Sony KDL32EX524 / KDL32EX523 Review

sony kdl32ex523 review
32 inch LED TVs represent the real sweet spot for home entertainment and the Sony KDL32EX523 is the latest in a contemporary line-up of displays from this venerable manufacturer.

It lets you watch high-def TV channels without a subscription thanks to Freeview HD and it also has a ton of web-based functionality to tinker with if you have a broadband connection.

Note: Model Numbers Explained
The KDL32EX523 and the KDL32EX524 models reviewed here are virtually identical sets.

The biggest difference between the 2 TV’s is that the EX524 models can record to an external drive via the USB port on the telly.

In this review we shall cover the features present in the EX523 model but at the end of the review where we compare online prices both models will be included.
You find that the stores featured in the price comparison will stock either the EX524 or the EX523 but not both.

KDL32EX523 – John Lewis
KDL32EX523BU – Amazon, Best Buy, CO-OP Electrical
KDL32EX524 – Currys, Dixons
KDL32EX524BU – Comet, Laskys

No nonsense styling

LED TVs can be difficult to distinguish from one another because they are invariably super slim and unavoidably stylish.

The Sony KDL32EX523 makes a decent stab at being different with its light grey lower bezel and thin screen surround.
There is no unnecessary branding or labelling, with just the Sony logo and the sought-after Bravia insignia adorning the front of the TV.

It should be a good choice for wall mounting, although its 32 inch display size will lend itself more for standalone use in typical living rooms.

Full HD delivers impressive colour reproduction

Full HD 1080p support is provided by the Sony KDL32EX523 and in the modern market this is arguably essential.

On a screen like this the pixel density will present almost flawless images when you view 1080p movies from Blu Ray discs and even lower resolution 720p and 1080i content is spectacular when viewed on this TV.

The LED backlighting, arranged around the edge, is very sensitive to the conditions of each individual frame which the LCD panel displays, so the contrast is very impressive, delivering true, inky blacks and searing whites as and when appropriate without ever suffering from overt haloing issues.

Plenty of connections to gain access to all your audio/visual equipment, plus online content

While the Sony KDL32EX523 covers all the bases when it comes to HDMI inputs and other audiovisual sockets on the rear, there are two in particular which are becoming more important.

The USB and Ethernet inputs allow you to take the TV online, accessing catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer and even VoIP calling via Skype.

This means the Sony KDL32EX523 is capable of providing an interactive, connected experience that removes the need for having a media centre PC in your living room or for trekking to your home office whenever you want to watch an internet video.

Built-in HD Freeview eliminates set top boxes

The inclusion of Freeview HD makes total sense given that the digital switchover has allowed the service to roll out in more areas of the UK than ever before.

Freeview HD channels can be accessed via separate set top boxes or subscription services, but the Sony KDL32EX523 helps to eliminate such added expenses because the tuner is housed within its slim frame.

Various channels from the BBC and other broadcasters can be viewed in HD and even if the service is not currently being shown in your region it will be available at some point in the future, so it makes sense to upgrade to a TV which is compatible.

Final Thoughts

The Sony KDL32EX523 makes a lot of headway in various arenas, with picture quality being top notch and web-based activities serving to extend its usability beyond what you might have expected.

32 inches is still a good size for small to medium living rooms and thus it should prove to be a popular model.

>>>> Sony KDL32EX523 Specifications

KDL32EX523 Best Price

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