Samsung UE32D6510 Review

samsung ue32d6510 led tv best price

The age of 3D television is well and truly upon us, with 3D broadcasts going out across the nation and 3D movies made available on Blu Ray with increasing regularity.
The Samsung UE32D6510 proves that a 3D TV does not need to be a one trick pony or a plasma leviathan as it integrates all the technology you want and some you did not even know you needed into a well priced 32 inch LED TV.

Note: The model reviewed is available at some stores including Comet and Amazon as model UE32D6510WKXXU.

Stylish white surround is a bit different

The outward styling of the Samsung UE32D6510 is modern without being too flashy or bland.
A white bezel and stand work well to enhance the super slim build which is facilitated by its LED backlighting. You might want to pop it on a wall, in which case its light weight and thin design will be even more appealing.

Built-in High Definition Freeview Tuner + 4 HDMI Ports

The Samsung UE32D6510 is a full HD 32 inch TV, so you can enjoy Blu Ray movies in unrivalled detail and get the most out of the latest game titles using an HD console.

With four HDMI inputs there should be more than enough ways to get HD content onto the screen.
Of course with a Freeview HD tuner built into the set you can watch a selection of HD channels and all your favourite SD services without having to hook up a separate set top box or pay through the nose for a subscription service which ups the cost of HD viewing.

Fast refresh rate combined with Clear Motion for blur free action

There is lots going on under the skin to make sure that each and every frame produced by the Samsung UE32D6510 is looking its best.

First the Ultra Clear panel and Mega Contrast ratio work to bring life to movies and TV shows.
The 400Hz Clear Motion Rate technology means that the Samsung UE32D6510 can iron out any fast moving scenes so that hectic action and fast movements of the camera do not leave you feeling dizzy as a result of blurring.

This is particularly important when considering 3D playback because inferior 3D displays can suffer from poor refresh rates, stifling your ability to enjoy the movies and broadcasts which you have paid top dollar to watch.

Smart TV on the UE32D6510 allows web browsing, Skype and Social Networking

One of the biggest advantages of picking the Samsung UE32D6510 over cheaper rivals is that it is part of the manufacturer’s new Smart LED TV range.

By connecting it to the internet using built-in Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable you can download Samsung Apps which cover everything from social networking to online shopping and video on demand services.

Although there are other TVs which have similar web capabilities, few can claim to offer users the ability to surf the internet using a dedicated browser, complete with Flash compatibility.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE32D6510 is a very worthy choice at this price point, giving you much more bang for your buck than its less intelligent rivals.

At 32 inches it may not be suitable for people operating with larger living spaces but if you want 3D and LED technology in your home for a compact viewing area then this is the model to choose.

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