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Samsung UE40C6000 LED TV Review

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samsung ue40c6000 led tv best price
Amongst Samsung’s comprehensive and perhaps confusing array of new HDTVs, the UE40C6000 sits roughly in the middle.
It is by no means a budget screen, as its 40 inch size and full HD resolution suggest, but it is also not going to break the bank if you are in the market for a classy, high performance television.

Ultra Clear Panel reduces screen glare

The Samsung UE40C6000 uses LED backlighting and since Samsung was the first manufacturer to introduce this feature last year it has become an essential aspect of any new screen.
LED backlighting allows for improved operational efficiency and slimmer screens whilst also making the picture look pixel perfect and if you want your TV to have aesthetic appeal as well as technical grunt, then an LED TV such as this is a sensible choice.

The panel uses Samsung’s Ultra Clear technology, which basically allows it to perform well no matter what the levels of light. You will not be distracted by light from the room or the windows reflecting off the screen, as is often a problem with glossy, high end TVs like this.
This consequently makes the impressive contrast levels achieved by the TV seem even greater.

Blur Free picture quality

The Samsung UE40C6000 has a native refresh rate of 100Hz, which combines with an excellent image processing engine to give you brilliant, clear images that are free from blurring even when the action is picking up pace.
The TV will extend frames and fill in the gaps where the source does not match up to its standard settings, which is particularly useful if you are a sports fan.

Samsung’s colour engine is also a feast for the eyes and if you have a Samsung Blu Ray player, it will work in tandem with the Samsung UE40C6000 in order to optimise the settings automatically, so you will not have to spend your time tweaking the various menus to match up to your high standards.

Plenty of HDMI slots plus connect your PC

There are four HDMI inputs available on the Samsung UE40C6000 and you can also plug in your PC via the D-Sub connection, or slot in other sources via composite and component video inputs.
A plethora of audio outputs are available, although the stereo speakers that are integrated into the TV itself are perfectly adequate for most viewing needs and only the enthusiastic home cinema fans will need to plug in a supplementary audio system.

2 USB ports to connect Camcorders and Memory Sticks with ease

The Samsung UE40C6000 has two USB ports which can be used for a variety of purposes.
Samsung states that you can use USB memory sticks to transport various media files over to your TV in order to listen to and view them on the big screen. This can include standard image files snapped using your digital camera, or even whole movies that you have downloaded to your PC or recorded on your camcorder.
If you buy the Wi-Fi adaptor for this TV you will be able to hook up to your home network and share files between your PC, mobile, TV and media player without having to get wires involved at all. You will need a little bit of persistence and technical confidence in order to set this up, but Samsung is really pushing to make all of its entertainment devices work together via Wi-Fi.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fully featured LED TV that will easy connect to your home network of PC’s and laptops then the UE40C6000 may well fit the bill.

UE40C6000 Best Price

The price comparison table below displays the best online price for the Samsung UE40C6000 LED TV.

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20 Responses to “Samsung UE40C6000 LED TV Review”
  1. Rob says:

    I’ve just bought one of these….top product, and to correct your review, this model DOES have a HD freeview tuner.
    its a 5 star product.

  2. admin says:

    Glad that you are pleased with your purchase.

  3. Jigs says:

    I’ve just bought this TV, absolutely love this, it has an excellent picture quality and just perfect for what i needed. th only problem i have is that i cannot find the Audio output to connect to my existing Home Cinema, Not a great problem as I might by a new updated Home Cinema System in the sales after Christmas

  4. admin says:

    Another Happy Samsung Customer.
    Jigs hope this might help you out.
    The 40C6000 has only got an audio optical output which might not be compatible with your home cinema setup.
    You could try a Optical to Analogue Audio Convertor if this is the type of inputs that you require to get sound from the telly to the home cinema unit.

    More info here:
    AU-D3 Coaxial/Optical to Left/Right Stereo Audio Converter

  5. david mapes says:

    I bought one of these, fantastic TV though one problem .. the freeview tuner does not work, and the scart input doesn’t work either, so it is usless as a TV and only good as a monitor and for HDMI consols.

    No help on the samsung website, no help in the manual means £600 wasted.

  6. Fabio says:

    I had a prehistoric panasonic plasma panel for nearly 6 years. I was happy with the picture and never had any probs With it so I decided to stick with a new panasonic. But In the shop I got persuaded to buy this samsung led c6000. First, this tv is a state of the art design. After setting it up I look at the picture quality and the colours , the contrast and the motion was amazing, so crystal clear. I then discovered that I was not even looking at the channels on hd mode as I didn’t know that the tv had a hd freeviewer. I couldn’t believe my eyes. For £600 you cannot get a better tv and don’t buy the 50hz model :apart that it doesn’t come with the hd freeview, also the picture quality is not as nearly as good as the 100 hz model. For £70 difference is a completely different tv.Am so happy!!

  7. admin says:

    David sorry to hear that your new purchase hasn’t quite lived up to your expectations.

    Have you tried contacting Samsung to see if your issues can be resolved.

  8. Saul says:

    Not happy! 2nd TV in a week. I returned the first one due to a faulty speaker. The picture on TV 1 was perfect. The replacement; the speakers are fine but the picture is very poor. Pix-elated, shadowed. It’s like looking through cling film. I now know what a gold fish feels. Whether viewing through a digital channel, wii, DVD… they all look poor. I’ve adjusted everything and returned all settings to default with no improvement. I’ll be returning it to Currys by the end of the week.

  9. Anthony Attwood says:

    Just bought this TV yesterday and apart from turning the contrast ration down from a 100% it cannot be beaten on picture quality and that includes the PANASONIC 50 INCH FULL 180 THX CERTIFIED SCREEN THAN IS SAT DOWNSTAIRS ON SKY HD.After looking at many screens row by row all the SAMSUNG LED’S stood out a mile and watching England live on sky HD live all night I can only say WOW this it the best TV that I have ever owned and also it certainly deserves to be classed very high in the LED TV Awards at the end of 2010-2011. Ps just a small message to David above please contact Samsung they will send a service engineer out free of charge and most probably send you a new TV as something don’t seem right it could be a bad one of the batch??? Don’t worry things will turn out right Samsung are great for after sales.

  10. Tom says:

    Sorry to hear that you have run into problems with your UE40C6000 purchase from Currys.
    To get 2 dodgy sets on the spin is most unusual.
    Hang on in there and I am sure that all will be resolved.

  11. Shirazul says:


    I was wondering if you can help me. I have bought this t.v recently. I have a ps3 but when i play any game there is a split-second delay movement on the controller. so if i move right , it will move on the right after a split second. this effects the gameplay experience, not a terrible play but was hoping if there is any solutions to this problem. i did not have this problem previoiusly with my non-hd t.v


  12. Tom says:

    Hi Shirazul

    Some TVs suffer from game lag more than others.
    Have you tried setting the UE40C6000 to Game Mode to see if there is a better response time?

  13. Sam says:

    Just got this week very pleased with it crisp picture had to up grade the Home Cinema System with HDMI and got an optica lead to connect skybox to Home Cinema System Sound is now super can now switch between TV or Home Cinema for sound. Samsung help line very good to help me set it up Thankyou samsung

  14. Alex says:


    I’ve been having some serious motion judder ptoblems mainly when watching sports (football or rugby mainly) putting into game mode reduces this but also reduces picture quality, anyone have any suggestions??



  15. Alex says:

    Seem to have solved the motion judder problem by going into the settings and turning off ‘Film Mode’

  16. Chris says:

    Hi I’ve just purchased this screen and I’m more than impressed with the picture quality :)the image depth is amazing it almost looks 3D! I just have a couple of quick questions if anyone can help. When viewing in a darkened room, if the screen has a totally black scene,the screen does show clouding from what I assume is the back light. I have tried reducing the back light along with contrast and brightness settings but to no avail. Also whilst watching DVD on my Sony DVD HDD recorder through it’s HDMI up scaler the image is a 4:3 square in the middle of the screen (watching the HDD’s TV tuner or recorder footage is fine and fills the screen) any suggestions?


  17. ryan says:

    Hi I have a similar problem Chris. If i reduce the backlight to zero it almost resolves the issue but then the screen is too dark for viewing normal telly. I do find it slightly annoying when watching widescreen films as it’s mostly happening in the bottom two corners that it’s lighter. my question is; Is this the same with all LED televisions? Because if it is, then I don’t see any point in doing anyhing about it…

  18. Chris says:

    Hi I’ve discovered another annoying issue with this TV. It doesn’t allow Dolby 5.1 to be looped through from a BluRay player connected via HDMI with the audio output coming from the optical out of the TV to a 5.1 home theatre audio system, it only sends a stereo signal! When viewing HD – 5.1 content though it’s own tuner its fine.

    I only have one digital input to my external amp so I have to choose between TV or BluRay digital sound. VV frustrating.

    Does anyone have a way of resolving this issue please?


  19. Mark says:

    I’ve had this TV almost a year now, fab, except for lip syncing issues with my Sky box. Much better with an optical sound cable, but still not 100% correct. DVD’s are perfect, it’s just Sky+. Anyone know a solution to this?

  20. Richie says:

    Brilliant TV but we can’t seem to get the Wii to work with it. Any ideas? Man from Curry’s suggested it might not be compatible but he wasn’t sure.

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