Sharp Aquos LE600E Series LED TV

Sharp have gone a step further than their rivals Samsung in the current race to produce the perfect picture on an LED lit LCD television. Whereas Samsung have opted for edge- lit LED panels Sharps latest Aquos LE600E range feature Full Back-lit technology.

Sharp LE600E Series
Sharp LE600E Series

Full Backlit LED panels differ from Egde-lit in that the whole of the panel is filled with rows of light emitting diodes or LEDs that illuminate the panel from the rear resulting in better quality bright or dark portions of a scene.
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Unfortunately Full Backlighting LED TVs such as the Sharp range are not as thin as there Edge Lit counterparts. Whereas the latest Samsung LED televisions are an ultra thin 1.2 inches the Sharp LE600E range of sets are about 3.5 inches deep.
Considering that even the latest LCD tvs manage about 4 inches in depth this should not represent a problem unless you are looking for a wall mounted solution that has to be as flush to the wall as possible.

Sharp LE600E Main Features

  • Full Screen LED backlight
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • Ultra Bright White LEDs
  • HD Ready 1080p
  • Brilliant Colour Processor
  • Mega Contrast
  • New X-GEN panel
  • Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound
  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • 2 SCART Inputs

Overall the LE600E series offer the price conscious consumer great value if you are looking for the latest in LED TV technology but are prepared to put up with the low refresh rate of 50Hz.
Under normal viewing there is no way that a 50Hz panel is last years technology, but if you are a sports or movie fanatic and you want a better experience, especially in fast paced sports or film action scenes then you may be better off going the extra mile and investing in a 100hz LED TV.

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