Samsung UE40C6530U / UE40C6540 LED TV Review

samsung ue40c6530u ue40c6540 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE40C6530 LED TV combines elegance and operational excellence, to become one of the best 40 inch HDTVs on the market. Of course not every TV is right for every person and there are some features which might make this set right for some and not for others, but in general it is a sterling addition to the current Samsung line-up.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The model reviewed here is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites. There may be a slight difference in the colour of the panel border, so please check with the respective retailer for the full specification.

UE40C6530U – John Lewis, Selfridges, Electrical Experience
UE40C6530 – Amazon, 1staudiovisual, Pixmania, Beyond Television
UE40C6540 – Comet

LED Technology allows for a slimmer TV

If you have not encountered an LED TV in the past, it is worth outlining what makes this technological advance special. Previously most manufacturers relied on some form of lamp to illuminate their TVs to give the viewer something to look at, but now a growing selection of new TVs are arriving with LED backlighting technology, which relies upon hundreds of tiny light emitting diodes (LEDs).
These take up much less space than the lamps and they also waste less energy as heat, so you get a slimmer, cooler, greener TV as a result.
The Samsung UE40C6530 is one such high tech device and it does not make any concessions when it comes to image quality, so it is perfect for casual viewers as well as cinematic aficionados.

High Definition Freeview Player Included

The Samsung UE40C6530 supports full HD 1080p resolutions, so you can watch Blu-Ray films in the manner intended by their producers. However, if you have yet to invest in a Blu-Ray player there is another option for accessing high definition content straight from day one and that comes in the form of an integrated Freeview HD tuner.
This lets you watch high definition channels from a number of broadcasters without having to pay for the privilege.
Not only will you get subscription free HD access, but you will also be able to ditch the separate set top box, which can cost an arm and a leg if you are itching to get terrestrial HD programming in your home.

Superb Picture Clarity

Picture fidelity is given a great deal of attention by the Samsung UE40C6530, as it combines several processes to each frame in a tiny fraction of a second to ensure that each pixel looks as good as possible.
A five million to one dynamic contrast ratio will give you inky blacks and shining whites and the Wide Colour Enhancer adds another dimension to the colour pallet. Furthermore the panel has been produced with extra clarity to negate the impact of glare and give you perfect results every time.

Get online services via your Home Broadband

You can connect various HD-ready devices to the Samsung UE40C6530 via one of the four HDMI inputs, or alternatively take your TV online using the Internet@TV service provided to Samsung customers.
This is an impressive interactive feature that does not rely on traditional broadcasters but takes all of its content from the internet via your broadband connection.
You are able to watch films, TV shows, video clips and much more from the likes of the BBC and YouTube and stay informed via news and weather applications, or look at the pictures uploaded by your mates on Facebook.

Conclusions on the Samsung UE40C6530

The Samsung UE40C6530 is a great choice in the 40 inch screen size bracket, as it has a truckload of features and a display that will not look inappropriate in smaller rooms.
When you consider the internet connectivity and on demand video services that you can access without any extra set top boxes, in addition to the Freeview HD tuner, there are several good reasons to get out your wallet.

UE40C6530 / UE40C6540 Best Price

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