Samsung UE32C4000 LED TV Review

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The Samsung UE32C4000 is an HD ready TV that brings the popular LED display technology to the mass market thanks to its low price point and adequate array of mid range features.
As the 32 inch HDTV is one of the most popular screen sizes, it is definitely worth looking at this TV if you are looking for great performance in a competitive market.

Note: You may have seen the UE32C4000P TV in a John Lewis showroom. The review here is for exactly the same telly.

High Definition Ready with Built-in Freeview

The Samsung UE32C4000 does not have a full HD native resolution, but it does support 720p and 1080i, which is perfectly adequate for a screen of this size. That means you will get excellent results whether you are watching a Blu Ray movie or checking out high definition TV channels and it is worth noting that at the moment no broadcast makes use of 1080p resolutions, so you will not be missing out too severely.
You will not need a separate set top box if you do not want to pay for a digital TV subscription service, as the Samsung UE32C4000 has an integrated Freeview tuner.
Of course its four HDMI ports give you plenty of flexibility if you are going to hook it up to HD sources from day one and this feature also leaves you with room for expansion as you acquire more HD ready devices.

Slimline Frame with Slimline Looks

The Samsung UE32C4000 has a simple, black frame that sits on a rotating base, bordered with clear plastic to give it a little touch of class.
Because it uses LED backlighting technology it is lightweight and slimmer than most non-LED HDTVs, taking full advantage of the reduced space and energy savings provided by high end LEDs. This means it is also greener than many rivals and you get a modern design coupled with modern components and efficient operation, making the package an attractive prospect.
Samsung has built in something called the Eco Sensor to further bolster the green credentials of this LED TV. If you activate this feature, it will automatically adjust the brightness and backlight settings based on the level of light that exists within the viewing environment, which basically means that it will make things visible in the hours of daylight and then pull its settings back a bit once the light has faded.

Easily link up your Home Cinema Components

If you have other Samsung devices in your living room, such as a Blu Ray player, you can easily control and synchronise the Samsung UE32C4000 and its familiars using the HDMI connections and Samsung’s Anynet+ controls. This will reduce the amount of remote swapping you have to perform on a daily basis and it will ultimately allow the devices to work together in greater unison for better all round performance.

Pop in a USB Stick to view your pics

In addition to the HDMI ports and standard video inputs of the component and composite varieties, the Samsung UE32C4000 also has a USB port. This is intended to be used in conjunction with a USB memory stick or USB card reader, allowing you to view your home photos and movies snapped with your digital camera or camcorder on the big screen.
Playback is controlled using the remote and it is a great way to enjoy high quality imaging of your treasured memories.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE32C4000 has all of the essential features of a modern HDTV, with the most obvious benefit being its LED technology, without any of the extraneous, costly extras. As such it is a great choice for the average family.

UE32C4000 Best Price