Samsung UE32D4003B Review

samsung ue32d4003b review
The Samsung UE32D4003B is a low cost LED TV from one of the biggest manufacturers in the business.

While it may go easy on your wallet it is not a bargain basement TV when it comes to features or overall quality, making it a great way to upgrade to an LED TV without paying over the odds.

Note: The UE32D4003B reviewed here is available in most of the High Street retailers including John Lewis, Comet and Currys as well s Amazon online.
There is a similar model named the UE32D4000 and it differs by having 2 more HDMI inputs, a square base and a different colour bezel.

This set is HD Ready and not Full HD

The Samsung UE32D4003B uses a 32 inch LCD display panel which has a maximum native resolution of 1366×768.

This means it will support 720p HD video playback, which while it may not be full HD compatible is still more than enough to give you pin sharp imagery on a LED TV which will be big enough to sit comfortably in a normal sized living room.

As you might expect from an LED TV this model is very thin, with its shallow depth being conducive to wall hanging if you should like to get it up and out of the way. It bezel is mostly black, fading to see-through plastic at the rim and it is not hampered by any extra adornments, keeping its style classic and classy.

Freeview included to watch Standard Definition programmes

While the Samsung UE32D4003B may not have a full HD resolution it does benefit from the HyperReal Engine for image processing, which analyses and enhances each and every frame.
This is most notable when you are watching high definition shows and movies, because you will see some of the clearest images and truest colours available at this price point.

You can watch digital TV channels from Freeview just by connecting the Samsung UE32D4003B to your
aerial socket and so it is well stocked when it comes to functionality.

A couple of HDMI ports plus USB connectivity for good measure

Connectivity is a strong point of this telly.

While other budget LED TVs might have one HDMI inputs, this has a two. This will save you switching cables every time you want to stop watching a Blu Ray movie and begin viewing your HD TV tuner or playing on a high-def video games console.

In addition to the 2 HDMI inputs the UE32D4003B has a port for accepting USB memory sticks.

You probably have a couple of these lying around at home and you can make great use of them if you load videos, pictures and music onto them from your PC and then insert the stick into your Samsung UE32D4003B.

The TV can actually let you view and enjoy many different media file types, so while it may not be a smart TV in the strictest sense, it still sports hybrid playback of digital files.

Other areas of the Samsung UE32D4003, such as sound, are just as solid as the other positive aspects.

Final Thoughts

Obviously you cannot expect radical features at this price point, but the combination of style and efficiency afforded thanks to LED backlighting will make the Samsung UE32D4003B feel like a very modern addition to your living room.

UE32D4003B Best Price

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