Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV Review

sharp lc46le700e led tv
The world of televisions is an ever-changing race between many competing manufacturers, technologies and designs that it is very hard to keep track of.
For the average consumer, who buys a new TV only once in a while, so doesn’t necessarily keep track of all the changes and upgrades since they last bought a TV, the plethora of offerings can be most confusing.

However, if you are looking for a good TV that has the most up to date technology incorporated into it, then the Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV could be the one for you.

46 inch 1080p LED TV with 4 HDMI and USB

Before we talk about what’s particularly new and exciting about the Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV, let’s start with the basics.
The excellent 46-inch screen, which is a good size for large living rooms and home cinemas, is, of course, Full HD with 1080p resolution. That’s the best resolution currently available and ideal if you have a Blu-Ray player or an HD gaming console.

In addition, the Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV also has 100Hz technology and a 4ms response rate, which recreates high speed images in a natural way to reduce motion blur. This makes it the ideal set for watching fast-moving sporting events and action films.

On the practical side, it has 4 HDMI ports for connecting all those HD peripherals as well as USB input for JPG and MP3 playback. In short, it is a good all-round HDTV.

Backlighting LEDs for Superior Blacks

With that out of the way, let’s consider what makes the Sharp LC46LE700E TV truly special. This begins with the new backlight LED TV technology.
Now, normally in an LCD TV the backlight is a fluorescent light, called a cold cathode fluorescent lamp, or CCFL for short.
In the Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV, it is not.
Instead it is an array of hundreds of LEDs (light emitting diodes) that cover the whole screen from corner to corner. A normal LCD TV with a CCFL suffers from poor contrast ratios because of the glow from the CCFL, which makes the picture washed-out and grey.
The use of an LED backlight greatly reduces this problem, producing a much better contrast ratio (mega contrast in fact) and much deeper blacks as a result. This makes it much more suitable for a home cinema set-up, where deep blacks can be very important.

As the LEDs can also be very bright when required, one of the main advantages of an LCD TV, the brightness, is not lost, so the Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV is an appropriate TV for everyday TV viewing in brightly-lit rooms and from a variety of angles.

Power Friendly

LED backlights are generally more efficient than CCFLs anyway, but the Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV increases this efficiency further by incorporating the new X-GEN panel.
This has a wider pixel aperture, which allows more light through.
This means that bright images can be achieved using less bright LEDs, further lowering the power consumption.
This is an excellent feature, as before having an eco-friendly TV meant having the ability to lower the power of the lamp, thus reducing the brightness of the image.

But with this technological combination the power consumption has been lowered with no loss of brightness. In fact, this eco-friendliness is applied to all aspects of the TV, including the manufacture, for example no mercury is used and the TV has several eco-features and options.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Sharp LC46LE700E LED TV passes almost every modern test of a TV, including Full HD 1080p picture, 100Hz technology, HDMI connection, excellent contrast ratio and brightness, as well as being eco-friendly and having low power consumption.

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