Samsung UE40D6510 Review

samsung ue40d6510 ledtv best price
The Samsung UE40D6510 is a clever, modern HDTV which uses a combination of LED backlighting and 3D readiness to blow the competition out of the water.

Its 40 inch display is more than big enough to bring the experience of the cinema into your living room and the fact that it is compatible with 3D content means that even if you do not have a compatible 3D playback device at the moment, you have the option to upgrade in the future.

Since this is an LED TV it will definitely be eye catching thanks to its sheer slimness.
The LED backlighting has localised dimming which allows for an enhanced contrast without resulting in any light bleed or haloing.
If you have not experienced an LED TV in the past then this basically means that the dark bits of the onscreen image will look as they should while the lighter areas are given the brightness they deserve, all in real time.

Note: The model reviewed is available at some stores including Comet as model UE40D6510WKXXU.

Smart TV opens a host of viewing opportunities

The Samsung UE40D6510 is part of the Smart TV range from Samsung, although the best way to unlock its full potential is to connect it you your broadband service via an Ethernet cable.

Once you are able to take the TV online you will open up a whole new level of entertainment.
The Samsung UE40D6510 has a built in web browser, so you can surf all of your favourite sites and access Flash content, just like you would on your PC or laptop.

Skype functionality will let you make HD video calls if you invest in the separately available webcam and there is even social networking available straight out of the box, with support for microblogging site Twitter and everyone’s favourite, Facebook.

Impressive 3D plus 2D conversion

The 3D capabilities are impressive; with its high 400Hz refresh rate and image processing allowing you to enjoy 3D movies and broadcasts without any of the crosstalk and blurring which can hamper the experience on less capable 3D LED TVs.

The Samsung UE40D6510 can even take flat 2D images and give them depth thanks to intelligent conversion. This means you can reinvigorate your ageing DVD collection with new life on this new TV.

Plenty of options on the UE40D6510

Even if you cannot get your Samsung UE40D6510 connected to broadband or a 3D Blu Ray player then there are still more ways to enjoy high definition content on its 40 inch display.

Firstly it has Freeview HD built in so that you can get your eyes around high def channels without having to foot a monthly bill for a subscription service.

Secondly there are USB ports available which will let you playback content stored on a memory stick or portable hard drive. Finally with Samsung’s AllShare service enabled it will be easier than ever to share content between compatible devices, like mobile phones and camcorders.


The Samsung UE40D6510 has all you could want from a modern TV; LED backlighting, 3D compatibility, advanced web services and a plethora of extras which all come bundled under a price that is definitely at the appealing end of the market.
If you are in the market and looking for something a little different, then the crystal white design of this set may well suit your requirements.

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