Samsung UE22C4000 LED TV Review

samsung ue22c4000 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE22C4000 is an elegant 22 inch HDTV which uses LED backlighting to have a supermodel-thin profile and harnesses the latest image processing technology to give it plenty of visual punch despite its small size.

Anyone looking at a TV of this size will usually be after a secondary set for occasional use or an alternative to computer monitors, so let us see whether it is fit for these purposes.

The Samsung UE22C4000 follows the same design ethos as many of the firm’s modern models.
It has a black bezel which blends into clear at the border and its swivel stand is clear with a black base to keep things interesting and make it a little more discrete.

To make itself useful the Samsung UE22C4000 has Freeview onboard. This lets you hook it up to your existing aerial and enjoy many different digital channels without having to pay a monthly subscription.

Since this is an HD ready TV you will want to make the most of its high resolution and as such it has two HDMI inputs available.
You can view content in 720p, and this is great for adding loads of detail when compared to standard definition images.
It will be compatible with everything from modern games consoles to set top boxes and the all-important Blu Ray players which are becoming increasingly affordable.

Plug a memory stick into the UE22C4000 to view videos, pics and play music

If you have run out of Blu Rays to watch and there is nothing on Freeview then you can always watch movies and check out pictures that you have stored on your PC via the Samsung UE22C4000.
This is because it has a USB slot which is compatible with most common USB memory sticks.

All you need to do is transfer whatever you want to watch from your PC on the stick and then insert it into your LED TV. You can then use your remote to enjoy high quality playback from the comfort of your living room. Most people have thousands of digital snaps that are languishing unloved on their hard drives but with the Samsung UE22C4000 you can make the most of the versatile format.

If you are going to mount a TV on a wall so that it is out of harm’s way then it makes sense to opt for an LED option like the Samsung UE22C4000.

By using LED backlighting it is not only more efficient and eco-friendly than its rivals but it is also much lighter and several times thinner. This means it will not tear itself from the wall because of its weight or protrude excessively because of its bulk. You do not want a TV to dominate a space like a bedroom or kitchen and this is exactly where the Samsung UE22C4000 comes into its own.


The Samsung UE22C4000 is a compelling choice, packed with the latest LED TV technology and all the image processing grunt required to make even standard definition video look refreshed.
It is not too expensive either, which should make it an attractive proposition.

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