Samsung UE40C8000 LED 3DTV Review

samsung ue40c8000 led tv best price
The Samsung UE40C8000 LED TV is one of a new range that is designed to astound your senses, thanks to its 3D display capabilities and well proportioned 40 inch screen size.
You will struggle to find a more capable television in this price range and if you bear in mind that you will pay more because of its high end capabilities, then it will definitely strike a chord with you.

Superior 3D Picture

Before we get into the design or picture quality, it is worth talking about the 3D capabilities of the Samsung UE40C8000.
You may have seen a 3D film at the cinema, but this is one of the first TVs to let you take that eye-popping experience and bring it into the comfort of your own home. You will need to buy some 3D glasses in order to view the 3D effects, just like you do at the cinema and as such each member of your family will probably be clamouring for this accessory.
There is plenty of 3D content out there, with an ever-growing library of 3D films coming to Blu Ray in full HD and 3D games arriving on the PlayStation 3, to make the experience even more interactive and immersive.
You will soon be able to get pay TV in 3D with live sport and films, this is an effect that you can enjoy right now or at a later date when you have the necessary equipment.

The UE40c8000 offers the latest in 3D Technology in a truly slimline panel

The Samsung UE40C8000 is an LED TV, which means that rather than using bulky old backlighting technology, it has eco-friendly LEDs mounted behind the display. This gives you greater energy efficiency and a build that is slimmer than anything offered by the previous generation.
All of this is afforded without any reduction in picture quality or contrast and you can also enjoy the benefits of a much more aesthetically pleasing device, which looks classy and powerful wherever it is placed.
Extra augmentations like the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and the HyperReal Engine, creating a broad, comprehensive feature set which give stunning results whatever you choose to watch.

Fully Featured Home Media Centre

After you have exhausted your Blu Ray collection and sieved the TV guide for any shred of entertainment, you can always turn to the Internet@TV service, which is integrated into the Samsung UE40C8000. This lets you take your TV online and then access a whole host of top media all using your remote control.
You can watch your favourite soaps and dramas on the BBC iPlayer, stream clips from YouTube and keep up with the latest happenings on Twitter.
If you wish, you can even view your Facebook profile on the big screen and check out the weather and news from reputable outlets. This online service can either be delivered via an Ethernet cable hooked up to the TV’s dedicated port, or you can slip in the separate USB Wi-Fi adaptor, which is sold as an accessory to completely remove wires from the equation.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE40C800 is a top of the line device that beats most of the non-3D TVs of an equivalent screen size.
This panel is truly stunning and will appeal to consumers who require the media and internet features that allowing connection to not only a range of online services such as Skype but will also seamlessly let you share music and photos on your home network.

There are other 3D TVs out there, but this provides a balance between price and performance and packs in more versatile capabilities than most of its direct rivals.

UE40C8000 Best Price

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Note: The panel reviewed here is the same model that is available in John Lewis department stores but may be labeled as the UE40C8000X.

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