Samung UE40D7000 3D TV Review

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It is probably sensible to touch on the overall design and build quality of the Samsung UE40D7000 since this is what will first strike new owners.

From the side its slimness will be particularly stunning, although this is something claimed by most other LED TVs.

The tiny margin around the edge of the display is another impressive feature. While lower end TVs can have quite chunky surrounds, the UE40D7000 does not suffer from this kind of unsightly design.
The four pronged stand features a gentle metallic finish and the whole thing is effortlessly stylish.

Note: The model reviewed is available at Comet as model UE40D7000LUXXU.

The UE40D7000 connects instantly to your home broadband without the need for extra components

The Samsung UE40D7000 is part of Samsung’s gradually expanding Smart TV range and if you are thinking about upgrading you really need to invest in this kind of technology to make your home entertainment system bang up to date.

While you can connect the Samsung UE40D7000 to your broadband service via a network cable, the fact that it includes Wi-Fi built in will negate the need for this, as long as you have a decent wireless router at home.
Cheaper models will be Wi-Fi compatible, but you will have to fork out for the separate dongle, upping the price, but that is not necessary here.

Once you are online you will be able to browse the web, download apps, post updates to social networking services and stream video from popular services like 4OD and the iPlayer from the BBC.

Of course you do not need to go online to access great content in HD on your Samsung UE40D7000.
You can also enjoy both Freeview HD and Freesat HD without the need for separate set top boxes and tuners.
This means your standard aerial or satellite dish will be able to receive many high quality HD channels without the expense of a subscription service.

3D ready but you will have to purchase extra 3D specs

The Samsung UE40D7000 is a 3D LED TV so if you have a 3D Blu Ray player, 3D subscription package or a PlayStation 3 then you will be able to delve into a world of stereoscopic depth in your own home.

The UE40D7000 comes with a set of active 3D specs but you will need to pick up extra pairs for anyone else who wants to watch.
The 800Hz Clear Motion Rate means that there will never be any blurring or ghosting to spoil your 3D viewing experience and the already impressive image quality supplied by the Samsung UE40D7000 will be enhanced further.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung UE40D7000 is a well equipped HDTV which features support for 3D playback, full HD 1080p content and even Freeview HD broadcasts.
All of this functionality is squeezed into a very thin package, which is a feat made possible thanks to the LED backlighting which brings improved contrast and brightness to the Ultra Clear LCD Panel.

If you want a no expense spared home theatre experience then the Samsung UE40D7000 is the TV for you. Its 40 inch display is big enough to give films and games the space they deserve and its plethora of added functions are the icing on a satisfying electronic cake.

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