Samsung UE32C6530U / UE32C6540 LED TV Review

samsung ue32c6530u ue32c6540 ledtv best price

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites. There may be a slight difference in the colour of the panel border, so please check with the respective retailer for the full specification.

UE32C6530U – John Lewis, Selfridges, Electrical Experience
UE32C6530 – Amazon, 1staudiovisual, Pixmania, Beyond Television
UE32C6540 – Comet

32 inch LED TV Perfectly Styled

The Samsung UE32C6530 is an HDTV with a perfectly poised mainstream screen size of 32 inches and the latest LED backlight technology which allows its full HD display to shine whilst measuring just a few centimetres thick.
The typical Samsung style is present throughout, with its waif-like build accompanied by a black/grey bezel that is finished with a clear border around the edge as well as a versatile stand, with the option for wall mounting.

1080p Full HD producing crystal clear images

As well as supporting 1080p full HD content, the Samsung UE32C6530 has a special ultra clear panel which boasts various image enhancing capabilities.
Avoiding all of the technical mumbo-jumbo, it all works together to provide a crystal clear, bright image that can reduce the impact of reflections caused by ambient light sources.
This is helped by an excellent dynamic contrast ratio that keeps the light and dark parts of the onscreen image looking top notch without compromising on either.

Smooth motion thanks to 100Hz refresh rate

As with most of its contemporaries the Samsung UE32C6530 has a 100Hz refresh rate, which basically means that it can keep up with fast moving images and fill in any gaps so that you do not have your viewing of live sport spoiled by blurriness.
This will also have an effect when you are watching blockbuster movies, as when the special effects fill the screen there will be no ghosting or nasty pixelation. Overall it makes every show or movie you watch seem smooth and natural.

A total of 4 HDMI sockets

There are a total of four HDMI inputs available on the Samsung UE32C6530, which means you can hook up your Blu Ray player and three other high definition devices at the same time.
Samsung has made sure that Blu Ray movies are recreated in the best possible way with its BD Wise technology, which automatically adjusts picture settings and chooses the correct resolution for whatever type of disc you play.

Watch BBC iPlayer on the UE32C6530

The Samsung UE32C6530 is ready to bring the best of the internet to you whilst you relax on your sofa thanks to its Internet@TV connectivity.
It has an Ethernet port which can provide access to the likes of YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Twitter and it also has the option for wireless connectivity via a Wi-Fi adaptor, which is sold separately. If you are sick of catching up with shows you have missed on your PC or laptop then this forward-thinking television will be the perfect antidote.

Energy Saving Green Credentials

As well as looking drop dead gorgeous thanks to its thin LED backlighting technology, the Samsung UE32C6530 is more energy efficient than most of its peers and it provides you with the tools to lessen your electricity usage.
There is a sensor which can automatically adjust the intensity of the backlight depending on the current lighting situation, so if you are sitting in a darkened room you will not have your retinas burned out by an overzealous brightness setting, whilst in daylight you will still be able to see the onscreen image clearly.
LED TV technology is fundamentally more efficient than most alternatives, so how ever you adjust the settings you can rest easy with the knowledge that you are making a difference, if only in a small way.

Final Thoughts on the Samsung UE32C6530

The Samsung UE32C6530 is a generously appointed HDTV that comes in to a popular segment of the market. Its 32 inch display is perfect for the average living room and its LED technology makes it look as a contemporary device, which should be an excellent balance.

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