Samsung UE22C4010 White LED TV Review

samsung ue22c4010 led tv best price
The Samsung UE22C4010 is a particularly stylish LED TV that even manages to stand out in a fundamentally attractive segment of the market.
It has a 22 inch display and a stunning design that blends white and clear plastic to great effect.
It definitely makes a change from the anonymous black HDTVs that otherwise flood the market and for the right buyer it could be a great match.

Please Note:
The model reviewed here is also known as the UE22C4010PW at some stores including Currys and Dixons.

HD Ready with 2 HDMI sockets

Because this is an LED TV the Samsung UE22C4010 is only a few centimetres thick and its relatively small 22 inch screen will make it a good secondary set if you have need of one.
It has a pair of HDMI ports which will let you plug in two HD ready devices so you can enjoy video games in HD or watch movies from a Blu Ray player in 720p resolutions.

Built-in Freeview Tuner but no HD

The Samsung UE22C4010 may be small but it is far from underwhelming when it comes to functionality.
It has the ability to decode Freeview channels from a standard aerial which means you can enjoy interactive digital features with over 40 stations and many more radio options on offer. There is also a program guide covering the next seven days and the information is easily accessed using the remote.

It’s just a shame that this model has not included a Freeview HD Tuner as that would really future proof this set.

Lifelike colours thanks to built in enhancers

The Samsung UE22C4010 LED TV features the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus image processing engine which will analyse ever frame and ensure that the colours it produces are at their absolute peak, no matter what the source.
You might think that the result would be a little over saturated, but this is not the case, as the colour pallet is simple more natural and accurate than some of its cheaper rivals.

Even if you are not entirely concerned with image quality and colour fidelity this is a nice feature to have.

Energy Saving Edge-Lit LED

The edge-lit LED backlighting of the Samsung UE22C4010 means that it is much more efficient than other LCD TVs which use fluorescent backlighting, as has been the standard for many years.

This is because they do not waste as much electricity as heat and can be brighter for lower energy consumption.
LEDs are also smaller than alternatives, which explains the thin design of the Samsung UE22C4010.

Perfectly suited for the kitchen or bedroom wall

With its slim build and light weight it will be the perfect choice if you want to mount it on the wall out of the way.

This is in part why Samsung has chosen to give it a white colour scheme as most black TVs stick out like a sore thumb when you attempt to mount them subtly on your kitchen or bedroom wall.
With a white surround the Samsung UE22C4010 is much less obtrusive, blending into its surroundings and sitting almost flush to the surface before bursting into life once you have turned it on.


The Samsung UE22C4010 is a solid 22 inch LED TV which comes into its own thanks to its white design.
It may not blow you away with its performance but it is hard to fault aesthetically and users will love the options this creates.

UE22C4010 Best Price

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We have also included the prices for the UE22C4010PW which is the same model that is available in selected stores.

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