Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV Review

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The country is witnessing the dawn of a new era. Region by region, we are converting from analogue to digital television signals. And the Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV is the kind of new technology that makes this national upgrade all the more exciting.

Let’s begin with the design, which is elegant and slim. Indeed the depth is less than 30 mm.

The 40-inch screen is framed in a simple Rose Black border. Despite the impressive size Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV blends into any home.

True Colour, Contrast and Clarity

Of course, it’s what’s on the inside that puts this model ahead. Samsung’s cutting edge science is there to make the most of your viewing experience.
Firstly there’s that crisp picture, scoring top grades in all 3 ‘Cs’, that’s colour, contrast and clarity.

Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer does what it says on the tin and gives a richness of hue as close to the real world as any of today’s televisions can achieve.
The LED’s excellent backlighting has a mega contrast ratio, meaning the whites are whiter and the blacks are blacker. The screen is a full 1920 by 1080 pixels in size.
This means twice the resolution of ordinary HD televisions currently on the market.

150 Clear Motion Rate

This TV is smart too, it can correct errors.
Its 150 clear motion capability avoids the kind of pixilation you sometimes see on lesser makes. This is particularly helpful for sports fans or lovers of action movies, where fast movement seems to cause parts of the picture to slow down.

So, the picture is sharp as crystal and a mega 40 inches across.
That may sound enough but the Samsung UE40C5800 LED TV has a lot more going for it than that. The model has all the latest features, turning television from a passive pursuit to an exciting activity.

The UE40C5800 connects to your Digital Devices

The technology enables the owner to connect to all kinds of other digital devices.
Photos, music and films can all be easily transferred from your home computer, laptop or even your mobile. It can also connect to several computers at the same time.
While this uploading used to be something of a chore, involving various cables, the Samsung UE40C5800 can do these jobs easily and wirelessly, opening up opportunities for fun with family and friends.

Freeview HD plus Dolby Digital Sound

The Samsung UE40C5800 arrives in its box not only Wi-Fi ready but also with HD Freeview built in. Any channel with high definition signals is accessible, including all the big names in broadcasting.

The sound system has stereo with Dolby Digital Plus. There are two speakers and the surround mode is built in. The list of features goes on to include AllShare, a HyperReal Engine, ConnectShare Movie and PlanetFirst.

Connections Galore

For those who like to check the back of the set before the front, this TV has 4 HDMI ports (compared to the industry standard of 2), 2 USB ports, 1 video input, 1 composite video/audio input, a 21-pin scart, 1 digital audio output, a set of headphones for when you need to keep the noise down, 1 VGA input and 1 audio line-in.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a quality panel and are not too bothered at having the bells and whistles internet connectivity that features on the more expensive Samsung LED tellys then the UE40C5800 will definitely fit the bill.
Combine the stunning aesthetic design with one of the best pictures on the market in this price range and you are looking at a worthy addition to your home entertainment hub.

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