Samsung UE32D5000PWXXU / UE32D5000 Review

samsung ue32d5000 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE32D5000 is an affordable 32 inch LED TV which manages to combine a pleasing design, solid feature set and attractive price point to let you invest in the next generation of entertainment technology.

While it may not have quite as many added extra features as the more costly ranges from Samsung it still has enough going for it to make it worth giving a once over.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE32D5000 – Dixons, 1staudiovisual, Currys, John Lewis
UE32D5000PWXXU – Comet, Laskys, Amazon, Woolworths

Slimline panel with a thin bezel

The Samsung UE32D5000 keeps up with the contemporary design ethos which the manufacturer has applied across many of its ranges.

A thin bezel around the screen keeps your attention focused on the content and the supreme thinness of its profile which is afforded by the LED backlighting will certainly impress those who have not seen this kind of tech before.

100Hz refresh rate reduces jittering

The 32 inch display supports 1080p HD playback and uses an Ultra Clear Panel, which is found on all the best Samsung LED TVs.
100Hz Clear Motion Rate technology helps to stitch together frames and eliminate any ghosting or jittering which can be present in fast paced sequences if you opt for a cheaper model.

Vibrant colour reproduction

The colour pallet is right on the money, using the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus to give you lifelike hues and vibrant scenes which will be a pleasure to view.
Meanwhile the HyperReal image processing engine combines with all of these other features to make sure that whatever you are watching looks as polished as possible.

It is typical to see four HDMI ports on modern TVs and the Samsung UE32D5000 is no different.
You may be gradually amassing more gadgets with HDMI outputs, so there should be enough inputs for you to hook up everything from your Blu Ray player to smartphone without having to swap cables every five minutes.

USB port on the UE32D5000 allows media playback

There is also a USB port on the Samsung UE32D5000PWXXU which will let you access any media files you have stored on a memory stick or hard drive and play them back on the big screen.

Instead of clustering around a pokey computer monitor to look at your holiday pics you can load them onto your thumb drive, whack it into the Samsung UE32D5000PWXXU and see every pixel in detail in your living room.
Video playback is also possible from a USB device, allowing you to expand what you can watch on your TV.

Ob-board Freeview Tuner

Onboard the Samsung UE32D5000 there is a Freeview tuner which will eliminate the need for a separate set top box or subscription service if you want to watch digital channels and listen to digital radio stations.

You can share media between other compatible Samsung devices using the ConnectShare service and if you want to use a PC or laptop in conjunction with the Samsung UE32D5000 then there is an input available on the rear.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE32D5000 has a lot going for it, from its sexy, slim LED looks to its ample amount of contemporary functions.
Perhaps best of all is its relative value, which should win it many admirers who are looking to upgrade.

UE32D5000PWXXU Best Price

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