Samsung UE46C5100 LED TV Review

samsung ue46c5100 led tv best price
The Samsung UE46C5100 has a premium design that is simple and unassuming.
It is finished in dark plastic, with Samsung claiming that it has been inspired by natural designs. This is slightly misleading, as the Samsung UE46C5100 is definitely a modern piece of technology that only echoes the colder, harder, more refined elements of the natural world, such as rock.
This all pulls together to create a television that is very easy on the eye and its slim build will help it look expansive without feeling clunky or ostentatious.

Large 46 inch screen with built-in Freeview

At the heart of the Samsung UE46C5100 is its 46 inch screen, which will look quite large in the average living room and will benefit from being viewed in bigger spaces.
Despite its considerable size, it is under three centimetres thick because of the slim LED backlighting. Its native resolution is 1080p, so you will be able to view high definition content on Blu Rays in the manner which the creators intended and it is able to deal with standard definition signals well, with the image processing engine working hard to squeeze as much detail as possible from TV broadcasts.

Thankfully there is an onboard Freeview tuner, which will pick up multiple channels where coverage is available.

Superior Colour Reproduction and Deep Blacks

The Samsung UE46C5100 has Samsung’s HyperReal Engine onboard, which combines with the wide colour enhancer to make every frame, particularly if it is provided via HDMI, look crisp, clear and uncannily realistic. The contrast ratio is also good for its class and the LED backlighting is cleverly applied to give you deep blacks and bright whites without causing the light to bleed excessively.

Play various media via USB and includes 4 HDMI Ports

The Samsung UE46C5100 has a total of four HDMI ports on offer, which is about the standard for HDTVs of all sizes and price ranges and most people will find this perfectly adequate for their needs.
On top of this you get component and composite video inputs for older DVD players and camcorders and there is also an analogue input that lets you hook up a computer for big screen thrills.

The inputs are rounded off with the inclusion of two USB ports, which you can use to playback movies and view still images that you may have stored on a USB memory stick.

Wireless Connectivity

Those who are particularly enterprising might find it useful to invest in a Wi-Fi adaptor which Samsung sells for use with the Samsung UE46C5100, as this will make it even easier to share media between your home computers, portable devices and TV, with full streaming of audio and video files available.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE46C5100 is part of the 5 Series range of LED TV’s that Samsung has recently launched in order to cater to the demands of the market for the next 12 months. It couples large screen size with a wealth of features that make it an excellent all-rounder and Samsung has trimmed out the higher end features that for the most part would be luxuries rather than essentials, so the cost of the set is kept affordable.

UE46C5100 Best Price

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Note:The model reviewed here is also known as the UE46C5100Q at some outlets.