 is the TV for you.

Alternatively if you have already invested in 3D technology, or if your current player or games console can offer 3D content via an update, then you can delve into the three dimensional audiovisual experience immediately.

UE46C8000 Best Price

Note: The panel reviewed here is the same model that is available in John Lewis department stores but may be labeled as the UE46C8000X.

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