Samsung UE32D6530 Review

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Taking a look at the Samsung UE32D6530 will quickly reveal that the 2011 range of 3D LED TVs from this South Korean manufacturer are going to be difficult to beat.

As well as being able to deliver the latest stereoscopic effects to your living room, you get added perks like a built in Freeview HD tuner for free to air high-def channel viewing, along with web-based features which will keep you entertained even when there is nothing on the standard channels.

Note: Model numbers.
The model reviewed can be found at the Comet store with the model number Samsung UE32D6530WKXXU.

Thin 1.2cm bezel for a near invisible border

The thing which will strike you about the UE32D6530 is not just its slimness, made possible by the LED backlighting, but also the near invisible nature of the border around the edge of the display area.

While some cheap HDTVs can come with incredibly chunky frames which make the screen look like it is hunkered into a big block of plastic, there is just a tiny 1.2 centimetre border around the extremities, letting you give your full concentration to the 32 inch display.

In short, the Samsung UE32D6530 is one of the best looking and most discrete LED TVs on the market.

The UE32D6530 connects to your home broadband for extra services

Samsung has rejuvenated its Internet@TV services this year to bring you Smart TV.

By connecting the Samsung UE32D6530 to your internet connection you can get on demand access to great apps and web services.
For example, you can scan the world using Google Maps, see the latest clips of funny cats on YouTube and even update your Facebook status without having to leave your living room.

Subscribers to LoveFilm will be able to stream movies over the Smart TV platform while the BBC iPlayer catch up service is free to use for everyone and programs look great on the Samsung UE32D6530.

Active 3D Technology

LED 3D TVs are not quite in the mainstream yet but the Samsung UE32D6530 shows that they are becoming much more affordable.

Last year you would have had to spend thousands of pounds on a 40 inch plus plasma TV to enjoy high quality active 3D.
Now the UE32D6530 is here to bring you the latest movies and sports games with a whole new layer of depth at a price point that is easier on the wallet.

The TV delivers crisp, blur-free 3D thanks to its 400Hz Clear Motion Rate technology.
This means when you are playing 3D games or checking out an action film the image will not become distorted or messy every time fast paced images are displayed.

With the 2D to 3D converter you can even add impressive depth to images which are not encoded in 3D. The effects are best seen on 2D Blu rays and it means you will not have to replace your whole collection.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of USB ports for more media playback, Freeview HD for added high-def viewing and energy efficient LED backlighting help to make the Samsung UE32D6530 a very modern TV with its finger on the pulse of style and technology.
If you want a great TV which delivers cutting edge playback in a smaller form factor than most, give this a look.

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