Samsung UE37C5100 LED TV Review

samsung ue37c5100 led tv best price
The Samsung UE37C5100 is an LED TV, although it is important to remember that this refers to the backlighting technology and not to that which provides the individual pixels, as this is still using the LCD technology which HDTVs have harnessed for many years. LED backlighting is less wasteful than alternatives as it converts much more electricity into light, wasting less in heat and consequently has a higher efficiency rating.

37 inch Full HD plus 4 HDMI

The 37 inch screen size is arguably the best choice on the market for the average consumer, as it really offers a far more cinematic experience than the smaller 32 inch screens, whilst not quite dominating a room in the same way as screens of 42 inches and upwards.
The Samsung UE37C5100 has the newly tweaked HyperReal image processing engine and Samsung keeps getting better at making video from any source look alluring, even when you are stuck with standard definition broadcasts or older input devices.
Of course the best results are achieved when you view full HD 1080p content connected via one of the four HDMI ports. Component and composite inputs are available for different devices and you can hook up a media centre PC via the D-Sub input that has its own audio input to boot.

Personal settings galore or just use the pre-sets

You can alter the settings of the Samsung UE37C5100 if you want to make personal adjustments, although there are a number of pre-sets which might suit your needs.
For example, there is a game mode setting that heightens the response rate of the screen and optimises it for high speed, frenetic console titles in high definition. This is obviously not appropriate for every situation and changing between image modes is always a few button presses away.

Digital Optical connection for Surround Sound

There is an optical audio output for providing digital quality audio to any surround sound or hi-fi system that you may own.
Alternatively you can stick with the twin stereo speakers that are hidden within the Samsung UE37C5100 and provide good quality audio for daily use.

USB plus Wireless Connectivity

Samsung is really publicising the connectivity features of its latest LED TV range and the Samsung UE37C5100 is no different in this respect.
You will be able to stick plenty of media files onto a USB memory stick or portable hard drive and then hook said drive up to one of the two USB ports, ready for playback using your remote control.
You can also go wireless if you pick up the separate peripheral from Samsung, allowing you to stream digital content across your home from computers to TV in an appropriately futuristic manner. This is good for those who do not want to keep a PC plugged in next to the Samsung UE37C5100 and will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE37C5100 will for some represent the perfect position in the HDTV market in terms of price and performance, with a 37 inch screen that sports all of Samsung’s latest technical wizardry and a design that will appeal to gadget fans without alienating those who are more interested in kicking back and watching a film without being dazzled by chrome bezels and garish ambient lighting effects.

The added bonus for the design conscious consumer is that the whole TV is just 2.65 centimetres thick, making it look as if it is a very expensive wafer alongside its bulkier stable mates. In short the Samsung UE37C5100 is green, lean and finished to a high sheen.

UE37C5100 Best Price

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Note:The model reviewed here is also known as the UE37C5100Q at some online outlets.