Samsung UE32C5100 LED TV Review

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In recent times many manufacturers have chosen to soften the designs of their HDTVs, giving them curves and rounded corners, but the Samsung UE32C5100 is dominated by the clear cut rectangle of its screen and dark, glossy bezel.
The straight edges make it appear as an ominous picture frame when powered down and if you choose to mount it on a wall it will take on this role to an even greater degree.

Wall Mount or Stand

Wall mounting is an attractive option with LED TVs such as the Samsung UE32C5100, because it is slimmer and lighter than those televisions which rely on fluorescent backlighting and as an added bonus is also sips at electricity rather than gulping it, even if you have the backlight set to its maximum brightness.

Eco Mode for max power savings

Any messing about with the settings will allow you to customise your viewing experience, but Samsung has integrated a light sensor into this television. When you activate Eco Mode, this sensor will intelligently assess the state of the lighting in the room and then go on to alter the backlighting and brightness to use as little energy as is required to make the viewing experience a pleasant one.

Full HD 1080p for superior viewing experience

The overall image quality of the Samsung UE32C5100 is excellent, as it has many of the high end processing abilities of its costlier peers, including the wide colour enhancer that gives it an extensive, lifelike pallet.
The 1080p full HD resolution support is also a must have in the modern market where many people own Blu Ray players and want to get every last pixel of detail out of the films that they have bought. The refresh rate of the Samsung UE32C5100 is 50Hz, which some may think odd since many modern TVs have much higher standard refresh rates of 100Hz or more. In reality it is still perfectly acceptable to have a TV with a lower refresh rate, because the panel technology has progressed to the point when ghosting and blurring are barely an issue.

4 HDMI plus USB

There are a plethora of inputs on the Samsung UE32C5100, including four HDMI ports and a PC input. You also get a USB port, which can be used in conjunction with portable storage drives to view photos and videos snapped with your digital camera or pulled from your PC on the big screen of your television.
Digital camera snaps will look particularly good because you will rarely get to experience their full resolution on your PC monitor, as it will typically be smaller. So when you are not watching TV using the integrated Freeview tuner, checking out HD movies from your Blu Ray collection or enjoying your games in high definition by hooking up your console or PC, you can view your home pictures and movies without gathering everyone around a tiny laptop screen.


Samsung’s UE32C5100 is here to bring full high definition and LED TV technology to the masses and it sits in the most popular screen size category of 32 inches and as such should receive many an admiring glance from consumers.
It does not have the frills of more expensive TVs, but the view experience is all the more pure for it. That is not to say that it is not home to its fair share of extra features, it is just that the Samsung UE32C5100 has been put together with value and quality in mind.

UE32C5100 Best Price

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Note:The model reviewed here is also known as the UE32C5100Q at some outlets.