Samsung UE40D6100 Review

samsung ue40d6100 review ue40d6100skxxu
The Samsung UE40D6100 is a surprisingly affordable 40 inch LED TV which pulls out all the stops to deliver active 3D playback for film buffs and sports fans to appreciate in their own homes.

This is definitely at the bottom of the 3D market in terms of price, but despite this it still manages to bring a whole range of modern features to the table which will make the viewing experience a blast.

Note: Model Numbers Explained

The model UE40D6100 that features in this review is available at various retailers but may have different model numbers shown on the LED TV’s in their store floor rooms or on their websites.

UE40D6100 – Dixons, Currys,John Lewis, Best Buy, Tesco
UE40D6100SKXXU – Amazon, Comet, Argos, Laskys

Stylish 3D telly

The Samsung UE40D6100 is fittingly stylish and proves that Samsung is continually delivering some of the best looks on the market across its product range.

A slim black bezel surrounds the display, fading out to a clear plastic around the edge. This is mirrored by the stand, which has a clear stem and a sturdy rectangular black base.

While some LED TVs can be a little flashy and distracting, the Samsung UE40D6100 keeps things relatively simple, with its side-on thinness and unobtrusive front end angles working well in typical living spaces.

200Hz engine produces clear smooth images

The 40 inch display of the Samsung UE40D6100 can pump out full HD 1080p video and has an effective 200Hz refresh rate, bringing smooth images to your eyes even when there is lots of movement and action onscreen.

The edge lit LED backlighting helps to enhance the impact of the colours and the same goes for the contrast ratio, which brings bright images to life while adding the appropriate levels of murkiness to darker scenes.

Reasonable 3D experience at this price point

The Samsung UE40D6100 is an active 3D TV which means each viewer will need to wear battery-powered glasses to enjoy the fully synchronised 3D experience. It may come with one or two pairs, but you will have to buy additional specs so that the whole family can get involved.

3D playback is good for this price, with the refresh rate just about able to iron out any image crosstalk and blurring.

At this price point you might be looking at alternative LED TVs which use passive 3D technology and while these may have cheaper glasses, the actual image resolution will be much lower than that shown on the Samsung UE40D6100 during 3D playback.

Freeview HD is available direct on the Samsung UE40D6100 so for 2D high def viewing you need only hook up your current aerial.

The UE40D6100 has impressive Smart TV apps plus connect USB memory devices

This set also benefits from access to Samsung’s Smart TV service, which means you can go on Facebook and Twitter, stream movies and shows from YouTube and iPlayer, or add even more little programs to your television via your internet connection.

If you have a portable hard drive you can plug it into one of the TV’s USB ports and set up various recordings for when you are away and do not want to miss your favourite shows, which is a nice touch.

UE40D6100 Key features

  • 40 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • HyperReal Engine & Wide Colour Enhancer for improved graphics
  • 200 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • High Def Freeview Tuner
  • SRS TheatreSound HD to help with the poor sound associated with slim panels
  • 10w × 2 speakers
  • Smart TV
  • Samsung Apps
  • Smart Hub
  • BBC iPlayer – YES
  • 3D – YES
  • Skype – NO
  • Wireless LAN Support – YES
  • USB – 1
  • HDMI – 4 Ports
  • Scart – YES 1

>>>> Full UE40D6100 Specs

Final Thoughts

If you are on a limited budget but still want big screen 3D thrills then the Samsung UE40D6100 will probably be right up your street.

It has all the bells and whistles you would expect from an LED TV at the top end of the market, including the class-leading Smart TV net service, but it bundles all this into a package which is conscious of keeping your bank manager happy.
3D performance is not as good as some higher spec tellys and is thus reflected in the price.

UE40D6100 Best Price

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