Samsung UE32C5800 LED TV Review

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Beyond plasma and LCD technology, LED TV’s offer a better picture with higher quality visuals and a longer life expectancy than their predecessors. And unlike TV’s which claim to be HD ready, the Samsung UE32C5800 embraces colour and light with true HD 1080p resolution. This gives it twice the detail of other HD ready TV’s and with the extra technology built in the picture quality will quite literally blow you away.

Even when the unit is switched off the Samsung UE32C5800 is a beautiful thing to behold. Its super slim profile is further complemented by the Crystal TV design which gives the bezel a sleek, changeable appearance to complement any modern home.

Ultra Clear Panel

Of the many high tech features encased in the Samsung UE32C5800, the ultra clear panel has to be one of the most welcome.
If you’ve ever tried watching TV on a sunny day, or sitting beside a table lamp, chances are you’ve become fairly irritated at the reflections of the light source on the screen. This is a problem no longer with the Samsung UE32C5800’s ultra clear panel which works by creating a low haze and automatically controlling contrast to eliminate the reflections caused by external light sources.

Built in High Definition Freeview

This TV comes with built in HD freeview capability, but if like many households you are yet to receive this signal and have to settle for a less than optimum terrestrial signal, the Samsung UE32C5800 will help to improve the picture quality on your behalf.
The built in digital noise filter reduces fuzz and grainy picture quality and optimises the signal you are receiving to bring you the best image possible.

Superior Picture Quality with the UE32C5800

Further enhancing the picture quality is the wide colour enhancing technology built into the Samsung UE32C5800.
This nifty gadget analyses each individual pixel and then stretches them to the limits of their capabilities. The end result is a clearer picture with the most vivid colours and true to life experience you will ever have seen.

Adding to the viewing experience, the HyperReal engine brings the picture as close to life as looking out of your window. You will find yourself immersed in games, DVDs and television like never before!

4 HDMI sockets ready for your Consoles + USB for Multimedia Files

Gaming is simple on the Samsung UE32C5800. Consoles just plug and play via the HDMI connections and with the speedy refresh rate of this LED TV, users will be amazed at the quality of the image on modern consoles.

The USB 2.0 connections allow multimedia devices to be connected directly to the TV. This will allow you to view photos, home videos or even to watch downloaded content or listen to music on MP4 players or laptops.

ECO Friendly Credentials

If all that wasn’t enough, the Samsung UE32C5800 is out to save the planet too. The LCD LED technology coupled with the Eco Sensor which adjusts the brightness according to the light available in the room make this one of the most energy friendly TVs on the market.

Final Thoughts

For a super slim, true HD TV with the best picture possible they don’t come better than the Samsung UE32C5800. Offering a flexible television that can do more than the average TV and still at great value, Samsung have really come up with the most elegant solution so far.

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