Samsung UE46C7000 LED 3DTV Review

samsung ue46c7000 led 3dtv best price
This 3D ready LED TV from Samsung is one of the first wave of televisions to come with the 3D technology necessary to take advantage of the next step in home entertainment.

Although this is ostensibly at the lower end of the range, that position is only relative to the other 3D TVs and in reality the Samsung UE46C7000 is close to the top of the line.

Stunning Slimline Design

The 46 inch display of the Samsung UE46C7000 is large without being overwhelming and only a few years ago you would have had to shell out for a plasma screen in order to get a display of this size.
Now with the advances in LCD technology this gorgeous TV can exist and its slim design is made even more impressive thanks to the inclusion of LED backlighting.
This allows a frame depth of just a hair over two and a half centimetres and if you are thinking about mounting this on a wall the slender Samsung UE46C7000 will sit flush and barely peek out when viewed from the side.

3D HyperReal Processing produces beautiful images

The Samsung UE46C7000 comes with Samsung’s latest image processor called the 3D HyperReal Engine.
Without getting too technical, this boils down to a viewing experience in which colour, contrast and image resolution are all beautifully adjusted without requiring much user input.

Whether you are watching a 3D Blu Ray movie from a compatible player or catching up on the news in standard definition, this television will make the whole experience look as good as possible.
d and Standard High Def

As with all current 3D LED TV’s, you will need to wear special glasses if you want to see the effect and that means you will need to buy more if you want to share the experience with friends and family.

The Samsung UE46C7000 has an integrated Freeview tuner that is ready for the Freeview HD broadcasts that will be rolling out across the country over the next few years. This will allow you to watch high definition channels without the need for a subscription or a separate set top box. At the moment there are no 3D channels available on Freeview, but there are currently plans to bring 3D content in the future, so more functionality may be unlocked as time passes.

Save electricity with this power saving TV

Samsung has worked hard to make sure that the UE46C7000 is progressive not just in the home entertainment experience it can produce, but also in the efficiency of all of its components.
This basically means that it estimates the current range of televisions are 50 per cent more energy efficient than those it produced a year ago, so the Samsung UE46C7000 will use 50 per cent less energy than the equivalent TV set that arrived this time last year.
Although green issues may not be a major concern, you will not even have to act in order to save energy with the Samsung UE46C7000.

Supports Internet TV

The Samsung UE46C7000 supports a service called Internet@TV, which is integrated into many of Samsung’s high end sets.
This service is constantly growing and its offerings are becoming more appealing as Samsung wins new partners.

At the moment you can hook up the UE46C7000 to your broadband connection via cable or a separate Wi-Fi adaptor and then access a range of entertainment content from services such as BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm, YouTube and many more.

This basically means you can have access to a world of on-demand video content without having to rely on a separate set top box, so you should always find something to watch.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market to embrace the latest 3DTV technology then bigger is definitely better. 3D tellys rarely come in under 40 inches and the reason for this is because you need a large screen to get any real benefits of watching 3D content.
This is where the UE46C7000 comes to the fore. The picture quality is absolutely stunning and the larger screen size will produce the best 3D effects.

UE46C7000 Best Price

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