Samsung UE40D8000 Review

The Samsung UE40D8000 is close to the top of the range of 3D LED TVs currently offered by this South Korean electronics giant.
It has all the high end functionality you can imagine and some you will not have even thought of. It also has a super sleek, sexy deign which will leave many tech fans drooling.

So let us dive in and see what treats the Samsung UE40D8000 has in store.

Note: The model reviewed is available at Comet and Laskys as model UE40D8000YUXXU.

Micro Dimming plus 800Hz refresh rate produces stunning results

Firstly its 40 inch screen is big without being domineering and will make a good companion for a capable home cinema setup.
It features Samsung’s Ultra Clear Panel technology along with Ultra Contrast while the LED backlighting is modulated with Micro Dimming which will enhance the whites while keeping the blacks suitably dark in even the most busy onscreen image.

Its 800Hz refresh rate is a step above many other Samsung TVs and it ensures that there is virtually no chance of blurring or distortion affecting the onscreen image, which is particularly important when you are watching things in 3D.

So far the Samsung UE40D8000 has been suitably lauded, but the surface of its functionality has barely been scratched.

Connect to your home network for full web browsing

Next up there are the things it does to earn its stamp as a Smart TV.
It has an Ethernet port on the rear but unlike many alternatives it also has Wi-Fi connectivity built in.

This means you can get it hooked up to your broadband router by whatever means is the most convenient for you.

With the internet enabled the Samsung UE40D8000 comes alive, giving you access to Samsung Apps which support everything from social networking to video chatting, with on demand video support thrown in free of charge.

You can also surf full websites using the built-in browser, which means you will not have to go running for your laptop every time you want to check something online.

The UE40D8000 stands out as a pure thing of beauty

The looks and style of the Samsung UE40D8000 are hard to match.
The LED backlighting allows for more efficient operation and also means that it is several centimetres slimmer than previous generations of HDTVs. The four-pronged stand included in the package is sturdy and has a premium finish while the slim border around the edge of the display is barely noticeable.

One set of glasses supplied if you want to watch in 3D

As part of the retail package you will get a set of active shutter glasses bundled with the Samsung UE40D8000.
If you want more people to enjoy its 3D capabilities then you will need to buy extra sets of glasses.
These synchronise to create the stereoscopic effects using Bluetooth connectivity, which means you will get pristine 3D images every step of the way.


The Samsung UE40D8000 is an understandably attractive package, coming into the market at a price point which definitely justifies all of the impressive features.
It may not be for everyone and its 3D playback may put off all but the earliest of adopters, but for most the Samsung UE40D8000 will represent a good choice for the future and not just a set which will help you get by today.

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