Samsung UE37C5800 LED TV Review

samsung ue37c5800 ledtv best price
If you are yet to trade up to a flat panel TV, or are looking to upgrade from your current plasma or LCD to a higher definition TV, then the Samsung UE37C5800 LED TV is definitely one to consider.

Featuring backlit LED technology, the Samsung UE37C5800 has incredible picture quality and colour definition. The ultra clear panel optimises the light phase and helps to reduce reflection of light from windows and indoor lighting, making the screen even more attractive.

Added to this the TV is full 1080p meaning it is true HD, unlike some lower pixel models which are HD ready but will not give the same picture quality. The 1080p gives around two times the resolution depth of standard HDTV’s and the detail really is astounding.

High Definition Freeview Tuner

To make the most of the HD capabilities of this TV, the Samsung UE37C5800 has built in Freeview HDTV reception.
This enables the user to watch Freeview HDTV channels with no contract or subscription to pay. Some areas may not receive these channels straight away but the programme is being rolled out to the whole of the UK and will soon be available everywhere.

For areas unable to receive the Freeview HDTV straight away, the Samsung UE37C5800 ensures you enjoy the best picture quality possible. If the reception is slightly fuzzy, the built in digital noise filter will reduce the interference and bring you sharp, clear images even with an analogue signal.

Quality Picture Reproduction

Owners of this TV will comment that the colours seem to jump off the screen at them. This is a result of the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology in the Samsung UE37C5800.
This nifty piece of gadgetry analyses every individual pixel of colour and then stretches them to the limit of their 3 dimensional capabilities. This results in the most true to life colours you will ever have seen on any LED TV screen before.

This colour enhancing technology is further complemented with the Samsung HyperReal engine. This groundbreaking technology makes the refresh rates faster and the already fantastic picture quality even more realistic.
The result is truly breathtaking and in terms of HDTV is unrivalled by any other screen on the market.

4 HDMI slots to connect consoles, DVD and Blu-ray Players

The Samsung UE37C5800 makes televisions a multiple use piece of home entertainment.
As well as being suitable for gaming and blu-ray players via the HDMI slot, which itself eliminates the compression experienced with SCART, the TV also sports USB connections allowing users to play music, videos and display photographs from MP3 players, camcorders or PCs.

Save Energy with the UE37C5800

As an added bonus the Samsung UE37C5800 is planet friendly. Its built in Eco Sensor registers the amount of light in the room and adjusts the brightness of the images automatically. This saves energy and means the TV costs much less to run than those which stay needlessly bright all the time.

Final Thoughts

This TV itself is a beautiful thing to own. Ultra slim design coupled with the Crystal TV design of the bezel, which despite looking black is actually made up of multiple colours, give this product a futuristic appearance and make it a pleasure to have it mounted on a living room wall or on it’s supplied stand.

UE37C5800 Best Price

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