Sony KDL-46X4500 LED TV Review

The Sony KDL-46X4500 LED TV is a 46-inch TV from Sony that uses an LED-backlit LCD display. These displays are often called LED TVs, but this is not strictly the correct name as they are still LCD TVs, it’s just that the illumination is provided by LED, instead of CCFL as it would be with normal LCD displays.

LED Backlighting for Superior Picture

The LED backlight is definitely the KDL-46X4500’s stand out feature. It uses RGB (red, green, blue) dynamic LED technology to illuminate the screen.
The primary advantage of this method is that the LEDs are able to react to what is happening on the screen, meaning they can be turned off momentarily in areas of the image that are dark.

This provides greatly superior blacks that traditional CCFL-backlit LCD screens, which are constantly illuminated and therefore suffer from washed out blacks that appear grey.

Also, by using a combination of red, green and blue LEDs, instead of just white ones, the KDL-46X4500 is able to produce a much wider array of colours. The upshot of all this LED technology is that the dynamic contrast ratio is over 1,000,000:1, meaning you can enjoy your TV programs, Blu-Ray discs and video games, just as they were intended.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

In addition to this the LED backlight also has the advantage of using less power than a conventional CCFL LCD TV. This not only saves you money on your electricity bills, but also reduces your carbon footprint, helping to save the environment.

100Hz Motionflow for Flicker Free Scenes

As well as the LED backlight the Sony KDL-46X4500 also features Motionflow Pro 100Hz technology for smoother, flicker-free motion, 1080p Full HD resolution and the powerful Bravia Engine 2 PRO processor.

Even if it wasn’t for the LED technology the Sony KDL-46X4500 would match up well to most other modern TVs. It has Full HD 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 4 HDMI ports, so it is fully ready for HD TV signals, Blu-Ray movies and HD games consoles.

The 100Hz Motionflow Pro technology will be of particular interest to sports fans, action movie lovers and high-definition gamers. This technology doubles the frame rate of a standard TV reducing motion blur and flicker, so high-speed images appear smooth and lifelike.

For film-lovers the 24p True Cinema mode will appeal. This allows films to be watched at 24 frames per second, which is just how the director intended, as it is how they are displayed at the cinema and not at the conventional 25 frames per second of standard TV.

KDL46X4500 Boasts an Array of Connectors

The TV has all the connections you may need, including component, composite, PC and two scart inputs, as well as a USB 2.0 media port so you can connect your iPod, or use the TV to show off your digital photos.

In addition it has DLNA home networking technology so you can enjoy music and photo content from your computer over your home network. Of course, a standard definition digital Freeview tuner is built-in so you will have no worries regarding the digital switchover.


Overall the Sony KDL-46X4500 is an excellent LED TV that stands out from the crowd due to the superior contrast ratio and low power consumption provided to it by the LED-backlit LCD technology it uses.

Full Specification

Screen Size 46 inches Diagonal screen measurement.
Full HD 1080p YES Requires HD receiver for High Definition Broadcasts.
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Refresh Rate 100Hz
Movie Mode 24p Frames per second
Digital Tuner Built In
Speaker Type Front
Speaker Output 10Watts × 2
Woofer YES
Sound Effects YES S-Force  Front Surround
HDMI Sockets 4
Optical Digital Audio 1
Audio Out L-R YES
D-sub PC input YES
PC Audio Input YES
Composite Video In YES
Component Inputs 2
Composite AV 1
DNLA Ethernet YES
RF Input YES
PCMCIA Slot 1 Common Interface Slot for viewing cards
Scart 2 RGB
Electronic Program Guide YES
Internet@ TV NO
Digital Media Port YES
Content Library NO
Bravia Sync YES Helps in the connection of DVD Players etc.
Sleep Timer YES
Auto Channel Search YES
Auto Power Off YES
Bravia Sync YES HDMI-CEC
Game Mode YES
Teletext YES 1000p
Panel Design
Ultra Slim Flat Screen
Colour Midnight Sky
Base Stand YES
Weight with Stand 38kg
Weight without Stand 33kg
Panel Size without Stand W × H × D 1259mm ×685 mm ×144 mm

Product Codes