Samsung UE40B6000 LED TV Review


Anybody who has upgraded their old CRT TV set for a new LCD or Plasma screen TV set in recent years will have been struck by the thinness of the new TV in comparison to the old. The advantages of a thin TV are immediately apparent as they take up less space, can be easily attached to the wall, are not as heavy and look so much more stylish. Did you ever wonder how thin a TV could be made? Well, as soon as you see the new Samsung UE40B6000 LED TV you will realise the answer is very thin indeed!

1.2 inch Panel for that Picture Frame Look

At just 29.9mm thick (less than 1.2 inches), the Samsung UE40B6000 makes other so-called slim TVs look bulky. The UE40B6000 is incredibly elegant, as it appears as one single piece of seamless crystal rather than a screen, frame and other parts molded together. Of course, the UE40B6000’s 40-inch screen is large in a way we want a TV to be large, so if you use the nice stand supplied with the set it will still take up a bit of space in the living room. However, it is clear though that whoever conceived the UE40B6000 was picturing their masterpiece being wall-mounted. The incredible slimness screams at you to mount the UE40B6000 onto the wall and Samsung have made this very easy to do. It actually only requires a couple of screws when using the optional WMN1000B wall mount, so it is as easy as putting up a picture. The styling of the UE40B6000 is very nice and it is beautifully surrounded by a transparent rose colour that seems to glow.

LED Backlighting offers improved picture quality combined with lower power consumption

The first question that strikes you when you see the Samsung UE40B6000 LED TV is, how can it be so thin? Indeed, you may wonder where the TV actually is. This question is answered by the new technology that Samsung has used in the creation of the UE40B6000. A normal LCD TV uses a constant backlight that is situated behind the screen (and hence requires a bit of space). The Samsung UE40B6000 LED TV uses multiple LEDs (light emitting diodes) around the edge of the screen. Form is not the only advantage the UE40B6000 gains from using LEDs, as (unlike a constant backlight) the brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted and even turned off completely. This avoids the problem of the backlit LCD screen being too bright and blacks appearing washed out and gray. As such, the UE40B6000 has far more authentic blacks and improved colour contrast. The use of LEDs has also enabled Samsung to produce a more eco-friendly TV, with no paint sprays or mercury and reduced carbon emissions.

4 HDMI Ports & USB Connectivity on the UE40B6000

If you are concerned that the Samsung UE40B6000 LED TV may be a case of style over substance, let’s examine its specifications. The 40-inch screen provides Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 at 100Hz using Samsung Motion Plus technology for a judder free picture. It is also capable of working at 24p True Cinema (24 frames per second), for watching films exactly how they were shot. It has a Mega Contrast ratio feature that will bring out all the shades of gray. Connectivity on the rear of the UE40B600 is good, with 4 HDMI ports (for all those HD devices) and a USB 2.0 port. The USB port can be used to plug in a removable storage device and show off your photographs in spectacular fashion, or to connect an iPod to listen to your music through the UE40B6000’s speakers. It also has Component (Y/Pb/Pr), scart and composite (AV) connections, although these all require a mini-jack. Other ports include a PC input (D-sub), DVI Audio input and optical digital audio. The on-screen settings menu and EPG (electronic programme guide) are all logical and easy to use.


Overall the Samsung UE40B6000 LED TV moves the TV on another step from the current LCD generation. Samsung have made a TV that is great to look at when it is both on and off. Its elegant and staggeringly thin form will make it simultaneously unobtrusive and a stand-out feature of your living room. As well as looking stylish, importantly the UE40B6000 does the basics well too, being easy to use and having excellent connectivity for both HD and standard definition devices. The excellent picture quality, improved contrast and good green credentials it gains from the new LED technology show that LED TVs are the future. In short, even disregarding its good looks, the Samsung UE40B6000 is a good all-round TV, but if you are looking for your TV to be a wall-mounted, elegant addition to your living space, then no other TV even comes close.

Full Specification

Screen Size 40inches Diagonal screen measurement.
Full HD 1080p YES Requires HD receiver for High Definition Broadcasts.
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Refresh Rate 100Hz
Movie Mode 24p Frames per second
Digital Tuner Built In Receive more than 25 Freeview Channels
Speaker Type Down Firing
Speaker Output 10Watts × 2
Woofer YES
Sound Effects YES SRS SRS Trusurround HD & Dolby Digital Plus
HDMI Sockets 4
Optical Digital Audio 1
Audio Out L-R No
D-sub PC input 1
Component 1 Mini Jack (Y/Pb/Pr)
Composite AV 1
Ethernet NO
RF Input 1
CI Slot 1 Common Interface Slot for viewing cards
Scart 1 Mini Jack
Electronic Program Guide YES
Internet@ TV NO
Content Library NO
BD Wise YES Helps in the connection of DVD Players etc.
Sleep Timer YES
Auto Channel Search YES
Auto Power Off YES
Anynet+ YES
Game Mode YES
Teletext YES 1000p
Panel Design
Ultra Slim Flat Screen
Colour Rose Black
Base Stand YES Crystal Glass neck swivel stand
Weight with Stand 18.4kg
Weight without Stand 14.7kg
Panel Size without Stand W × H × D 983mm ×631 mm × 30mm
Samsung UE40B6000 Dimensions
Samsung UE40B6000 Dimensions

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