Samsung UE40C5100 LED TV Review


The Samsung UE40C5100 is a 40 inch full HD display with LED technology that gives it a razor sharp look both literally and metaphorically. It does not come with a bloated amount of extra features and as such is a great choice for anyone who wants a TV that performs precisely as you would expect and has an appropriately pocket-friendly price.

Note: This telly is the same model UE40C5100Q that you may have seen in-store at John Lewis.

Easy on the eye, on or off wall

The 40 inch widescreen display is about 75 per cent slimmer than other non-LED TVs, which means it will sit well if mounted on a wall and is compatible with the ultra slim wall mounts that have become popular since the first LED TVs emerged.
If you choose to leave it on its square stand it will still look reserved without being bland and its dark grey bezel gives a hint of grandeur to the Samsung UE40C5100 when it is inactive.
You will obviously pay little attention to the look of the thing when it is turned on, but it is nice to know that it should slot comfortably into the decor of most modern living rooms and it will certainly share a general aesthetic thrust with other Samsung devices.

Help the Planet – Low Carbon Footprint

Because this is an LED TV, it uses a significantly lower proportion of energy than its non-LED alternatives and it is one of the many products which Samsung stamps with its ‘Planet First’ badge.
This acts as a reassurance that Samsung has done everything it can to ensure not only that the Samsung UE40C5100 will operate as efficiently as possible, but also that the process of producing the TV and getting it to its distributors has a smaller carbon footprint than you might otherwise have assumed.

4 HDMI plus Freeview

You can plug up to four different HDMI cables into the Samsung UE40C5100, which should let you watch movies, play games and view TV all in high definition without having to swap cables around.
If you do not currently own any devices that are compatible with HDMI, then you have the option of using composite and component cables.

There is also an aerial socket and a built-in Freeview tuner.

Wireless and USB Connectivity

The Samsung UE40C5100 does not support network connectivity via an Ethernet cable as do some of the more expensive additions to the Samsung range.
However, it is compatible with the Wi-Fi adaptor that slots into one of the USB ports and with this you can access a range of streaming potential if you have a wireless network set up in your home. It will be possible to watch videos, listen to music and view photos that you have stored on other networked devices, such as smartphones or computers.
If this all sounds a little above your understanding, you can always plug in a USB memory stick and view content directly. Either of these options will make it easier for you to share media with your family and it is particularly useful to counteract the problem of not finding anything to watch on the TV.

Final Thoughts

This set has become a firm favourite here at . The UE40C5100 offers all that any home desires to upgrade their telly to a Full HD 40 inch model with a stunning picture without breaking the bank.

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