Samsung UE22D5000N Review

samsung ue22d5000n review

The Samsung UE22D5000Nis a stylish, affordable 22 inch LED backlit television which has a range of appealing features to make it perfect for use in a small room, as a computer monitor or as a dedicated gaming screen.

The perfect set for those smaller rooms or just plonk it in the kitchen

Although many smaller televisions can look a little cheap and tacky, the Samsung UE22D5000N sidesteps this issue by featuring a slim bezel around the screen, a clear stand and broad, rectangular base which matches the angular look of the thing as a whole.

As with all LED TVs this is much slimmer than older sets and so is perfect for wall hanging or free standing in tight spaces.

Its 22 inch display size means that it is not necessarily going to be big enough to replace your primary television, but in a bedroom, kitchen or kid’s room it will slot in perfectly.

Great image reproduction for such a small set

The LED backlighting provides superior contrast ratios on the LCD display panel, making sure that images never look washed out even when darker scenes are being shown.

The native resolution of the UE22D5000N is full HD 1080p, although it will support all common HD resolutions via HDMI or Component cable.

A 50Hz refresh rate beefs up the performance of the display, eliminating those annoying blurs which can afflict cheaper TVs.

Meanwhile Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer pulls more vibrancy and detail from any signal which it encounters, making sure you can enjoy a rich, realistic viewing experience.

The UE22D5000N comes equipped with 2 HDMI ports plus USB connection for music and film downloads

There are two HDMI ports on the Samsung UE22D5000 as well as an aerial socket to help you make the most of the built-in Freeview tuner and watch digital TV.

There is also a USB slot, which will be of particular interest if you are bored of watching your favourite TV shows in the cramped confines of your home office on your PC or laptop.

If you have a USB memory stick you can load movies, videos, music and photos onto it and insert it into the UE22D5000N LED TV, which can then allow you to play back this content on the screen.

Low energy output keeps running costs down

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important concern for many people when buying a new product, so the green technology behind the Samsung UE22D5000 will be good news.

It comes with a built-in Eco Sensor which can detect ambient lighting levels in the room in which the LED TV is placed.
This means that the backlight will be automatically adjusted to suit the conditions whether they are bright or dark so that the screen is always easy to see and only uses as much energy as is required for the situation.

UE22D5000N Key features

  • 22 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • 50 Hz Frame Rate
  • Freeview Tuner
  • SRS TheatreSound HD to help with the poor sound associated with slim panels
  • 3w × 2 speakers
  • Smart TV – NO
  • Samsung Apps – NO
  • BBC iPlayer – NO
  • 3D – NO
  • Skype – No
  • Wireless LAN Support – NO
  • USB – 1
  • HDMI – 2 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1

>>>> Full UE22D5000N Specs

Final Thoughts

If you have a number of other modern Samsung home entertainment devices hooked up to the UE22D5000 via HDMI you can use the Anynet+ compatibility to control all of them using the same remote control.
This will save on clutter that might normally be required because of an unmanageable number of remotes populating your bedside table or kitchen counter.

Worried about the kids burning a hole in the family finances by leaving this set switched on all day and night?
Well the power saving features built into this telly will help to keep running costs to a minimum.

This rounds off a well appointed 22 inch LED TV which comes from a respected manufacturer.

UE22D5000N Best Price

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