Samsung UE37C6530U / UE37C6540 LED TV Review

samsung ue37c6530u ue37c6540 ledtv best price
Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites. There may be a slight difference in the colour of the panel border, so please check with the respective retailer for the full specification.

UE37C6530U – John Lewis, Selfridges, Electrical Experience
UE37C6530 – Amazon, 1staudiovisual, Pixmania, Beyond Television
UE37C6540 – Comet

37 inch Perfect Fit for the Average Room Size

The Samsung UE37C6530 is an LED TV with a 37 inch screen and a cornucopia of features which give it the edge over the competition.

37 inch HDTVs are becoming one of the most popular size brackets because they offer a good display area without looking a little silly when squeezed into smaller spaces. As such they will suit the average consumer well and the Samsung UE37C6530 is definitely close to the top of its class.

Built in High Definition Freeview Player

The Samsung UE37C6530 can display full HD content in its native 1080p resolution and so it will be a great partner to a Blu Ray player or a games console.
If you have neither of the above and are in need of some instant high definition thrills then the built in Freeview HD tuner will be a real asset.

It has the ability to display the HD channels that have only recently become available to Freeview customers without any subscription to pay and it makes separate set top boxes completely obsolete, which will certainly be a useful feature if you want to save space and cash on your HD viewing equipment.

100Hz Motion Plus Refresh Rate and Superb Colour Clarity

The Samsung UE37C6530 attempts to provide next generation image quality with a number of advanced features which work in unison to craft every single pixel to the highest degree of perfection, no matter what you are watching.
Colours are enhanced and vivid in their variety, while the 100Hz Motion Plus technology stops frenetic motion onscreen from causing blurry playback.
The LED backlighting provides bright, adaptive levels of luminosity to the screen and as well as enabling the slim, sexy design of this TV, it also is kinder to the environment than its lamp-lit predecessors and even the outgoing generation of Samsung LED TV’s.

Internet TV at the touch of button

There are two ways to view alternative multimedia content on the Samsung UE37C6530. The first is via the Internet@TV service, which is available to all broadband customers who can snake an Ethernet cable over to the back of their TV or buy the separate Wi-Fi adaptor which plugs into this TV’s USB port.
With Internet@TV you can use a variety of widgets, or small applications, which let you access everything from BBC iPlayer to Facebook.
There are even interactive games, news reports and video streaming services which let you rent movies on offer and it is a great alternative to standard programming.

The second option for alternative content is provided by the All Share feature. This is a wireless platform that lets you view home videos, photos and music on your TV provided you have compatible devices which use the same standard. This means you do not need wires to distribute content around your home.

Use the UE37C6530 Remote for all your Samsung Devices

If you already have some Samsung devices in your living room and you are thinking about adding the Samsung UE37C6530 to the mix, then the Anynet+ inter-device connectivity will definitely be a boon. You can use a single remote to control multiple devices which are compatible with Anynet+ so you no longer need a bundle of different remotes, making the home entertainment experience more streamlined.


The Samsung UE37C6530 is a great HDTV that benefits from LED backlighting technology and online options. The star of the show might arguably be the integrated Freeview HD tuner, as in the long term this will become even more useful, despite the fact that universal UK coverage has yet to arrive.

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